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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
2823 CANADA SHEETS Caricature Issue Pre-Print Fold - #586, 1 MacDonald field stock full sheet of 100 stamps, there is a paper fold variety affecting all ten stamps in the third column, results in double perfs on the last stamp, a nice error sheet, Photo (100K) 600.00
2824 CANADA SHEETS Scarce Official Sheet - Scott #O1, O1a, 1 Green plate #31 lower left sheet of 100, position 39 shows a missing period variety, VF NH 745.00
2825 CANADA SHEETS Canada Lunar New Year Uncut Press Sheets Combo - Bargain lot of three different uncut press sheets (1998 Year of the Tiger, 1999 Year of the Rabbit and 2001 Year of the Snake) all with minor wrinkles, mostly along sheet edges, but still ideal for framing. Scott #1708ai, 1768ii, 1884ii. Catalogue value for the three sheets is $220; total face value $34.80. VF NH 50.00
2826 CANADA SHEETS Canada 1998/2012 Uncut Lunar New Year Press Sheets - Group consists of eleven different uncut press sheets rolled up into a tube mailer. All sheets are VF NH and without folds, they are: Scott #1708ai (1998), 1768ii (1999), 1837ii (2000), 1884ii (2001), 1934ii (2002), 1970ii (2003), 2084ii (2005), 2141ii (2006), 2349ii (2010), 2417ii (2011), and 2496ii (2012). 765.00
2827 CANADA SHEETS Canada WCB Tagged Sheet of 100 - Unitrade #404p 4 Cameo with 4mm Winnipeg Centre Bar Tagging, F-VF NH. 2015 Cat. value $100. 50.00
2828 CANADA SHEETS Scarce Canada Souvenir Sheet - Specially issued for the 1992 Canada '92 World Philatelic Youth Exhibiton and showing the engraved signatures at the foot of the sheet and printed on Harrison paper, only 10,000 sheets were printed, VF NH 125.00
2829 CANADA SHEETS KGVI 2 brown Perforated Official - Sheet - 1937 Scott #O232 in Sheet of 100 showing the 4 holes in vertical bars of "H", position "E", top selvedge and selvedge of one stamp below 8th column are missing. Photo (102K) F+ NH 375.00
2830 CANADA SHEETS QEII Centennial 1 brown - Sheets of 100 - Lot includes complete trimmed (no plate numbers) sheets of 100 of #454 (DF, DEX), 454ii (HB, DEX) missing some selvedge on left side, 454iii (LF, PVA), 454p (W2B, 8mm bar, DF, DEX), and 454piv (WCB, 4mm bar, LF, PVA) missing top left corner selvedge and "2" in red ink in lower right selvedge. F-VF NH 175.00
2831 CANADA SHEETS QEII Centennial 3 Precancelled Sheets of 100 - Lot includes two different complete precancelled sheets of 100 (Warning Strips at left). #456xx missing two pieces of selvedge and 456pxx with all around selvedge. All are F-VF to VF and never hinged. 350.00
2832 CANADA SHEETS Scarce Canada Tagged Sheet - 4 Cameo with the scarce 4mm narrow centre bar tagging, a well centered full sheet (#404p), VF NH 114.00
2833 CANADA SHEETS 404p CANADA SHEETS - 1963 QEII 4 Carmine showing 4mm center WPG tag bar. Cat. value is $100+ VF NH 35.00
2834 CANADA SHEETS 460ii Scarce centennial Issue Sheet - 6 Black on hibrite paper, a very scarce full sheet of 100, some perf separation, cat. $2,000.00+, VF NH 750.00
2835 CANADA SHEETS 242 13 Halifax Harbour, a complete mint Plate 1 upper right sheet of 50, folded between third and fourth columns, nicely centered (Unitrade $1,530) VF NH 600.00
2836 CANADA SHEETS 257 1942 10 brown in sheet of 50, plate #6 inscription UR clear of light perf separation and one gum creased stamp at left side. 2018 Unitrade value $446.75 F-VF NH 250.00
2837 CANADA SHEETS 397ii 5 Red River sheet of 50, 2 stamps at top are LH, otherwise VF NH 450.00
2838 CANADA SHEETS 404p 4 Cameo with narrow centre bar tagging, VF NH 114.00
2839 CANADA SHEETS 458pii 1971 QEII 5 Blue with WPB center bar tag on HB paper, DEX gum in full pane of 100. Cat. value is $60+ VF NH 30.00
2840 CANADA SHEETS 511a 25 Expo '70 field stock full sheet of 50 on piece, unusual, VF 150.00
2841 CANADA SHEETS 540i 6 Hearne field stock full sheet of 50 showing the 'ghost print' variety resulting in double printing of the red imprint on the left three columns, cat. $1,500.00, VF NH 500.00
2842 CANADA SHEETS CL43 (10) Patricia Airways complete plate '7' sheet of eight, fresh and choice, Photo (69K) VF NH 562.50
2843 CANADA SHEETS CL43 (10) Patricia Airways complete plate '8' sheet of eight, fresh and choice, Photo (69K) VF NH 562.50
2844 CANADA SHEETS J6 1 Dark Violet, a complete mint sheet of 100 with plate "1" (reversed) at top, minor gum disturbance on a couple stamps and some perf separation not affecting the plate block, (Unitrade cat. $2,875) F-VF NH 900.00
2845 CANADA SHEETS J9 5 Dark Violet, a lovely complete mint sheet of 100 stamps, with plate "1" number at foot, well centered, a very scarce sheet (Unitrade cat. $4,275) F-VF NH 1500.0
2846 CANADA SHEETS J37, J37ii, J37iii 1973-74 16 carmine rose Postage Due Sheet of 100, showing four Inscription Blocks, varieties of additional nick above last "A" of "Canada" pos. 89 and of horizontal line to left of "1" all along column four. Light selvedge bends nonetheless a seldom offered sheet. Photo (92K) VF NH 525.00
2847 CANADA SHEETS O1a 1 Green War Issue O.H.M.S. official, the first is plate #30 lower left and shows the scarce "MISSING PERIOD" variety at position #39, the second if plate #31 lower left and shows the period almost missing in the same sheet position, the first sheet with crease in plate block and F-VF NH, the second sheet VF NH, a very interesting lot showing the progression of this scarce error, F-VF NH 955.00
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