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60 Exceptional 1916-1939 Collection In black mounts on album pages with strong emphasis on Hejaz - Sherifate of Hejaz and Kingdom of the Hejaz overprinted / surcharge issues with numerous inverted varieties, coloured overprints / surcharges, etc. Many key items are present such as Scott L16c, L23, L68 NH, L71 NH, L73, L77 NH, L79, L80a, L81a, L84, L92, L98, L100, L105, L120a, LJ17a NH, LJ18 NH, LJ22 NH, etc. followed by Nedji Administration of Hejaz 1925-1939 noting mint Scott #33-34, 59-68, 138-149, 159-172, etc. Predominantly mint throughout with an excellent degree of completion - much better than normally encountered and offering a solid nucleus for the collector who wants to specialize. Some typical rough perfs, overall nice F-VF quality. A wonderful collection. (Scott 2018 US$36,525)

Photo (41K) Photo 2 (41K) Photo 3 (46K) Photo 4 (46K) Photo 5 (44K) Photo 6 (40K) Photo 7 (82K) Photo 8 (72K) Photo 9 (74K) Photo 10 (72K) Photo 11 (91K) Photo 12 (95K) Photo 13 (90K) Photo 14 (41K) Photo 15 (41K) Photo 16 (45K) Photo 17 (74K) Photo 18 (26K) Photo 19 (46K) Photo 20 (80K)
Est. 7,500.00 +
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