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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
3257 NEW BRUNSWICK 1 3p Red ENGRAVED forgery, a fake 'Specimen' overprint hides a 'fac-simile', light thinning, a rare item from the Walske collection, Photo (32K) F 150.00
3258 NEW BRUNSWICK 5 5 Connell plate proof on india paper with perforations added, printed in a rich shade of brown, the ideal spacefiller for this rare stamp, Photo (37K) F-VF 250.00
3259 NEW BRUNSWICK 5Pv 5 Connell plate proof pair, printed in the issued colour on india paper, with red diagonal SPECIMEN overprint, a nice item, Photo (41K) VF 500.00
3260 NEW BRUNSWICK 5TC 5 Connell trial colour plate proof single printed in orange on card mounted india paper, not often seen in this colour, Photo (25K) VF 500.00
3261 NEW BRUNSWICK 6-11 1 to 17 Set of six unused, F-VF 280.00
3262 NEW BRUNSWICK 6-11 1 to 17 Set of six used, F-VF 247.50
3263 NEW BRUNSWICK 7TC 2 Queen Victoria trial colour plate proof pair printed in rose on india paper, choice, Photo (35K) VF 150.00
3264 NEW BRUNSWICK 9 10 Vermilion plate proof block of four in the issued colour, on card mounted india, fresh and choice, Photo (63K) XF 240.00
3265 NEW BRUNSWICK 10 12 Steamship plate proof in the colour of issue, Photo (30K) VF 80.00
3266 NEW BRUNSWICK 10 12 Steamship plate proof on india, printed in a paler blue shade, Photo (30K) VF 80.00
3267 NEW BRUNSWICK 10 12 Blue plate proof pair on india, the world's first stamp to picture one, Photo (37K) VF 160.00
3268 NEW BRUNSWICK 10 12 Dark Blue plate proof pair on india, quite scarce in this shade, Photo (37K) VF 160.00
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