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Friday, November 3, 2017

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Lot Catalogue Number Description Catalogue Value or Estimate
357 Valuable Selection of Mainly Mint Singles and Blocks Valuable lot organized on stockpages, starts with some mint PEI and New Brunswick followed by a few Nova Scotia pence issues (sound or with clever repairs) and Cents issues including blocks and plate multiples. Newfoundland with excellent representation of early mint issues, from 1919 to end most are present including airmails, also various mint blocks and plate multiples from 1880s to 1940s. Quality generally clean throughout.

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Est. 2,000.00 +
358 Substantial Mint / Used Collection Displayed on stockpages, approx 125 stamp, often collected for different shades, printings, perfs, etc. Noted better such as BC #6 nice used, 7a mint, 11 used, 18 unused, New Brunswick #1 VF used with slight thin, Nova Scotia #1 and 3 used, 5 skillfully repaired with two partial strikes of 'A91' Mailboat cancel, PEI #1 two used followed by excellent range of 1862-1872 issues mostly mint, etc. A few fakes or faulty in places but noted many choice stamps. A useful lot.

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Est. 1,250.00 +
359 Newfoundland & British Columbia Selection of early Newfoundland 1865 to 1890s, noting select #26 unused, 27 mint OG, C9-C11 mint, C9-C11 used (two sets) and C13-C17 used. Also New Brunswick Connell proof #5Piv and British Columbia with seven different used including #2 grid "1" in black, 5-8, 16 grid "10" and #18 with partial grid "35" in blue expertly repaired (has clear 1978 PF cert.) Condition varies from mixed to Fine or better.

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Est. 1,500.00 +
360 Selection of Colonial Era Postal History 12 covers, several better including New Brunswick 1851 (DE 16) folded cover to USA franked two 3p dull red, file folds through but cancelled grid '1' and very early use; 1859 (FE) envelope, backflap missing with 6p yellow tied by clear grid '26' of Shediac to USA; 1c Locomotive on clean December 1861 printed circular St. John to Miramichi; Nova Scotia 1856 small envelope somewhat soiled bearing 6p yellow green large margined example except one corner to Maine; 1860 (MR 7) small envelope Yarmouth to St. John, NB (via Digby) bearing 3p blue and 6p dark green; 1861 (October) 8c green rare in-period single use on faulty cover to New York via Boston (ex. Argenti; 1958 RPSL cert.); 12c black on 1865 cover to Ireland; PEI 2p perf 9 (elusive Die II, SG 2a) tied to 1863 inland cover, portion of flap missing; 1c orange pair on 1870 cover with all-over advert on back (ex. Carr), etc. Mixed to F-VF.

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Est. 2,000.00 +
361 Small Selection of 1860s Covers Eight covers including Nova Scotia Cents issues, note clean single franking 1c on cover Halifax to Cambridge, a nice small envelope bearing single 2c for County rate from West Bay FE 5 67 to Arichat, and three other covers in mixed condition. PEI with 2p rose on JUN 4 1869 domestic cover to Summerside and 3p blue on 1869 cover to Nova Scotia, etc.

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Est. 150.00 +
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