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Lot Catalogue Number Description Catalogue Value or Estimate
109 1 1861 2p Dull Rose on Yellowish Wove Paper, Perf 9 A spectacular mint block of fifteen with intact sheet margin at foot, remarkably well centered for these notoriously difficult stamps; some perf separation reinforced by hinges in places, trivial thins on a couple stamps in top row and trivial foxing on two others, nonetheless a beautiful block in an excellent state of preservation and by far THE LARGEST KNOWN MULTIPLE OF THE TWO PENCE, in fact no other multiples of the entire 1861 Issue come close to this block. Full original gum, hinged to lightly hinged on eleven stamps leaving four NEVER HINGED (third and fourth stamps in second and third rows). A cornerstone for someone wishing to begin a world-class collection of Prince Edward Island, VF OG / NH (Unitrade cat. $34,000)

Expertization: 1969 RPS of London certificate (lacking the image)

Provenance: Dale-Lichtenstein, H.R. Harmer, Inc., Sale 5, May 1969; Lot 981
Dr. R.V.C. Carr, February 1999; Lot 334
Martyn Cusworth, March 2005; Lot 1117

Literature: Illustrated in Capex '96 Gems of Canadian Philately on page 253

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Est. 7,500.00 +
110 2 1861 3p Pale Blue on Yellowish Wove Paper, Perf 9 A brilliant, fresh and unusually well centered mint horizontal pair, distinctive shade with intact perforations and with full original gum; a very scarce multiple, VF LH; 2004 Greene Foundation cert. ex. J.G. Glassco (January 1945; Lot 1431)

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111 2 1861 3p Blue on Yellowish Wove Paper, Perf 9 An unusually well centered mint example with deep rich colour and large part original gum; guarantee backstamp, VF OG; 2004 Greene Foundation cert.

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112 2b 1861 3p Dark Blue on Yellowish Wove Paper, Perf 9 A fabulous mint single displaying the striking DOUBLE IMPRESSION error, showing even strong doubling throughout the design, quite well centered and more importantly completely sound, displaying characteristic brown original gum found on this particular stamp. Devoid of the multitude of flaws that plague the majority of known examples, a key stamp of British north America and undoubtedly among the finest existing mint OG examples, VF OG; 1981 Greene Foundation and 2004 BPA certificates

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113 3 1861 6p Yellow Green on Yellowish Wove Paper, Perf 9 A remarkable corner margin mint single ideally capturing full intact perforations on all sides, hinge remnant with large part original gum. The 6 pence, perf 9 is rarely found in sound mint condition, a most desirable example especially from this visually striking corner position, Fine+ OG; 2007 BPA cert.

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2,500.00 +
114 P 4 1862 One Penny Large Die Proof of two tęte-bęche impressions, electrotype in black on thick white surface paper measuring 106 x 83mm; negligible mark and one inclusion spot hardly detract, a striking and very rare proof, VF; ex. Martyn Cusworth (March 2005; Lot 1011), Warren Wilkinson (December 2009; Lot 6)

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1,000.00 +
115 5iii 1870 (circa.) 2c Rose on Bluish Coarse Paper, Perf 11˝-12 Mint full sheet of 60 stamps with bright fresh colour, showing extra vertical line of perforations between seventh and eighth columns; minor toning spots confined to edge of sheet margins, Fine+ NH (Unitrade cat. $4,800 for the six pairs with variety)

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Est. 1,500.00 +
116 5iii 1870 (circa.) 2c Rose on Bluish Wove Paper, Perf 11˝-12 A choice mint pair with extra vertical line of perforations between stamps, radiant fresh colour and with full original gum, VF NH

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117 5v 1870 (circa) 2c Rose on Bluish Coarse Paper, Perf 11˝-12 Left margin mint block imperforate vertically between sheet margin and left stamps, minute tone spot, otherwise fresh, a scarce perforation variety, Fine LH; ex. Warren Wilkinson (December 2009; Lot 49)

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118 6 1870 (circa.) 3p Blue on Bluish Coarse Paper, Perf 11˝-12 A beautiful, fresh mint sheet of 30 stamps; non-constant printing flaw on Queen's Nose (Position 8), hinged twice in selvedge only, stamps F-VF NH (Unitrade cat. $780)

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Est. 200.00 +
119 6b + shade 3p Dark Blue Imperforate pair on yellowish soft wove paper and another in pale blue shade on white wove paper; both ungummed as issued, VF (Unitrade makes no distinction on shades or papers)

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300.00 +
120 6b + variety 1870 (circa.) 3p Blue on Bluish Coarse Paper Imperforate pair with margin at right, showing strong impression of the 4p black stamp on reverse, most unusual, VF (Unlisted in Unitrade)

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Est. 250.00 +
121 6g 1870 (circa.) 3p Blue on Bluish Coarse Paper Imperforate mint gutter margin pair, faint vertical bend in the gutter margin - negligible for this remarkable pair displaying two distinctive shades of blue. Very seldom encountered as only a small number exist, in our opinion undercatalogued, VF OG; ex. James Lehr (November 1992; Lot 1552)

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1,250.00 +
122 6h 1860s 3p Blue on Soft Yellowish Wove Paper Imperforate tęte-bęche pair with vertical gutter margin between, ungummed as issued, vertical fold between as do all known examples, thinned in margin and left stamp faulty, very scarce and with VF appearance; 2008 PF cert. (Unitrade cat. $3,000)

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Est. 750.00 +
123 9a 1868 4p Black on Yellowish Paper, Perf 12 Mint sheet of 30 stamps, the scarcer first printing showing the "FOUP" variety (Pos. 19) and shading variety (Pos. 7); minor perf separation mainly in right selvedge, F-VF NH (Unitrade cat. $880)

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Est. 250.00 +
124 9c 1870 (April 22) Brown envelope bearing a diagonally bisected 4p black used to pay the 2p domestic letter rate, likely from Charlottetown, tied by mute grid with clear Prince Edward Island AP 22 79 CDS alongside, mailed to Murray Harbour North, King's County; bisect is sound, envelope somewhat reduced with some faults mostly visible from reverse, still a scarce bisect use of the 4 pence black, Fine appearance (Unitrade cat. $3,000)

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Est. 500.00 +
125 9d 1870 4p Black on White Paper Imperforate sheet of 30 stamps, ungummed as issued, showing shading variety (Pos. 7) and early stage of "FOUP" (Pos. 19) variety where only a dot shows in the "R". A rare intact sheet, VF (Unitrade cat. $2,250+) ex. Martyn Cusworth (March 2005; Lot 1022)

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Est. 750.00 +
126 9d variety 1870 4p Black on White Paper A large margined imperforate pair, ungummed as issued, showing a striking and most unusual double impression variety on both stamps. We do not recall seeing this particular variety before, a neat item for the specialist, VF

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Est. 350.00 +
127 9d, 9v 1870 4p Black on White Paper Imperforate pair with sheet margin at right; left stamp shows early stage of the listed "FOUP" variety (Position 19), small tone spot, VF

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Est. 200.00 +
128 Balance of Specialized Collection Seven items with 3p imperf sheet of 30 with lightened pen lines along third column and third row (2006 Greene Foundation cert.), 9p imperforate pair with light toning and creases, 1c brown orange NH LR corner block of eight, partially severed between first and second columns but imperforate horizontally between lower stamps and margin at foot, 1c brown orange with noteworthy printing flaw, two covers bearing single 3c, both postmarked April 1872 and Canada ˝ cent Small Queen, two singles dated Brantford, Ont 1893 on postcard to PEI.

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Est. 750.00 +
129 F Interesting Fake & Forgery Collection Displayed on eight pages with identification, both Pence & Cents including a few genuine stamps, some altered to appear as a "valuable" stamp, numerous crude forgeries plus various non-issued denominations, likely the work of A. Taylor, also an odd se-tenant block with first column being 6p strip of three and second column with three Liberia stamps, all printed in black. Many uncommonly seen; a useful lot of about 80 forgeries. ex. Varro E. Tyler reference collection

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Est. 600.00
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