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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
2158 USA Modern Mint Lot - A nice little accumulation of mint sheets, years packs, blocks, plate blocks, etc. looks to be 1980s to 2000s, face value is US$460.00 600.00
2159 USA Postal Stationery Collection - An excellent collection of over 650 unused envelopes, air letter sheets and wrappers, all carefully displayed in corner mounts on pages; starting with 54 pre-1950 items (mostly inexpensive) followed by a strong representation of 1950-2015 envelopes, including different styles, sizes, etc. Also airmails 1929-1990s as UC9, 28, 29 and Officials 1983-2008. Clean condition and nice quality throughout, an excellent introduction to this fascinating and challenging field, housed in two cartons. 875.00
2160 USA Window Envelopes: 1900s/1972 - about 50 tailored envelopes (cut smaller) each to house at least four used stamps along with some duplication. Scott range is from #231 to the 1400s, also includes Airmail and the majority are Scott identified, a total of over 200 different stamps. Condition varies but most appear in good condition. Photo (30K) F-VF 100.00
2161 USA USA: Perfin Mix of 1000 - Covering much of the period of US Perfins, this lot contains approx. 1,000 assorted, each rated "E" or "F". While there may be minor duplication and the odd flaw, this is a well above average mix and perfect for the both the specialist in US perfins and the novice interested in a very good start to this popular study. 150.00
2162 USA USA: War Veterans Seals - Complete Sheets - Dating from the 1950s to 1980s, over 40 full sheets of War Veterans Seals housed in protective pages in 22 ring binder. Noted twenty two different sheets in overall very fine condition representing from 25 to 100 seals each. Photo (112K) F-VF NH 100.00
2163 USA Errors and Varieties - Ten different various printing errors with imperfs, colour shifts misperfs, etc., most are in pairs or larger multiples, F-VF NH 35.00
2164 USA Poems on Decorative Covers: 1860s - three stampless tiny envelopes in various colors and sizes each with edge detailing and lyrics of three different songs "Thou art not forgotten", "We miss thee at home" and "Woman's Love". Each addressed to Montgomery, Indiana, one with 2 ring CDS "Dec 27 '65 Crawfordsville IND", flap on two covers lightly faulty, third intact flap indicates "Twenty Envelopes of various sizes and colors; with different songs, sent free of postage to anyone on receipt of ten cents, 1861", overall F-VF. Photo (33K) Photo 2 (33K) Photo 3 (37K) 100.00
2165 USA 1980 Olympics In Lake Placid - Selection of 19 different USA unaddressed commemorative covers specially cacheted and cancelled for the 1980 winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York. Each cover is cancelled on a particular day for a particular sporting event, an attractive lot. 50.00
2166 USA 230-231 1 and 2 Columbian fresh mint, Photo (42K) F-VF NH 70.00
2167 USA 3095b 1996 32 River Boats in block of twenty (four strips of 5) with special die cutting, 11, see Scott footnote. VF NH 180.00
2168 USA J4 5 Brown fresh mint, NH and very scarce thus, Photo (33K) NH 1900.0
2169 USA J7 50 Brown mint, Photo (29K) F-VF NH 1600.0
2170 USA J18 5 Red Brown fresh mint, Photo (30K) F-VF NH 1300.0
2171 USA J20 30 red Brown mint, Photo (32K) LH 190.00
2172 USA J24 3 Bright Claret choice mint, Photo (32K) F-VF NH 180.00
2173 USA J26 10 Bright Claret, a nice mint single, Photo (32K) F-VF NH 500.00
2174 USA J28 50 Bright Claret, scarce mint, Photo (31K) F-VF LH 600.00
2175 USA J29 1 Vermilion, a seldom seen mint single with lovely fresh colour, copy of PF certificate (issued for a block from which this stamp comes) accompanies, a rare item indeed, Photo (27K) NH 5750.0
2176 USA J32 2 Deep Claret mint, Photo (32K) VF NH 240.00
2177 USA J34 5 Deep Claret mint, irregular perf at foot, very scarce, Photo (33K) VF NH 850.00
2178 USA J36 30 Deep Claret, a scarce mint single, Photo (33K) F-VF LH 550.00
2179 USA J42 10 Deep Claret mint, Photo (32K) F+ NH 280.00
2180 USA J43 30 Deep Claret, a seldom seen fresh mint single, Photo (33K) NH 1500.0
2181 USA J47 3 Deep Claret, a rare mint single, Photo (33K) F-VF NH 1600.0
2182 USA J49 10 Deep Claret, post office fresh mint, Photo (31K) F-VF NH 280.00
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