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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
3297 WORLDWIDE 'Banknote' Replica Picture Post Cards - a set of 32, numbered #1 (Greece) to #32 (Croatia) measure 8x4". Secondly, a set of 13 from #1 (Netherlands) to #13 (France) measure 7x5½". All were produced by Eurohobby. VF 75.00
3298 WORLDWIDE Aitutaki Cook Islands: 2010-2014 Souvenir Sheets - Attractive mini sheet selection of 19 different with a virtually complete representation for the period. Scott #561a, 562-568, 569-570, 571, 578, 580, 593, 599, 612, 613, 614, 619 and 620. 2018 Scott cat. value $256. VF NH 175.00
3299 WORLDWIDE Asean: 1994 Folder - Lovely illustrated booklet with slip cover presents 23 different nature focused issues contributed by the six Southeast Asia members. VF NH 30.00
3300 WORLDWIDE Austria Starter Lot - An excellent group of earlier issues, some light duplication, all mint and including #141, 371, 378-379, 552, 559, 562, 610-611B50-56, B66070, B121, C2, C4-11, C55, etc., all clean VF LH mint Photo (36K) 550.00
3301 WORLDWIDE Belgium 1869-1905 Selection of Early Mint OG - Includes mint Scott #28 NH, 29, 32, 33, 59, with label attached at foot #69, 89 small gum thin, 90 OG but thinned at top, and #91. Mainly Fine centering (Scott 2018 US$590) Photo (31K) Photo 2 (31K) 100.00
3302 WORLDWIDE Belgium Orval Unadopted Designs - Four different engraved designs, without denominations, all four in black on silver coloured silk. Appears to have been done during the late 1920s for a tentative set with postage & surtax for the Orval Abbey restoration fund. Unusual and very attractive. Photo (34K) VF 200.00
3303 WORLDWIDE Belgium: 1865/1990 - Valuable collection of over 1,100 different, mostly NH or LH, neatly organized on stock sheets or in identified selection cards. A strong degree of completion; a few noted sets are #24-26, 185-190, 222-224, 251-253, 283-293, 322-337, 374-385, 386-389, 482-484, 30 Europa sets and more. Photo (53K) Photo 2 (53K) Photo 3 (38K) F-VF 775.00
3304 WORLDWIDE Belgium: 1930s/1980s Various size stock pages - Impressive selection (on about 20 various size stock pages) approx. 550 mostly mint stamps showing earlier items as well as back of the book and modern; often in mint sets. Excellent lot as a starter collection, some light duplication, noted Railways Parcel Post in perf & Imperf, 15 souvenir sheets as: 1937 B199, B208, B315 perf & imperf, a couple booklets and several NH. Photo (51K) F-VF LH 225.00
3305 WORLDWIDE Belgium: 1851/1948 - desirable starter collection of approx. 175 mint and 350 used, mounted and in mounts (H-NH) on blank pages with interleaves. Features nice cancels with strength in back of the book. Photo (25K) F-VF 175.00
3306 WORLDWIDE Brazil: 1866/1994 - a mint (300 different) and mostly used (600 different) collection, housed LH on Scott album pages, mixed throughout, a few faults not considered in estimate. Scott cat. value $250. Good foundation to build upon with room for future collecting. Photo (39K) Photo 2 (39K) Photo 3 (32K) 175.00
3307 WORLDWIDE Brazil: 1959/1979 - an attractive mint collection of 400 different stamps, mostly in complete sets, housed neatly in mounts on Scott album pages. A well centered group F-VF and better, appearing mostly NH along with a couple with no gum. Scott range #949/1652, 2019 cat. value $349.75 Photo (41K) F-VF 200.00
3308 WORLDWIDE Bulgaria 1880/1971 - a mint and used collection of many hundreds, virtually all different, regular and back of the book issues, housed LH on Scott album pages. Numerous partial sets, small complete sets and a limited number of souvenir sheets. A solid base to build on, generally sound F+ and better throughout. Photo (43K) Photo 2 (43K) Photo 3 (41K) 225.00
3309 WORLDWIDE Colombia Collection - A few hundred stamps on Scott pages, Scott value over US$1,600.00, mint and used and from scarce early issues, later periods and back of the book a worthwhile lot 500.00
3310 WORLDWIDE Denmark Early 1851/ 1868 Singles - Selection of 10 different used singles, Scott #'s 2, 3-5, 7, 9 and 11-14. F+, many with ring cancels Scott catalogue $419 Photo (21K) Photo 2 (21K) 100.00
3311 WORLDWIDE Denmark: 1858/1990 - noted nice early cancels, (rings, numerals) and a few low value complete sets, 700 mostly different used and approx. 40 mint, hinged on grilled pages, some with shade duplicates. Small semi-postal and airpost sets or part sets and singles as #68,79,126,129,142,148 and 02, worn/faulty are mostly ignored in totals. Scott 2018 cat. value $1,069. Photo (36K) Photo 2 (36K) Photo 3 (36K) 350.00
3312 WORLDWIDE Ecuador Collection - Collection is a green Scott album from first issues to 1977 including back of the book, includes scarce earlies, mixed mint and used, not much duplication and the pages are well filled making it a great starter lot for this country, many scarce singles and sets are included, mostly F-VF, cat. value is over US$3,000.00, Photo (54K) Photo 2 (54K) 750.00
3313 WORLDWIDE Equatorial Guinea: Perf and Imperf Souvenir Sheets - selection of 9 imperf and 9 perf mini sheets of 8 from the 1970s era, features Space, Cats, Dogs, Birds, Butterflies, etc. Photo (40K) F-VF NG 50.00
3314 WORLDWIDE Faroe Islands: 1985/1999 Complete Booklets - selection of six different booklets in VF condition. Scott #138a, 225a, 301a, 311a, 314a and 351a. VF NH 76.00
3315 WORLDWIDE France Collection - Green Scoot album with a collection running from 1970 to 1984, an all different lot on pages in mounts, a few used but mostly VF NH with useful singles, sets and souvenir sheets 550.00
3316 WORLDWIDE France: 1946/1976 Lighthouse Stockbook - red, 32 double sided pages, neatly displaying over 800 different, many in complete sets - often semi-postals, cat. from $5-$15 each, some with duplication (up to four), a small fraction are LH. Well organized with many striking designs. Photo (43K) Photo 2 (43K) Photo 3 (50K) F-VF NH 425.00
3317 WORLDWIDE France: Champs Elysées Proof Print in Folder - limited edition, artist signed. Proof Print original (250x75mm) and Engraving (85x30mm) along with gutter pair of Scott #2449 se-tenant with center label tied by 'Champs Elysées 1er Jour, 31 Dec 94, Paris'. All beautifully presented on card stock paper in a blue with gold print folder. VF 175.00
3318 WORLDWIDE France: From the Franc to the Euro Presentation Folder - three large fold-out sections, featuring two complete sheets of 100 each, VF NH of the 'Marianne' type, #2592 1 fr bright orange and #2861 €1 prussian blue. Center pane is a nice engraving on card stock paper with one single of each of the above mentioned stamps. First stamp tied by 'Timbres-Poste en Francs, Dernier Jour, 31-12-2001 Paris' and second stamp tied by 'Timbres-Poste en Euros, Premier Jour, 1-01-2002 Paris' numbered and signed by artist. 275.00
3319 WORLDWIDE France: Mint Airpost - Lot of 25 or so singles: Scott #C5-C13, C16, C18-C28, C33-C36, and CB1-3. generally F-VF hinged, #C26, #C27 are NH, a few have disturbed gum or no gum. Photo (56K) Photo 2 (56K) Photo 3 (44K) 125.00
3320 WORLDWIDE France:"a Century of Sports" - "Un Siecle de Sports" - A full color hard cover presentation book featuring the souvenir sheet #2769 historically presented throughout with descriptive sports highlights of the last century. VF NH 30.00
3321 WORLDWIDE French Polynesia: Back of the Book 1915/1973 - Showing strength in Airpost (58 diff.) with sets as C11-C16, C55-C56, C166-C167, C24-C27, part sets and singles as CB1. Lot also includes nine different semi-postals, and approx 30 different postage due and officials. 2018 Scott cat. value $540.15 Photo (45K) F-VF LH 325.00
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