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Lot Catalogue Number Description Catalogue Value or Estimate
721 1897 (October 2) Clean cover addressed locally, franked with a diagonal bisect of 2c orange Codfish used as 1 cent, neatly tied by grid, St. John's dispatch CDS struck at left; a neat and scarce bisect usage, VF (Unitrade 48i)

Although not officially authorized, this bisect was accepted without penalty during the interim period when supplies of 1 cent stamps had run short; the provisional surcharges had not yet been issued.

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722 1897 (October 2) Clean cover addressed locally bearing a vertical bisect of 2c Cabot, used as 1 cent for local delivery, tied by grid cancel, St. John's dispatch CDS at left, attractive and quite elusive, VF (Unitrade 62i)

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723 75 1897 ((October) 1c on 3c Grey Lilac Provisional Surcharge Mint single with Type A trial surcharges IN RED AND IN BLACK (SG Type 36), original gum somewhat disturbed with minute gum thin, very scarce, Fine, clear 1976 PF cert.

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724 75 1897 (October) 1c on 3c Grey Lilac Provisional Surcharge Mint single showing the very scarce Type A (SG Type 36) trial surcharge IN RED, hint of gum toning, Fine LH; clear 1997 Greene Foundation cert.

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725 75 1897 (October 29) Bluish envelope from the Secretary's Offices St. John's with embossed red of Coat of Arms on backflap, bearing an impressive strip of four of the 1c on 3c grey lilac Type A surcharge well tied by grids and by oval Registered 29 OC 97 St. John's NFLD datestamp at left; redirected to Octagon Castle, Irvine Station with Railway T.P.O. 29 OC split ring backstamp. Minor faults and horizontal fold well away from stamps. Pays an outstanding 1 cent local rate + 3 cents registration, a very rare franking, F-VF

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Est. 750.00 +
726 75, 76 1897 (October) 1c on 3c Grey Lilac Provisional Surcharge A visually striking mint block of four showing complete BABN imprint (Boggs Type VIII) and two different types of surcharge - Type A on top pair, Type B on lower pair; exceptionally fresh, the lower imprint pair is never hinged. An elusive and desirable imprint multiple, a very small number remain intact, Fine LH

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727 75, 76, 76i 1897 (October) 1c on 3c Grey Lilac Provisional Surcharge An unusually well centered mint block, sheet margin at left, showing Type A on top pair and the scarcer Type B on lower pair, lower left stamp shows the wide spacing variety only found on Position 41, original gum somewhat glazed and natural skips on left pair, a striking and very scarce block with superior centering, VF-XF OG

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1800.00 +
728 75a + variety 1897 (October) 1c on 3c Grey Lilac Provisional Surcharge A striking used example with normal upright Type A surcharge, plus another TWO impressions (lighter but very legible) running diagonally; small thin, a very unusual and no doubt very rare TRIPLE surcharge error - the first we recall seeing, Fine; 2014 Greene Foundation cert. (Unitrade 75a is for a double surcharge, one diagonal. The triple surcharge error offered is currently still unlisted in Unitrade and Walsh)

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Est. 1500.00 +
729 75b 1897 (October) 1c on 3c Grey Lilac Provisional Surcharge A spectacular mint block showing the exceedingly rare omitted "ONE CENT" and lower bar variety on lower pair, some split perfs sensibly strengthened by hinges, quite well centered for these notoriously difficult surcharges, trivial gum wrinkle at foot, bright colour with large part original gum. A maximum of five such se-tenant blocks can exist; likely fewer than five remain. A striking block of the utmost rarity, F-VF OG (Unitrade cat. as fine; no price is given for very fine as none exist in that grade)

Expertization: 2004 Brandon certificate

Provenance: Dale-Lichtenstein, Harmers of New York, Sale 7, January 1970; Lot 231


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730 75 variety 1897 (October) 1c on 3c Grey Lilac Provisional Surcharge Left margin mint pair with a spectacular shift of Type A surcharge, negligible small corner crease at top right, large part original gum, a most striking pair, Fine OG

A small portion of the surcharge from the row below shows at foot of right stamp - characteristic lettering "E CE" of ONE CENT of a Type B.

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Est. 750.00 +
731 75-77 1897 (October) 1c on 3c Grey Lilac Provisional Surcharge Mint corner margin block of eight showing all three surcharge types - Type A on upper row, Type B on lower left pair and scarcer Type C on lower right pair; typical centering for the issue, marginal fault away from stamps at right, lower left stamp with slight fingerprint on gum, all stamps other that the upper right are NEVER HINGED. A rarely seen positional block seldom encountered with sheet margins on both sides, visually striking and unusually fresh, Fine VLH (Unitrade $6,000+)

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Est. 2500.00 +
732 76i 1897 (October) 1c on 3c Grey Lilac Provisional Surcharge A spectacular mint example of the exceedingly rare Type B trial surcharge IN RED, the wide spacing variety (Position 41) which is only found on one position of the sheet. Remarkably well centered, small part OG and partial sheet margin. An impressive stamp showing one of the very rarest trial surcharges of the 1897 Provisionals - a wonderful showpiece, Very Fine (Unitrade cat. is for a normal Type B surcharge in red, which is seven times more common)

Expertization: 1969 RPSL certificate

Provenance: Dale-Lichtenstein, Harmers of New York, Sale 5, May 1969; Lot 188
"Fordwater" Collection, June 2013; Lot 86

The only other known example is in a unique marginal strip of three (ex. Hewitt, "Zurich", Baillie, "St. Aylott")


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Est. 6000.00 +
733 76 1897 (October) 1c on 3c Grey Lilac Provisional Surcharge Rare mint example with deep rich colour, showing Type B trial surcharge in RED and IN BLACK (SG Type 37), centered at lower right as typically seen on these rarely seen trial surcharges, original gum somewhat redistributed in no way detract from this very rare stamp, Fine

Expertization: 1918 and 1999 RPSL certificates

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734 76 1897 (October) 1con 3c Grey Lilac Provisional Surcharge A well centered mint example with lovely fresh colour, large part original gum, VF

Photo (69K)
735 76 1897 (October) 1c on 3c Grey Lilac Provisional Surcharge An unusually well centered Type B surcharge in black, deep colour with light grid cancel; VF

Photo (69K)
736 76 variety 1897 (November) Envelope sent unsealed to Nova Scotia bearing a single 1c on 3c Type B, dramatically shifted horizontally and vertically resulting in a surcharge of three bars (!), tied by light grid and mostly clear Truro NO 18 97 CDS on arrival ideally located at top, demonstrating envelope had been sent unsealed at the circular rate; inconsequential light ageing and vertical fold to cover, an extremely rare usage of a major shift on cover; Fine and in all probability unique.

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Est. 750.00 +
737 76 variety 1897 (October) 1c on 3c Grey Lilac Provisional Surcharge A remarkably well centered mint single with dramatically shifted, slanting Type B surcharge, faint gum wrinkle, very lightly hinged (if at all); an appealing and very scarce major mis-placement of the surcharge, VF

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Est. 750.00 +
738 77 1897 (October) 1c on 3c Grey Lilac Provisional Surcharge A remarkably fresh mint example with the elusive Type C surcharge, well above average centering for this challenging stamp, radiant colour on fresh paper, sheet margin at right. A scarce stamp especially in such nice condition, VF hinged; 1993 Greene Foundation cert.

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739 77 1897 (December 13) Clean locally mailed cover bearing the scarce Type C surcharge paying the drop letter rate, unusually well centered and fresh, tied by St. John's CDS at left and oval grid at right. A very scarce and appealing usage, VF

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Est. 1500.00 +
740 F 1c on 3c Provisional Mint pair with fake Type C surcharge - reported to have been made by a printer of the "Royal Gazette" (see Robson Lowe handbook page 478). The colour of these forgeries is brown grey rather than grey lilac as on the genuine, also the spacing between "ONE CENT" and lower bar is different, very scarce

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Est. 500.00
741 116 variety Yellow Ayre & Sons preprinted envelope bearing a single and vertical bisect of the 2c Caribou, tied by circular grid from Salvage Bay to St. John's with APR 7 192?, slogan cancel struck on arrival on reverse. An appealing and very scarce bisect usage of the Caribou issue, VF

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Est. 300.00 +
742 74-E1 1918 2c on 60c Black King Henry VII An extremely well centered, fresh mint example of the elusive three-line "TWO / 2 / CENTS" trial surcharge in red, considerably scarcer than the doubled. Remarkably choice, XF LH

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1500.00 +
743 74-E2 1918 2c on 60c Black King Henry VII A choice mint single with provisional three-line "TWO / 2 / CENTS" trial surcharge (doubled) in red, fresh and well centered, VF VLH

Photo (78K)
744 1920 (September 15) Clean cover mailed from Heart's Content to St. John's bearing a diagonal bisect of the 6c red brown used as 3 cent domestic rate, tied by partially legible Heart's Content split ring, second strike at left; a scarce bisect usage mailed during the provisional period (September 4 to October 4, 1920), VF (Unitrade 66i)

Photo (25K)
745 127a 1920 2c on 30c Slate Provisional Surcharge A well centered mint hinged single of the INVERTED SURCHARGE ERROR, small thin, very scarce with only two panes of 25 printed, a VF appearing example of this seldom seen stamp

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