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Saturday, February 24, 2018

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Lot Catalogue Number Description Catalogue Value or Estimate
652 20 1857 1c Blue, Type II, Perf 15 A selected mint example, quite well centered with perforations clear of design on all sides, brilliant colour and impression with full original gum, VF LH

Photo (64K)
653 P 247P1-263P1 1894 1c-$5 Bureau Issue Complete set of 13 large die proofs on india paper, some mounted on card, all in issued colours and measuring 44-62 x 50-75mm; 4c has trivial india thinning and three low denominations have trivial foxing; a very scarce and appealing set, VF

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654 467 1917 5c Carmine, No Watermark, Perf 10 Block of twelve showing two examples of the 5c error of colour, brilliant fresh mint, F-VF NH

Photo (85K)
655 630 + variety 1926 2c White Plains Philatelic Exhibition An unusually well centered souvenir sheet of 25, Plate 188773 Lower Left with constant dot over "S" of States variety (Pos. 11), fresh and nicer than normally encountered, VF NH

Photo (61K)
656 K1-K18 1919 2c-$2 US Postal Agency in China Surcharges Complete set of sixteen plus locally surcharged set of two, all mint hinged to lightly hinged; 18c dist. OG, otherwise fresh, centering from Fine to Very Fine; also a few duplicates (cat. US$442; not counted)

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657 1847-1869 Collection On Scott pages, usual mixed condition but has presentable used examples of #1 (2), 2, 9 pair, 12, 15 pair, 29, etc. Nice selected singles are to be found, such as #14 used, #17 used pair with clear margins (1984 PF cert.), #11A mint, 22 unused, 26 fresh VF LH pair, 64 used CDS (trivial perf flaws), 94 and 123 mint, etc. Noted grills, shades, cancels. Inspect.

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Est. 1500.00 +
658 1870-1903 Mint / Used Collection On Scott pages, majority of Banknote issues are used and in mixed condition, noted nice mint #210 NH block, mint #228, 229, then condition somewhat improves around with many better stamps such as Columbian 50c (2001 PF cert.), $1 unused, $2 mint, $3 used with corner crease, $4 unused and $5 stuck down but otherwise fresh VF unused, then mint #261A (glazed gum), 262 unused, used #277 & 278, mint #290 NH, 292 OG lightly redistributed VF centered and fresh, #293 used (repaired), #480 NH. Noted unusual cancels, a few multiples, etc. Worth a close look.

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Est. 3000.00 +
659 Washington / Franklin 1908-1920 Extensive Collection On Scott pages with extensive coverage, coil singles, pairs, guide line pairs, vending machine perfs, etc. Also commemoratives including #323-327 fresh mint NH. A few clever fake coils but many selected genuine singles and pairs are to be found as well, also some varieties and better stamps such as mint #341, 499c, 505, 523, 524 (two NH examples), 534B used, etc. Some minor flaws noted but overall condition is quite nice with many NH stamps; a useful lot ideal for continuation.

Photo (59K) Photo 2 (59K) Photo 3 (59K) Photo 4 (66K) Photo 5 (45K) Photo 6 (35K) Photo 7 (84K)
Est. 2000.00 +
660 1919-1944 Mint / Used Collection A comprehensive lot including definitives, commemoratives and coils, latter often in pairs. Mainly mint, many earlier issues both mint and used are represented. Noted additional mint NH blocks of Kans. and Nebr. overprints, a large group of Farley imperforate guide line blocks, gutter multiples, varieties, etc. Much is NH, generally F-VF

Photo (59K) Photo 2 (59K)
Est. 750.00 +
661 Clean 1945-2000 Mint NH Collection In mounts on Scott pages, quite extensive to about 2000, plus a few more recent sheetlets, etc. Collection is supplemented with numerous plate number coils, misperfs, imperforates noting #1610a, 1994 Legends of the West recalled sheet, 1996 James Dean imperf pair and block (#3082a), additional pages of booklets and panes. Appears all mint VF NH Est. 750.00 +
662 Small Selection of Early & Valuable Plate Imprint Blocks Includes 3c rose (#65) imprint block of eight, dist. OG and light crease on second column; 1c ultramarine (#145) unused lower margin imprint block, small faults but no doubt quite rare; 3c purple (#253) plate block of six, lightly dulled OG (appears NH), 2c carmine (#267) mint LH plate block of 6; 1c green (#285) VF NH plate block, 2c carmine (#301) VLH plate block of six, 2c carmine (#324) UR plate strip of ten NH, etc.

Photo (70K) Photo 2 (70K) Photo 3 (62K)
Est. 2000.00 +
663 1908-1921 Washington & Franklin Plate Block Selection Over 30 different plate blocks plus a few centre line blocks and commemorative plate blocks. Noted better with Scott #347, 376 NH, 406 NH, 414, 463 two NH, 471 NH, 473, 483 matched set, 503 NH, 507 NH, 515, 534 NH, 540 NH PB of ten, 541 NH, 545 NH plate "13857" block of four with star, 536, centre line block #373 NH, etc. Condition fresh throughout; a few trimmed margin or perf separation, centering mainly Fine+ although many VF blocks as well. Scott US$12,700.

Photo (73K) Photo 2 (73K) Photo 3 (64K) Photo 4 (56K)
Est. 2500.00 +
664 1920-1940 Mint / NH Plate Block Collection In mounts on Scott pages, very well represented noting better plate blocks such as Scott #550 NH, 564 NH, 567, 571, 573 block with plate number at top (two stamps NH), 612 NH, 616 NH, 620-621 arrow plate blocks of 8, 622-623 NH, 647-648 NH, 663 NH, 701 (three NH plate blocks), some duplicates to be found. Then majority being NH up to 1940 including Prexies high values. Overall clean condition, Fine to Very Fine; Scott value US$10,711 up to end of 1930 only.

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Est. 2500.00 +
665 Clean Mint NH 1941-2002 Plate Block Collection All in mounts on Scott pages, mostly plate blocks of four, noted as well numerous larger blocks and panes, quite extensive from early 1940s to about 1980, also later miniature panes. Appears all NH and routinely VF Est. 750.00 +
666 Mint NH Full Sheets Approx. 320 different sheets 1929 to about 1990 (a few more recent), including airmails and a few special delivery; in large protective sleeves. Noted better such as #649, 670, C7, C25-C31, etc. Appears all sound mint NH, F-VF Est. 1500.00 +
667 Back-of-Book Collection A comprehensive collection on Scott pages with basic mint sets and stamps from 1918 to 1990s being, including 1930 Zepp set (partially adhering to mounts), supplemented with various used stamps, a few plate multiples and some booklets and panes. Special Delivery, Parcel Post and Postage Dues are all well covered mint or used including a few plate proofs, additional stamps, etc. Mixed condition in places to mainly F-VF Est. 750.00 +
668 Back-of-Book Mint Plate Block Collection Mostly airmails 1926 to 2001 noting #C10, C12, C18, C24; also special delivery, officials, postage dues including #J48 plate block mint LH, etc. Mainly F-VF NH Est. 600.00 +
669 Mint / Used Collection of Officials - Departmental Stamps On Scott pages, approx 120 mint/used stamps, mostly different; condition mixed. Noted better items such as mint O14 (perf flaws), O24, O36, O59, O63 (unused, large margins), etc. Also over 50 different plate proofs on card followed by Official Postal Savings Mail with O122 mint NH block (scarce), plus O122 & O123 VLH singles and various recent issues. High catalogue value.

Photo (82K) Photo 2 (82K) Photo 3 (67K)
Est. 1500.00 +
670 Newspaper & Periodical Stamps In mounts on Scott pages, starts with a few used examples and proofs of large newspaper stamps, also a few examples (forgeries not counted) mostly unused or mint until 1895. Then 1895-1897 1c-$100 mint set of 12, plus various duplicates mint or used including PR124 NH, PR125 two examples with favour cancels, etc. Condition varies from mixed to Fine or better Est. 400.00 +
671 Carrier & Local Stamps and Confederate States On pages including genuine examples and reprints, clever forgeries, remainders and items of proof stature; a good lot for study.

Photo (49K) Photo 2 (49K) Photo 3 (58K) Photo 4 (65K)
Est. 600.00 +
672 Postal Stationery & Card Collection On Scott pages, early period mostly cut squares, quality ranging from mixed to very fine; later period mostly unused / used postal envelope including postal cards unused / used from first issue to modern. Also various post office seals, postal card packs, some mint NH new issues, event covers, etc. Inspect. Est. 400.00 +
673 Duck Hunting Permit Stamps Collection in mounts on Scott pages, quite complete to 2003 mint or used (often both); includes mint RW1, 5, 7, then NH RW15, 17, 21, 22, 33, 35, 36, plus 18 NH plate blocks between RW40 and RW70. Also includes various State Hunting Permit Stamps and more. The odd flaw to be expected on earlier used, generally F-VF Est. 1000.00 +
674 Interesting Lot of Essays and Proofs From classics to late 1890s, includes essays such as #69 (12c) vignette only (30), vignette with curved labels (2), 184-E5d 9 pairs and six singles in various colours, #222 & 223 imperforate pairs on gummed stamp paper (both NH), plus a large assortment of plate proofs in issued colour mostly in singles for 1850s to 1870s, etc. Overall nice condition and an appealing group to enhance a collection, mostly VF

Photo (64K) Photo 2 (64K) Photo 3 (38K) Photo 4 (44K) Photo 5 (64K) Photo 6 (73K) Photo 7 (71K)
Est. 1500.00 +
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