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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
4904 LAST CHANCE LOTS Canada Back of the Book - A clean collection of mint singles on old hingeless pages, includes airmails complete (#C1-C9, CE1-CE4), special deliveries complete (#E1-E11), 5 and 8 registration (#F2-F3), War Tax #MR1-MR5, MR7 and MR2C, the three first postage due sets (#J1-J14), and good officials with #O1-O11, O25, O27, etc., condition is clean mint with must stamps being well centered and only lightly hinged, a very nice lot with high retail value Photo (38K) Photo 2 (38K) Photo 3 (57K) Photo 4 (33K) 600.00
4905 LAST CHANCE LOTS Gibraltar Mint in Stockbook - An exceptionally nice lot, just about all are never hinged, all different between Scott #167 and 661, values to 1 noted with many colourful singes, sets and souvenir sheets, a good lot 650.00
4906 LAST CHANCE LOTS Newfoundland Mint Collection - A clean collection in an old Lindner hingeless album, many complete sets are present in clean mint F-VF LH condition, we note John Cabot (#61-74), Royal Family (78-86), Coronation (104-114), Caribou (115-126), Pictorial (131-144), the three Publicity sets (145-182) and Resources and later issues, also some airmails (#C2, C6-C11 and C13-C17), there are also some mint or unused earlier issues with #24-26, 28, 31, 34, 37, 52, etc., a perfect lot to start a collection of this popular country Photo (33K) Photo 2 (33K) Photo 3 (31K) Photo 4 (33K) 1000.0
4907 LAST CHANCE LOTS United States and Worldwide - A large stockbook with 1970s - 1980s stamps from several countries, looks to be all different and purchased as new issues, the United States portion is the main focus (cat. US$900.00+), the other countries catalogue over US$500.00 and include Canada, Virgin Islands, Seychelles, South Georgia, South Africa, etc., loaded with singles, sets and souvenir sheets, looks to be all VF NH mint 500.00
4908 LAST CHANCE LOTS Common Design Types: 1939 Omnibus Series - New York World's Fair common design of Natives and New York Skyline in complete set of 48 stamps, represents the full series of 24 different countries, difficult to assemble. Photo (47K) VF NH 62.45
4909 LAST CHANCE LOTS Egypt Collection - Clean collection 1948 to 1961 in a Frank Godden Warwick album, mint or used and often includes both, many are also present in blocks of four, there are also many souvenir sheets, the mint is mainly LH but there is some NH present as well, clean and F-VF throughout, Scott value is over US$700.00, 250.00
4910 LAST CHANCE LOTS Egypt Mint Collection - Collection 1952 to 1982 in a green stockbook, includes mint singles, sets and souvenir sheets, regulars semis, Officials, etc., mild duplication, some are hinged but about 60% is NH, a nice clean lot, Scott value is US$1,070.00, 500.00
4911 LAST CHANCE LOTS Egypt Back of the Book - Collection in a Rapkin loose-leaf album, mint or used and sometimes both, plus some multiples, includes airmail (note #C53-C64), semi-postals, special deliveries, good postage dues, official overprints, occupation stamps, official labels, Forces stamps and interpostals, a very interesting lot ready for expansion, F-VF, Scott value is US$1,600.00+, 750.00
4912 LAST CHANCE LOTS Egypt Collection - A Rapkin loose-leaf album from early issues to 1947, usually either mint or used but sometimes both and containing many blocks of four as well, the early issues are quite extensive and include some varieties, later period with many high values and interesting items, the mint is generally lightly hinged, a clean and desirable lot with a good degree of completion, F-VF, catalogue value is US$2,300.00, Photo (27K) Photo 2 (27K) Photo 3 (34K) 800.00
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