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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
2001 MISCELLANEOUS Jersey Mint Collection - A very nice collection, all mint and almost all different, arranged in a large stock book and running from 1981 to 2013, hundreds of singles sets high values, souvenir sheets, etc., looks to be all in VF NH mint condition, a lovely clean lot with a Scott value of US$2,100.00+ 600.00
2002 MISCELLANEOUS France: Council of Europe Series 1958-2007 - Attractive back of the book (France) Official Stamps series, complete run spanning Scott #1O1 to 1O64. Presented on stock pages, 150 stamps (64 different) mostly pairs in sets, also singles along with seven blocks. Photo (51K) VF NH 183.35
2003 MISCELLANEOUS Canada Unitrade Junior Album: 1999/2011 - overloaded with many 100s of mint (mostly LH to album pages) stamps/sheets/ complete booklets etc. with all the trimmings - a great lot for anyone who missed the early 2000s. Face value is nearly $1,000. and well worth Photo (35K) F-VF LH 700.00
2004 MISCELLANEOUS Gibraltar Mint Inventory - Selection of singles, sets and sheets on selection cards or sleeves, looks to be mostly all VF NH, between Scott #182 and 627a, F-VF 185.00
2005 MISCELLANEOUS Canada Winnipeg-Pembina Locals - Winnipeg to Pembina courier, 1975-1980, the first fourteen issues in full sheets, designs show local scenes printed over the famous Pembina cancelled pair of the 7p green, VF NH (cat. $1,170 in the locals catalogue) 250.00
2006 MISCELLANEOUS Canada's Admiral Issue - Scott #104-122, The complete set of 18 different mint singles form the 1 to the $1.00 denomination, all fresh mint with above average centering for the issue, cat. $1,200.00, F-VF LH 400.00
2007 MISCELLANEOUS 522pi, 525pi CANADA: Tagged First Day Covers - 1970 5 and 6 Winnipeg tagged centre blocks of four, each on a lovely illustrated First Day Cover and tied by clear "Winnipeg Manitoba 7 X 70" CDS postmarks, seldom seen. Photo (30K) VF 400.00
2008 MISCELLANEOUS NHL Hockey Players - Special set of six All-Stars Stamp Cards issued by Canada Post for the 50th anniversary pf the NHL All-Star game, the cards picture Gretsky, Howe, Plante, Harvey, Richard and Orr, great item for the hockey fan (Thematic Collection #93) 25.00
2009 MISCELLANEOUS Scarce Canada FDC's - #519ii, 522ii, The two Tagged centre blocks of four, each on an immaculate first day cover postmarked in Winnipeg where these stamps were used, Photo (29K) VF 400.00
2010 MISCELLANEOUS Canada Booklet Panes - A nice lot including all four Admiral Issue booklet panes of four with the 1 yellow, 2 green, 3 brown and 3 carmine (#105a, 107a, 108a, 109a), Fresh mint and F-VF H Photo (44K) 312.50
2011 MISCELLANEOUS Newfoundland and Canada Accumulation - Selection on stockpages, all mint, earlier material is LH and later NH, Newfoundland includes #74, 120, 121, 123, 124, 125 ,170, etc. 75.00
2012 MISCELLANEOUS UN FDC - Clean lot of 100 different letter sized UN FDC from 1951 - 1982. Many are addressed - often with a small label. Great starter to this popular area with a very nice diversity of mostly covers along with a few cards and aerograms. 40.00
2013 MISCELLANEOUS France: Unesco Series 1961-2006 - Nice back of the book run of "Unesco" France, spanning Scott #2O1 virtually complete to #2O57 (missing only 2 stamps 2O53-2O54) 137 stamps, 56 different. Nicely presented on stock pages mostly in sets of singles or pairs with a few in blocks (4). VF NH 100.95
2014 MISCELLANEOUS Mint Canada Admiral Issue - An all-different selection of mint singles, including are not only the basic set (#104-122) but also ten different coils, some imperforates, and two 1926 surcharges (#139-140) and five war tax stamps, all in all a great start on the issue, Scott value is US$1,800.00, 400.00
2015 MISCELLANEOUS Netherlands: Semi-Postal Block Collection - A clean lot nicely mounted on quadrilled pages contained in a springback album with slip case. The collection starts with the 1924 issue and carries on to about 1979, there is a high degree of completion (over 400 blocks) and condition is very nice throughout, cat. $2,336., a fantastic lot that we are proud to offer. Photo (69K) F-VF CDS 1000.0
2016 MISCELLANEOUS Central African Republic - A nice mint lot on selection cards, Scott #79/117 and #C26/C77, an excellent lot with many colourful singes and sets including #81-85, appears to be all different and all VF NH mint Photo (43K) Photo 2 (43K) 325.00
2017 MISCELLANEOUS Scarce New Brunswick Revenue Stamps - A seldom seen lot of law stamps from the province of New Brunswick, includes turn of the last century issues -- #NBL9, 14, 15, 16 and 17. Some flaws as usual as these stamps were employed on large documents during sessions of the supreme court. 98.00
2018 MISCELLANEOUS Netherlands: 1940/1962 - a display of 43 different mint NH blocks, mostly in sets. Presented on vario sheet are 4 imperf blocks of 8 Scott #216, 218-220 along with perforated blocks of four #277, 332-335, 387-388, 394-395, B134-B143, B149-B163, B189-B193. F-VF NH 75.00
2019 MISCELLANEOUS Topical Souvenir Sheets - Lot of 20 Mini-sheets of 8 (10 different in both perf and imperf) from Equatorial Guinea. Butterflies, Animals, Nudes, Airplanes, etc. VF NH 35.00
2020 MISCELLANEOUS Monaco 2006 Deluxe Hard Cover Book - Sixth Edition with 176 full color pages showing 100 of the World's rarest stamps and philatelic documents, belonging to members of the Monte-Carlo Philatelic Club, to various Monte-Carlo Museums, the Prince of Monaco, and others from QEII's collection. Written in French but there is a 15 page English section describing each stamp/item represented. 75.00
2021 MISCELLANEOUS Swiss Semi-Postals - A very nice lot of early issues with #B1, 2-3, 10-16, 6-17, 19-20, 57-60, 77-79, etc., all in nice used condition, F-VF CDS 460.00
2022 MISCELLANEOUS Canada 1992 Signature Sheet - The scarce special edition souvenir sheet issues at the World Philatelic Youth Exhibition in Montreal in 1992, only 10,000 were printed (#1407ai), VF NH 150.00
2023 MISCELLANEOUS Mint Canada Assortment - Various modern mint Canada in clean never hinged condition, face value alone is $100., catalogue value is much higher. F-VF NH 100.00
2024 MISCELLANEOUS Swiss mint Singles and Sets - Mostly semi-postal issues from Scott #B122 to B401, VF LH or (mostly) NH, 133.00
2025 MISCELLANEOUS Cyprus Used Selection - A clean lot laid out on black stockpages, all different, between Scott#164 and 726 including some souvenir sheets, F-VF CDS 103.00
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