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Saturday, February 24, 2018

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Lot Catalogue Number Description Catalogue Value or Estimate
682 Asia A lifetime collection on Minkus album pages; many countries have pages to 2000s. In most cases, early issues mint or used are represented in addition to pre-1940 era being loaded with stamps. Furthermore, many have various post-1940 era mint NH sets. Condition varies on earlier stamps, however viewing will reveal scarce stamps and sets, even from exotic lands. The collection is logically divided into five lots as follows:

Including Middle East and Turkey; from Afghanistan to Yemen, noting better Philippines, large range of modern mint NH Mongolia, extensive Turkey, Israel, etc.
Est. 1000.00 +
683 British Commonwealth British Colonies from Aden to Zanzibar including Great Britain and Egypt; noted Cape of Good Hope triangles (37 stamps), GB 1840 2p blue used strip of four (faulty), India Convention States KGVI issues in mint / NH blocks. Est. 2500.00 +
684 Europe Albania to Yugoslavia; including better Switzerland, extensive Germany (plus areas and States), Poland (with some locals), Vatican, etc. Est. 2000.00 +
685 European Colonies Includes French, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish Colonies, many different colonies represented, from sparse to well represented. Est. 500.00 +
686 Latin America Includes extensive Brazil and Mexico plus better than usual Cuba & Puerto Rico, etc. Est. 750.00 +
687 Balance of Consignment Various sets, se-tenant multiples, souvenir sheets, souvenir cards and folders in glassines, a Lighthouse album and a stockbook. Noted British Commonwealth mint NH new issues, GB Machins NH blocks to the 5, Japan early used stamps on stockpages, Liechtenstein mint LH Scott #C9-C16, Switzerland 1934 NABA souvenir sheet LH, etc. Inspect. Est. 500.00 +
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