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Friday, November 3, 2017

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Lot Catalogue Number Description Catalogue Value or Estimate
287 207/215 1942 2c/2fr Fishing Steamer & Lighthouse "FRANCE LIBRE" Overprint Partial mint set of seven with fresh colours, includes the 2c (appears NH), 4c, 40c, 50c, 65c, 1.75fr and 2fr, F-VF LH

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288 224/246 1942 4c/2.50fr "FRANCE LIBRE" Overprint Partial, basic mint set of fourteen lacking the expensive numbers. Includes 4c, 10c, 25c, 40c, 45c, 65c, 70c, 90c, 1.10fr, 1,25fr, 1.40fr, 1.60fr, 2.25fr and 2.50fr, VF LH

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289 249-259 1942 20c on 10c - 20fr on 90c "FRANCE LIBRE" Overprint on Surcharge Definitives Mint set of seven, plus New York World's Fair set of four, all fresh and VF LH

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290 260-279 1941 10c-20fr Noel 1941 "FRANCE LIBRE" An exceptionally fresh, well centered set, each stamp showing faint trace of a hinge; choice, VF VLH

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291 J1-J9 1892 5c-2fr Postage Dues, Imperforate Diagonal overprint in red or black (1fr and 2fr), mint set, well clear to often large margins; 20c is unused, others with large part OG hinged to lightly hinged, F-VF

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292 Clean Mint / NH Collection Displayed on stockpages, regular issues quite well represented from 1952 to 1976 also some later 2007 quite complete to 2012; airmails 1947 to 1976 mostly present including NH Scott C20-C22, C25, etc. A few earlier mint also noting Scott 158-164, 217-218. Some earlier stamps hinged, mainly VF NH

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Est. 750.00 +
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