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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
3028 CANADA REVENUES (PROVINCIAL) BCD1 50 Green and Black unused without gum, very well centered, a rare stamp and the first ever such stamp for in Canada, Photo (61K) VF 2500.0
3029 CANADA REVENUES (PROVINCIAL) BCD3b $1 Orange, Green and Blue, a very scarce imperforate single, a lovely example with margins at top and at foot, Photo (51K) VF NH 450.00
3030 CANADA REVENUES (PROVINCIAL) BCD3e $1 Extra Log variety mint, a nice corner margin single, Photo (55K) F-VF NH 375.00
3031 CANADA REVENUES (PROVINCIAL) NBT7b/NBT10a New Brunswick Tobacco Stamp booklet panes, a lovely group of nine different booklet panes including varieties, ungummed as issued, VF 274.50
3032 CANADA REVENUES (PROVINCIAL) NSW1 1992 Single mini sheet in folder, Whitetail Deer VF NH 100.00
3033 CANADA REVENUES (PROVINCIAL) OGT10 5 on $1 Green gasoline stamp, rare, Photo (32K) F-VF 500.00
3034 CANADA REVENUES (PROVINCIAL) OLT3-OLT6 1 to 50 Set of four in locks of four, without gum, fresh colours, a nice group, F-VF 178.00
3035 CANADA REVENUES (PROVINCIAL) OST1/OST15 2 to $15 Ontario Stock Transfer mint or used and only needing the 20 for completion, F-VF 355.50
3036 CANADA REVENUES (PROVINCIAL) OST8 50 Purple Stock Transfer plate #1 block of six, two stamps with a crease but five are NH, a nice time, Photo (83K) VF 300.00
3037 CANADA REVENUES (PROVINCIAL) OV11 $5 Vacation Pay block of four used, well centered and choice, Photo (66K) VF 180.00
3038 CANADA REVENUES (PROVINCIAL) QA13 $3 Violet assurance licence stamp used, Photo (47K) F-VF 750.00
3039 CANADA REVENUES (PROVINCIAL) QU3 15 Violet UIC tax stamp, the rarely seen COUNTERFEIT created by bootleggers in 1930s Quebec, Photo (57K) F 150.00
3040 CANADA REVENUES (PROVINCIAL) SE28 10 on $10 Mint strip of three showing a nice perforation shift variety between the left pair, rare, Photo (44K) NH 150.00
3041 CANADA REVENUES (PROVINCIAL) SL1b 5 Blue used, right tablet reads 15 instead of 5, small imperfections as usual, a scarce stamp, Photo (45K) F-VF 250.00
3042 CANADA REVENUES (PROVINCIAL) SL17b 75 Black on red used, Pos 23 from 2nd printing, Photo (33K) F-VF 750.00
3043 CANADA REVENUES (PROVINCIAL) SL30 $5.00 Black on Green mint, a nice corner margin single, Photo (70K) F-VF 650.00
3044 CANADA REVENUES (PROVINCIAL) SL78 50 Law Stamp, a nice mint block, Photo (83K) VF NH 200.00
3045 CANADA REVENUES (PROVINCIAL) SL78 $50 Blue mint, VF NH 50.00
3046 CANADA REVENUES (PROVINCIAL) SL78 $50 Blue, a nice corner block of four, fresh mint, VF NH 200.00
3047 CANADA REVENUES (PROVINCIAL) YL1/YL5 10 25, $1 and $2 Vermilion mint, each with large SPECIMEN overprint in red, natural bend on $2, very scarce, Photo (41K) F-VF NH 500.00
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