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Friday, November 3, 2017

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Lot Catalogue Number Description Catalogue Value or Estimate
324 Interesting Assortment & Miscellaneous Various groupings of worldwide, classic stamps (both genuine and forged) to better modern era souvenir sheets of Russia, French Colonies (and early Independent Africa) die proofs, trial colours, etc. Various country postal history, reprints, revenues, specimen overprinted stamps; Egypt / Nubia / Holy Land unused picture postcards, and much more. Close examination of this lot will reveal pleasant surprises. An ideal lot for the show / internet dealer. Est. 750.00 +
325 Latin America Assortment of Mint Airmail Sets Displayed on stockpages with several dozen different from Argentina (includes Scott C25-C29 1930 Zeppelin overprint in green, 1.80p couple nibbed perfs), Bolivia, Brazil (1927 Airmail set of 16), Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Haiti (includes CB1-CB2 NH, C4A NH), Mexico (includes C27 NH, cat. as hinged), Peru (includes C39 NH; cat. as hinged), El Salvador, etc. The odd set with gum toning, mainly F-VF LH or NH (Scott US$3,031)

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Est. 750.00 +
326 Latin America Extensive Mint / Used Collection On Scott pages in three old-style zippered leather binders, hundreds of stamps with excellent Cuba, Haiti, Mexico and strong representation of all Central American Republics from XIX century to about 1960s, mint or used; condition from mixed to mainly Fine or better; potential for better finds, worth a close look. Est. 750.00 +
327 South America Old-Time Collection Mounted in a vintage ledger book containing hundreds of stamps with emphasis on used from classics to 1980s; countries represented are Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Paraguay. Interesting lot with potential for better finds. Worth a closer look Est. 600.00 +
328 Old-Time Collection Mounted in a thick vintage accounting ledger book, hundreds of stamps, emphasis on used from classics to 1980s; countries include Austria, Denmark (with some DWI), Estonia, Liberia, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. Worth a close look, great potential for better finds. Est. 750.00 +
329 Old-Time Collections On Minkus & Scott pages in two old-style zippered leather binders containing hundreds of stamps, featuring Bosnia & Herzegovina, Greece (excellent coverage including back-of-book and areas), Philippines, Venezuela and a few other countries. From earlies to late 1970s in some cases. Condition varies. Est. 350.00 +
330 Scandinavia Old-Time Stock Organized by Scott number in small glassine envelopes, includes Denmark, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden from classic period to about 1940, a high percentage being used; duplication ranging from one of to over 100, latter on a few. This lot will permit study of cancels, shades and printings. Condition from mixed to fine or better (Scott 2016 US$50,583; detailed inventory enclosed) Est. 3,500.00 +
331 Assortment of Mint / NH Souvenir Sheets Stockbook with several different countries represented, a few dozen souvenir sheets 1930s to 1970s, OG or NH. Noted better Republic of China Scott #1091a 1953 Chiang Kai-shek souvenir folder, Russia mint NH Scott #2926 footnote 1964 Tokyo Olympics red sheet, souvenir sheets of Romania, Japan, etc. F-VF or better Est. 400.00 +
332 Extensive Lot of Complete Booklets Hundreds in 25 retail binders mainly from late 1950s to 1980s, focus on Great Britain, USA, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, British Africa and much more. Light duplication in places, overall nice condition, F-VF; worth a close look. Est. 1,000.00 +
333 Cinderellas, Locals, Odds & Ends Interesting hoard on cards, in glassines, etc., including local post, "phantom" stamps, propaganda, patriotic and exhibition labels, seals of Canada, Germany, USA, Australia & New Zealand, etc. Also collection of Rattlesnake Island with NH blocks of six & singles and usages on cover. Inspect. Est. 200.00 +
334 Impressive Triangle Shape Stamp Collection & Accumulation Housed in a stockbook, a shoebox and cards, several hundred singles and sets including proofs, imperforates, multiples and covers. Also noted various triangular exhibition, stamp show and propaganda labels. A high percentage are NH with an excellent assortment of exotic and far away countries, an appealing lot ready to start a new topical theme. Est. 500.00 +
335 Butterflies Topical Accumulation & Collection Stockbook crammed with mint NH or used complete sets, souvenir sheets and sheetlets from many different countries, also a large assortment of mint & used sets / partial sets, used on piece, etc. in a large envelope. Excellent group, ideal for retail or a topical collection. Est. 350.00 +
336 Insects Topical Accumulation & Collection Mainly mint mounted on leaves in two binders. Wide range of countries represented. Also includes loose sheetlets, and stamps, etc. Est. 150.00 +
337 Balance of Consignment Numerous stockbooks, collections balances and miscellaneous in four cartons, originating from the Max Goldman estate. Focus on 1960s to recent issues, noting many African and Asian countries and colonies represented by mint NH sets, souvenir sheets, sheetlets, etc. This lot will require many hours of sorting and identification to the successful bidder. Viewing highly recommended. HEAVY LOT Est. 1,500.00 +
338 Balance of Collections Various classic to modern mint NH stamps on cards, stockpages, etc. Noted GB #1 cut in but appears unused, Cameroun French Occupation 10c red & carmine (Scott 105A; as is), Hong Kong 1987-1991 all five definitive sets mint NH, Oman, French Colonies, early Canada noting 1897 Diamond Jubilee mint NH singles (including 50c), picture post cards from turn of century used from Europe to Canada, etc. Inspect. Est. 1,000.00 +
339 Balance of Consignment Large assortment of collections and accumulations mint hinged / NH and used on stockpages and cards, album pages, etc. Better represented countries and colonies are Aden, Basutoland, Belgium, Germany, "Sand Dune" states, South African Republics such as Cape of Good Hope, Orange River Colony, Transvaal, etc. Also various topical groupings of mostly mint NH sets and souvenir sheets on themes such as Alexander Graham Bell, Elvis Presley, Military Uniforms, Olympics. A useful lot for the internet dealer and certainly to the collector who wants to spend hours sorting and identifying hundreds of stamps and sets. Est. 750.00 +
340 Balance of Consignment A real mix, contains Canada mint panes and covers, note 2c Laurier Caricature mint sheet of 100 with one-bar tag variety, 1939 Royal Visit album with photos, stamps and a FDC, large section of World postal history with many addressed to Newfoundland, USA XIX century covers in mixed condition; various mint / used stamps and full sheets from various countries, etc. Previous storage was an issue, overall condition ranges from mixed to Fine or better; needs checking. Est. 500.00 +
341 Massive Lot of First Day Covers (Max Goldman Estate) In nine cartons with numerous countries represented, mainly 1960s to 1990s. High percentage being cacheted FDCs from exotic locations such as French Colonies, early Independent Africa, Cuba, North Korea, Eastern Europe, British Oceania, Hong Kong and Taiwan, among others. Noted a large amount of Russia FDC, heavy to light duplication, figured for very little in our estimate. The lot also contains many dozen envelopes often mailed registered (or as official mail) from various philatelic bureaus around the world, some in FDC albums but for the most part loose and disorganized. An opportunity to acquire a very large hoard of seldom items. Needs to be viewed. Est. 1,000.00 +
342 Literature Approx 50 different titles, focus on cancellations notably on Australian States, BWI, USA fancy cancels and India numerals; plus a few specialized titles - Cayman I., Australia KGV, Liberia, etc. Also Herman Herst Jr. titles and a circa. 1879-1880 Stieler "Hand Atlas" Gotha Justus Perthes, hardbound containing 95 folded / coloured geographical maps. HEAVY LOT Est. 500.00 +
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