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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
2207 CANADA Two Cent Small Queens - Interesting lot of 25+ on a stock sheet with many/most appearing to be unused - without gum but not cancelled. These stamps look great in an album and are much less expensive than the mint NH versions. (Cat. value would be over $1000. if the stamps had gum. Photo (31K) 150.00
2208 CANADA Mint Admiral Issue Stock - Extensive stock of mint singles of the popular Admiral Issue, with flaws or heavily hinged but a perfect lot for the student wishing to gain experience with shades, types, etc., scarcer values are present like the 5 blue (9), 10 plum (5) and $1 orange (8), earlier wet printings, scarcer shades, etc., total Scott value is US$12,000.00+, 1250.0
2209 CANADA King George V Complete Mint - A lovely complete collection of King George V, includes #104-230, C1-C6, E2-E6, J6-J20 and MR1-MR7, all stamps are in fresh mint F-VF NH condition, huge catalogue value, a real opportunity Photo (43K) Photo 2 (43K) Photo 3 (40K) Photo 4 (33K) 3500.0
2210 CANADA Admiral Issue Used Stock - A small used stock including regular issues, coil stamps and war tax, likely about a hundred stamps, mixed condition but mostly F-VF, Unitrade cat. $300.00, 80.00
2211 CANADA Mint NH Admiral Issues - Mainly lower values but all mint NH and F-VF, includes some useful coils and war tax issues also 150.00
2212 CANADA Experimental Stamps - Four 'Marianne' trial colour Specimen stamps printed by the Canadian Bank Note Company about 1955, in blue, orange green and brown, copy of letter from CBN accompanies which mentions phosphorescent treatment of the paper, an early experiment for mail sorting, Photo (26K) VF 350.00
2213 CANADA Postage Due Mint Blocks - Scott #J11-J14, 1 to 10 Set of postage dues, includes two blocks of four of each value - one in violety and one in deep violet, all fresh mint, very well centered, Photo (70K) F-VF NH 1200.0
2214 CANADA Used Official Overprints - A nice run of used singles from Scott #O1 to O38, several with nice CDS of very light cancels, cat. $380.00+, Photo (37K) Photo 2 (37K) Photo 3 (37K) Photo 4 (46K) F-VF 200.00
2215 CANADA Private Perfins on D'Arcy McGee - Scott #146, 5 McGee, collection of perfins on this stamp, about a ten different companies represented plus 'PS' and 'OHMS', also two covers (CPR and OHN), a nice lot for further specialization, 350.00
2216 CANADA Centennial Issue Test Coil - Mint strip of ten stamps, printed in 1967 and used in experiments with dispensers, imperforate, an interesting item, Photo (14K) VF NH 200.00
2217 CANADA Error on Souvenir Card - #SC9, Provincial Flowers souvenir card of 1967, the Manitoba stamp shows the elusive double printing error (#422iv), a rare combination of an error on a souvenir card, Greene Foundation certificate accompanies, Photo (52K) VF 250.00
2218 CANADA Centennial Issue Item - Experimental stamps for booklet panes, a block of four of the 'Baby Sisters' with tab at top, left pair in green and right pair in black, Photo (58K) VF NH 150.00
2219 CANADA Booklets - Lot of 25 different Post Office fresh, modern Canadian booklets. Most are self adhesive with a total face value of approx. $100. though cat. value will be higher. VF NH 100.00
2220 CANADA Minkus Album: 1870/1966 - Minkus Canada album housing a quality collection in mounts, generally used before 1908. Includes most Small Queens, mint Jubilees to the $1 (less the 15 and the is used), thereafter almost complete and usually mint, with the odd item absent or in used condition. Earlier mint are likely to be hinged (did note a couple of blunt perfs) and then improves rapidly to NH. Includes a good representation of Back of the Book and some complete booklet panes. Photo (40K) Photo 2 (40K) Photo 3 (36K) F-VF 975.00
2221 CANADA Scott Master Canada Stamp Album - with over 900 mostly used, spanning Small Queen Issue through to the early 2000s. A well diversified collection of generally good condition which also features Semi-postal, Airpost, Special Delivery, Postage Dues, Officials and Perforated O.H.M.S., even includes over 50 different Newfoundland. Photo (30K) Photo 2 (30K) Photo 3 (28K) F-VF 325.00
2222 CANADA April 1981 through June 1982 Matched Sets - A choice collection housed in SG spring back simplex album. Displayed are 40 matched sets of inscription blocks (25 different) each accompanied by their corresponding 25 unaddressed FDC's with the Canada Post issued pamphlet and a few souvenir sheets. All are housed in mounts or LH on quadrilled pages. VF 275.00
2223 CANADA September 1986 through October 1987 Matched Sets - A choice collection housed in a SG spring back simplex album. Displayed are 40 matched sets of inscription blocks (25 different) each accompanied by their corresponding 25 unaddressed FDC's, the Canada Post issued pamphlet, a few souvenir sheets and 6 complete booklets. Presented in mounts or LH on quadrilled pages. VF 350.00
2224 CANADA Canada First Day Covers: 1973/2011 - Very clean lot of 250 unaddressed official FDCs, usually affixed with singles or small sets on cover, also noted pairs, blocks and plate blocks. Great lot of both commemoratives and definitives without duplication. VF 125.00
2225 CANADA Binder Full - Mint and used accumulation on stockpages in a 3-ring binder, 1930s to 1970s, mint with face values to 30 40.00
2226 CANADA Specialized Map Stamps - Six mint and one used singles on three album pages, written up displaying detailed regular features of the issue and shades, F-VF 75.00
2227 CANADA Queen Victoria Vignette - A lovely engraved vignette similar to the portrait used on the Large Queen Issue, printed in black with laurel and oak branches surrounding the Queen; in choice condition with very strong, sharp impression on white surface paper mounted on large card with the printers' archival notation. An excellent collateral item for a Large Queen collection, VF Photo (14K) 750.00
2228 CANADA Admiral Issue Essay - Sheetlet of twenty stamps in orange red printed by a rotary intaglio process on unwatermarked bond paper; stamp design is slightly larger than the original with the design reversed resulting in the King facing right instead of left. This sheet was prepared by Dr. Eckerlin for a proposed printing contract with the American Bank Note Company. Sheet has edge wrinkles and light ageing spots, a most unusual and striking sheet, all of the others we have seen were printing in sheets of 25 or 90, VF, includes full descriptive details and history including copies of correspondence from American Bank Note Photo (45K) 750.00
2229 CANADA 2004 Lunar New Year of the Monkey (Framed) - Limited Edition Print (only 2888 produced), hand numbered (omitting all number fours). Features the Canadian 2004 Year of the Monkey souvenir sheet of 1 Scott #2016 ($1.40). Personally signed by the Year of the Monkey creative team. Sheet measures 8"X11" enclosed in a 15"X18" glass frame, very nice. VF 125.00
2230 CANADA 1997 Thematic Pack #74 - Wholesale - Lot of ten, Year of the OX, Post Office sealed packs. Each with Canada (Scott #1630ai) showing Hong Kong '97 logo in margin; PR China (Scott #2747-2748) in pairs; and Hong Kong (Scott #783c) perf 13 Souvenir Sheet. 2018 Unitrade cat value $250. VF NH 125.00
2231 CANADA Reproduction of the Rare Trade Sample Sheet - an appealing reprint of the BABN Trade sample sheet, in black on glazed wove paper from a metal plate, showing various Canada Large (27) and Small (5) Queen issues, 18 Revenue stamps and a portrait of Queen Victoria. Lovely substitute for this sheet which is worth a fortune today. VF 50.00
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