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Thursday, November 8, 2018

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Lot Catalogue Number Description Catalogue Value or Estimate
215 P Queen Victoria "Chalon" Portrait An engraved vignette in green on enamel card 64 x 99mm, showing a very elaborate engine turning surrounding the oval portrait, which closely resembles the one employed for the 12p black, 7½p green and 12½c green. A lovely collateral piece, VF

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Est. 500.00 +
216 P Queen Victoria & Prince Albert Portraits Two engraved vignettes: the first a Queen Victoria "Chalon" oval portrait sunk directly to card 60 x 78mm; the other depicts Prince Albert surrounded by ornaments on india paper sunk on larger card 80 x 113mm, pencil notation "Prince Albert" and "Sealy" at foot. Latter has light foxing, a very attractive duo, VF

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Est. 500.00 +
217 1843 (April 5) Folded lettersheet with well-struck British "Crown" Paid at Quebec CDS in red along with same-ink double arc dispatch at left, sent prepaid to Lyon, France, rated "1/2" and "1/4", tombstone Paid 15 MY transit, oval "P.F" in red and French Accountancy "28" marking, Calais 17 MAY CDS in red; Paris and Lyon backstamps, horizontal file fold. A beautiful and scarce "Crown" Paid cover to France, VF

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Est. 350.00 +
218 1849 (July 18) Folded lettersheet endorsed "paid to the lines" mailed from Québec to New York, lovely example of the British "Crown" Paid at Quebec handstamp in red with same-ink double arc dispatch, prepaid rate manuscript "1/11" for double weight letter prepaid to the border (distance of 200 to 300 miles), Montreal transit backstamp. Rated "20" American postage to be collected on delivery, VF and attractive

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Est. 250.00 +
219 P 1TCiv 3p Beaver Trial colour plate proof block of four in black with diagonal SPECIMEN overprint in carmine, natural india faults, a rarely seen multiple, VF; ex. Bertram Collection (February 1959; Lot 76)

It is interesting to note that no examples of this plate proof were present in the 1990 ABNC sale.

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220 1 1851 3p Red on Handmade Laid Paper, Imperforate A selected used single with large margins, bright colour on pristine paper showing prominently the laid lines, ideal socked-on-nose concentric rings cancel, VF

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221 1851 (August 6) An unusually clean cover mailed from Quebec to Brompton bearing a four margined example of the 3p red on handmade laid paper showing very clear laid lines, tied by neat concentric rings, Quebec AUG 6 1852 double arc dispatch in red at left; a lovely cover much nicer than normally encountered, VF; 1981 BPA cert. (Unitrade 1)

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Est. 1,500.00 +
222 1851 (August 28) Small blue envelope from Toronto to Barrie, bearing a full margined 3p orange red shade on handmade laid paper, tied by ideal concentric rings cancel, Toronto AU 28 1851 double arc dispatch at left, light vertical fold well away from stamp and postal markings; clear Barrie AU 30 receiver backstamp. An appealing cover, VF (Unitrade 1a)

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Est. 1,000.00 +
223 P 2TCiv 6p Prince Albert Trial colour plate proof block of four in grey on india paper with diagonal SPECIMEN overprint in carmine, brilliant fresh colour, remarkably choice for this rare proof block, often absent (even as a single) from advanced collections, VF; ex. Bertram Collection (February 1959; Lot 255)

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3,600.00 +
224 2 1851 6p Slate Violet on Handmade Laid Paper, Imperforate A fabulous used horizontal pair with prominent laid lines, portion of sheet margin at foot, full to unusually large margins on other sides, brilliant colour and clear impression on pristine fresh paper, each stamp ideally struck with concentric rings, XF GEM

Expertization: 2018 Greene Foundation certificate

Provenance: Charles Lathrop Pack, Part Two, April 1945; Lot 62


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4,000.00 +
225 1851 (July 2) Blue folded cover to Belleville, in an excellent state of preservation, franked with a superb 6p brown purple on handmade laid paper, remarkably fresh, tied by concentric rings, Montreal JY 2 double arc dispatch in red below; Kingston JY 4 and Belleville JUL 5 backstamps, usual light file folds. A beautiful early usage of the very scarce 6 pence single-franking; paying a double weight domestic letter rate, XF (Unitrade 2b)

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Est. 2,000.00 +
226 P 3Pi 1851 12p Queen Victoria Plate proof single printed in black on india paper, colour of issue, with vertical SPECIMEN overprint in carmine, full margins; a choice VF example of this popular proof

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227 3 1851 12p Black on Handmade Laid Paper, Imperforate A marvelous used example of this world-class rarity, displaying rich colour with characteristic bold impression on fresh paper with clear laid lines, surrounded by ample to superb margins. These superior attributes are supplemented with a sharp, nearly complete concentric rings cancellation. A beautiful example of this iconic classic, among the very nicest postally used examples available, Very Fine

Expertization: 1961 BPA certificate signed by experts Robson Lowe, et la.
1964 Alberto Diena certificate; stamp with pencil signature

Provenance: British North America Sale, Robson Lowe Ltd., January 29, 1964; Lot 951, where it sold for an impressive £2,600 against a then catalogue value of £3,000.

It has been well documented that a single order of 51,000 stamps was placed in May 1851 with the printer Messrs. Rawdon, Wright, Hatch and Edson. The stamps were delivered to the postal authorities the same month and issued to the public on June 14, with 1,510 stamps being distributed among fourteen post offices (reference: Howes, Clifton "Canada Its Postage Stamps and Postal History", 1911, page 37). Only 1,450 examples were sold over a span of nearly 6 years. Those unsold were sent back and destroyed together with the unissued remainder (a total of 49,490 stamps) during May 1857. It was clear from the beginning that demand would be very limited indeed. The only logical uses for the stamp were to prepay the quadruple domestic rate, the double letter rate to the United States and the single letter rate for bimonthly mails from Montreal via Boston to Newfoundland, Bermuda or the British West Indies.


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228 4iv 1854 3p Orange Red on Thin Hard Oily Wove Paper, Imperforate An exceedingly rare mint block of four of this distinctive printing, displaying the overall impression associated with this paper type, vertical crease at right and small negligible thin, bright fresh colour and still retaining a large part original gum. A great rarity, in fact we believe this to be the largest multiple known of this well-known printing; a spectacular item with excellent provenance, VF OG

Expertization: 2018 Greene Foundation certificate

Provenance: "Foxbridge" (John DuPont) Private Treaty 1988
Sir Gawaine Baillie, May 2006; Lot 772

Photo (41K)
229 4xi 1854 3p Scarlet Vermilion on Thin Hard Wove Paper, Imperforate A rare mint pair, large margins all around, exceptionally bright shade of this distinctive delicate colour, with large part original gum; a most attractive mint multiple of this short-lived printing, VF OG; 2018 Greene Foundation cert.

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230 4d 1854 3p Orange Red on Thin Hard Wove Paper, Imperforate An impressive mint single displaying the characteristic shade on the unmistakable thin crisp wove paper, with four full margins and possessing unusually full original gum, light gum bend at right. A choice example that really stands out from other printings of this classic stamp, VF LH; 2018 Greene Foundation cert.

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231 4i, viii 1856-1857 3p Deep Red on Medium Wove Paper, Imperforate An exceptional mint single with strong colour on pristine white paper, ample to large margins, bold colour and impression that amplify the Major Re-entry (Pane B; Position 42) with clearly shown doubling in and around POSTAGE and vertical frameline at lower left, remarkably with full original gum showing only a trace of hinging, XF VLH

Expertization: 2018 Greene Foundation certificate


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232 4 1857-1858 3p Red on Thick Hard Wove Paper, Imperforate A brilliant, fresh mint example with large margins, exceptional colour and clear impression, possessing large part original gum; a very attractive mint example of this sought-after stamp, VF OG

Expertization: 1960 RPSL certificate

Provenance: General Robert Gill, Robson Lowe Ltd., October 1965; Lot 17

Photo (42K)
233 4a 1854 3p Brown Red on Medium Wove Paper, Imperforate A premium used example with amazing colour on pristine paper, large margined and displaying a neat centrally struck concentric rings in BLUE. A striking and selected example, XF; 1992 Raybaudi cert.

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350.00 +
234 4viii 1854 3p Red on Medium Wove Paper, Imperforate A large margined single showing the Major Re-entry (Pane A; Position 91) with visible doubling in upper left "3", in and around "PO" of POSTAGE, plus the characteristic vertical line in lower right margin, light concentric rings cancel. A most attractive example of this elusive plate variety, VF

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235 4xi, viii 1854 3p Scarlet Vermilion on Thin Hard Wove Paper, Imperforate A choice used single with large margins and deep colour, shows the Major Re-entry (Pane B; Position 53) with clear doubling in and above "EE PE" of THREE PENCE, in "VR", in both left "3s", etc. A very nice example of this scarce variety, VF

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450.00 +
236 4i + variety 1856-1857 3p Deep Red on Medium Wove Paper, Imperforate A striking used example in the distinctive deeper shade, clear to very large margins, plainly visible pre-printing paper fold variety at top, socked-on-nose four-ring '2' (Belleville) cancellation in BLUE, the stamp also displays what appears to be a private attempt at pin-perforation on right-hand side of the stamp. A very interesting stamp for the specialist, Fine+

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Est. 750.00 +
237 4c 1858 3p Red on Soft Horizontally Ribbed Paper, Imperforate A fresh used vertical pair, clever repair at top (not mentioned in accompanying certificate), a scarce multiple of this elusive printing, nicely postmarked with light four-ring '5' (Brantford, U.C.) cancels; pencil signed by expert Peter Holcombe along with his 1990 certificate, VF; ex. "Foxbridge" (John DuPont) Private Treaty 1988

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238 4c 1858 3p Red on Soft Horizontally Ribbed Paper, Imperforate An unusually choice example of this difficult printing, completely sound which is unusual for this fragile paper, full margins with clear four-ring '5' (Brantford) cancel in black. A lovely stamp, VF

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239 Undated (circa. 1854) lady's cover in clean condition bearing a large margined pair of 3p orange red on thin hard wove paper, neatly tied by four strikes of a small circular grid cancel of US origin, addressed to Oswego, New York; no backstamp or a penalty (due) marking. An outstanding cover franked with Canadian postage stamps, postmarked and mailed within the US - the first such cover we recall seeing, XF (Unitrade 4d)

Provenance: E. Carey Fox (First Portion), May 1968; Lot 270 - Sold for a hefty US$420 hammer.

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Est. 2,500.00 +
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