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54 Specialized 1870-1888 Collection In clear mounts on quadrilled pages including mint / used singles, surcharges, watermark & surcharge varieties, multiples, etc. Noted 1870 perf 12 1p dull rose unused, 1p lilac rose mint and 6p used, all three with inverted watermarks, 1882 p green and 1884 1p carmine sheets of 20 with Distorted "E" (R. 2/1) variety, 1885 p bisect unused with inverted surcharge, 1884-1886 FOUR PENCE (with period after PENCE) on 6p mint block, "4d" (without period) on 6p mint single, 1p on 2p mint pair, etc. The odd flaw but mainly Fine or better; a useful lot.

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Est. 600.00 +
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