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Saturday, February 24, 2018

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Lot Catalogue Number Description Catalogue Value or Estimate
710 1 1853 1p Red Brown on Deeply Blued Wove Paper, Imperforate An appealing used horizontal pair in selected quality, surrounded by full to mostly oversized margins for this typically narrow-spaced stamp, fabulous colour on pristine paper, light oval mute grids, VF; 2014 Greene Foundation cert.

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711 2a, 4 1860 (June 23) Envelope mailed from Yarmouth to Durham, England via Halifax, bearing 6p yellow green and diagonally bisected 3p bright blue, both with full margins and cancelled by mute oval grids; clear Yarmouth double arc JU 23 1860 datestamp in red, oval (Halifax) JU 27 transit and small Durham JY 9 receiver CDS struck on reverse, some faults to backflap, accompanying certificate states: "While stamps are not tied to the cover, in the opinion of the committee the cover and usage of the stamps appear to be genuine in all respects." A nice example of the 7 pence rate to England, F-VF (Unitrade 2a, 4, cat. $5,000) ex. Randall Martin (2008)

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Est. 1500.00 +
712 3a 1855 (January 2) Folded wrapper mailed from Amherst to Liverpool, England, franked with two singles and a diagonal bisect of the 3 pence dark blue, paying the 7 pence rate (via Halifax) in effect from August 1st, 1854; bisect touched by file fold as do almost all covers from the Ratchford correspondence, nevertheless all stamps with full margins (quite unusual) and well tied by oval mute grids; clear Amherst JA 2 1855 dispatch, oval (Halifax) JA 4 transit backstamps, showing a complete Tombstone Packet Letter Liverpool Paid 17 JA 1855 arrival postmark in red on front. An appealing and remarkably fresh cover, F-VF (Unitrade cat. $6,000)

Expertization: 1997 Greene Foundation certificate

This cover is unrecorded in the extensive Arfken & Firby census. It is the SECOND EARLIEST KNOWN USAGE of this rate to England.

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Est. 2500.00 +
713 5a 1859 (October 1) Orange envelope from Pugwash to River John bearing a diagonally bisected Six pence dark green, paying the 3 pence domestic letter rate; bisect with large margins on both sides and ideally tied by an oval mute grid; slight edge wear to envelope with portion of backflap missing, shows very clear double arc dispatch datestamp of Pugwash; backstamped by famous BNA collector W.H. Brouse during the 1920s. A rare Six pence dark green bisect cover and according to Arfken & Firby census (this cover is unlisted) ranking among the earliest known as most that do exist are dated in the first half of 1860, F-VF; 2011 Greene Foundation cert. (Unitrade cat. $7,000)

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Est. 2500.00 +
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