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Friday, November 9, 2018

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Lot Catalogue Number Description Catalogue Value or Estimate
677 P 1, 4, 6 1p, 6p & 1sh Queen Victoria and Heraldic Three different plate proof singles printed in black on thin white card, first two with margin at left, 1sh has faint toning mostly visible on back, VF

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678 P 1/6 1890 1p, 3p, 6p & 1sh Pence Issues The official reprint set of four in blocks of six, printed on the distinctive thin hard wove paper and ungummed. Large multiples are rarely seen, VF

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679 1857 (May 20) Folded cover from Parrsborough to Liverpool, England, bearing a clear to large margined 6p yellow green and a selected quality diagonally bisected 3p dark blue used to make up the 7 pence rate to United Kingdom; light filing fold touching 6p, as do nearly all covers originating from the well-known Ratchford correspondence. Both stamps clearly tied by oval mute grid cancels; Parrsborough, Windsor and Halifax MY 20 transit backstamps, on obverse "tombstone" Liverpool Paid MY 31 1857 receiver in red. Unlisted in the Arfken & Firby census but it would be listed as the fourth earliest example of this franking to England, very scarce and most attractive, VF; clear 2013 Greene Foundation cert. (Unitrade 3a, 4; cat. $6,000) ex. R.V.C Carr (October 1988; Lot 701), J.J. Macdonald (October 2013; Lot 758)

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Est. 2,500.00 +
680 4 1851 6p Yellow Green on Blue Wove Paper, Imperforate A scarce used example with full to mostly large margins, brilliant colour and light unobtrusive oval mute grid cancel. Much nicer than normally encountered, VF; pencil signed on reverse by experts Alberto Diena and Giulio Bolaffi, latter with his 1972 certificate; ex. Frederick Mayer

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681 1864 (October 22) Blue folded cover from Cape Breton to Halifax, franked with 5 cent dark blue, clearly tied by "5c" within oval grid (Macdonald Type IVb) as customary from the Baddeck postmaster; couple aged file folds and minor soiling not affecting stamp or cancels. Baddeck dispatch and oval (Halifax) OC 25 arrival backstamps. A very scarce cover as J.J. Macdonald reported only five examples, this being the latest known date of usage, F-VF; 1980 RPSL cert. (Unitrade 10) ex. Stanley Cohen (October 1986; Lot 655), Sandy Clark (March 2011; Lot 131)

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Est. 400.00 +
682 1864 (May 24) Folded cover from Halifax to Windsor, NS franked with 5c blue tied by segmented cork cancel; blurred, somewhat legible boxed three-line "SHIP LETTER / HALIFAX, NS / MY 24 1864 (Macdonald Type 238) and Halifax split ring CDS at left; couple file folds clear of stamp and markings. A surprisingly late use of this ship letter datestamp - according to Macdonald handbook, the latest recorded year was 1850, F-VF and scarce (Unitrade 10)

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Est. 300.00 +
683 P 12 1860 10c Queen Victoria Engraved Trial Colour Die Proof in black on india paper 28 x 34mm, brilliant and fresh, remarkably choice and rarely seen as such, XF (Minuse & Pratt 12TC1a)

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Est. 500.00 +
684 1866 (December 5) Cover endorsed "Per Steamer from New York" mailed from Windsor to San Francisco, California, bearing 5c blue and 10c vermilion tied by a smudged oval grid; some minor peripheral faults to cover, a very scarce 15 cent rate to California - only a few exist (mostly from the same correspondence and faulty). One of the nicer known examples of this rate, Fine (Unitrade 10, 12) ex. John Siverts (May 1989; Lot 224)

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Est. 750.00 +
685 1861 (October 22) Blue folded cover franked with a diagonally bisected 10c vermilion with large margins on the perforated sides, tied by light oval grid cancel paying the 5c rate from Sydney to Arichat, clear OC 22 double arch dispatch and mostly clear OC 24 receiver on back. Light central file fold away from the franking; a neat cover mailed within the island of Cape Breton, F-VF; 2010 Greene Foundation cert. (Unitrade 12b)

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686 1860 (December 27) Blue folded cover franked with two 12c black tied by two light Halifax double arc dispatch, another strike on reverse, backflap missing; pays a very scarce double letter rate to the UK; London JA 7 61 Paid CDS receiver in red on front. Some light toning, couple light file folds not touching stamps. An appealing multiple franking paying a 25c rate to England, Fine (Unitrade 13) ex. J.J. Macdonald

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Est. 500.00 +
687 13 1860 12c Queen Victoria Die proof in black, colour of issue, on india paper 41 x 40mm; couple light natural india creases likely natural, VF and scarce (Minuse & Pratt 13P2a)

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Est. 500.00 +
688 F Remarkable Forgery Collection with In-Depth Study and Write-Up The Carl Walske collection - well-known student and author on worldwide forgeries; about 150 Pence issues on pages and stockpages, from crude and bogus coloured forgeries to very deceiving engraved forgeries. We note fourteen Panelli / Oneglia well-executed engraved forgeries, ten dangerous forgeries attributed to what Nicholas Argenti named "Forger A", a myriad of Spiro and other more crude forgeries; plus over 80 Cents issues majority from either Fournier or Spiro. Usual mixed condition but well-above average; a superior collection of its kind that has certainly took a lifetime to assemble. A wonderful opportunity for the student to acquire an important reference collection of Nova Scotia forgeries.

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Est. 5,000.00
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