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Friday, November 9, 2018

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Lot Catalogue Number Description Catalogue Value or Estimate
695 P 3P 3p Heraldic Plate proof singles of both dies, engraved, printed in black on thin white card, full to large margins. A very scarce duo as only one plate proof sheet of 80 (40 of each die) was printed, VF

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1,000.00 +
696 P 61P-74P 1897 1c-60c Discovery of Newfoundland The complete set of fourteen plate proof singles, large margins with most having sheet margin at foot, all in issued colours on card mounted india paper; a choice set, VF-XF

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697 61-74 1897 1c-60c Discovery of Newfoundland Complete set of fourteen with fresh colours, each with diagonal SPECIMEN overprint in red; 3c straight edged at foot, all with full original gum, F-VF NH

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698 77 1897 (October) 1c on 3c Grey Lilac Provisional Surcharge Left margin mint example of the scarce Type C surcharge (Position 50 in the surcharge setting of 50 stamps), typical centering for the issue. Bright fresh colour, couple tiny natural gum skips, Fine NH

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699 78-86 1897 c-5c Royal Family and Map of Newfoundland Complete collection of forty-seven mint singles, each with American Bank Note security punch and Specimen overprint. All known types and colour combinations are present corresponding to all of the printing orders of this definitive set, which was issued between 1897 and 1918 (a detailed listing enclosed). Generally only one sheet of each was printed. An attractive set, F-VF NH

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700 82 1907-1908 2c Vermilion King Edward VII Two different printing orders (No. 8 and No. 9) in matching top margined strips of twenty, both well centered with fresh colour and full original gum, never hinged; handstamped in margin "MAY 20 1907" and "JAN 27 1908" respectively, former with additional "F1495" serial number in red, each stamp with small diagonal SPECIMEN overprint in red and ABNC archival security punch, VF NH (Unitrade cat. $2,000)

Printing Order No. 8 (May 20 1907) shows the Misplaced Entry variety (Position 1).

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Est. 500.00 +
701 82 1898-1908 2c Vermilion King Edward VII Neat lot of seven different printing orders - upper left position mint singles and last two printing orders (No. 8 and No. 9) being upper left blocks of ten. All with diagonal SPECIMEN overprint (seven different types) and ABNC security punch, F-VF NH (Unitrade cat. $1,350+)

Interestingly enough, of the nine printings orders only Printing Order No. 8 (May 1907) shows the Misplaced Entry variety (Position 1).

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Est. 250.00 +
702 P 87-97 1910 1c-15c John Guy Issue, Lithographed The complete set of ten in plate proof blocks of four, printed in issued colours on thick wove paper with full original gum; the 6c Lord Bacon is Type II (the 12c does not exist); 4c with close margin at left and 9c with small scissor cut between stamps, a beautiful and very scarce set in blocks, VF OG

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703 88b 1910 2c Carmine, Lithographed, Perf 12x14 Mint horizontal strip of four imperforate vertically between centre pair, negligible pulled perf at foot, a seldom encountered perforation variety, VF OG

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704 92ii 1910 6c Claret, Type I, Lithographed A well centered mint example imperforate vertically between stamp and sheet margin at left, VF OG, very scarce

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705 100a 1911 9c Olive Green, Engraved Imperforate corner margin block unused, VF and attractive

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706 101a 1911 10c Violet Black, Engraved Imperforate lower right margin block of four, without gum as issued; each stamp with light owner's mark on back, a scarce and appealing imperforate positional block, VF

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800.00 +
707 102a 1911 12c Red Brown, Engraved A scarce imperforate corner margin block of four in pristine condition, ungummed as issued; a beautiful and elusive imperforate multiple, XF

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800.00 +
708 103a 1911 15c Slate Green, Engraved Imperforate block of four with sheet margin at right, horizontal crease at centre entirely between pairs, ungummed as issued, a scarce multiple, VF

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709 196a 1932 20c Grey Green Cape Race (Perkins Bacon Printing) A selected, fresh, large margined imperforate pair, VF+ NH

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710 257a 1942 5c Violet, Die I (Waterlow Printing) An elusive mint imperforate pair with large margins, VF NH

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711 257b 1942 5c Violet, Die I (Waterlow Printing), Perf 12 An unusually well centered mint horizontal pair imperforate vertically, VF NH

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712 257c 1942 5c Violet, Die I (Waterlow Printing), Perf 12 A quite well centered mint example showing the very scarce double impression error; better than many of the few (about 36) known examples, F-VF NH

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713 BK4 1932 40c Cream Covers Complete booklet containing all five perf 13 panes - 1c grey black, 2c green Die I (3) and 3c orange brown, all nicely centered mint never hinged; includes all advertising interleaves, covers are fresh and unmarked, VF

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714 C3b, C3f Halifax Airmail covers - 1921 (November 26) to Halifax with wide spacing between AIR and MAIL and period after 1921; also November 24 to Pittsburg well centered showing narrow spacing and no period after 1921. Both cancelled by St. John's machine cancel and with Halifax FEB 4 slogan receiver backstamp, VF

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Est. 250.00 +
715 C4 1927 (May 21) De Pinedo Flight cover in clean condition bearing an exceptionally well centered example of this sought-after airmail rarity, clearly tied by St. John's MAY 21 630PM 1927 machine cancellation, characteristic impression of Trepassey MAY 21 27 split ring datestamp at left, additional Trepassey T.P.O. MY 20 27 split ring at left, addressed locally with clear St. John's MAY 25 slogan return cancellation reading up at left. A very fine cover bearing an Extremely Fine stamp.

Expertization: 2015 Greene Foundation certificate

Provenance: Cyril H.C. Harmer, Harmers of London, February 2002; Lot 2058

Discussed in Dalwick & Harmer on page 88, where they state that there is one De Pinedo cover postmarked May 21 (instead of May 20). Addressed locally, it did not go aboard the Savoia as it bears a St. John's return cancellation under the category of official mail. A very similar cover from the same correspondence was in the noteworthy "Labrador" Collection of Newfoundland Airmails sold in 2003 (lot 3072). Other than these two we are unaware of any other covers with a May 21 date.

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716 C5 1930 (September 25) "Columbia" Flight cover to London, franked with the special Trans-Atlantic flight surcharge 50c on 36c olive green (Position 2 in the setting of four), fine with intact perforations and exceptionally tied by St. John's SEP 25 1130AM 1930 slogan cancellation; on reverse a superb CDS strike of Harbour Grace AM OC 9 30 flight departure postmark, London 13 OC 30 receiver on front. A visually striking example of this sought-after pioneer Trans-Atlantic flight cover, Very Fine

Expertization: 2018 Greene Foundation certificate

Provenance: Newfoundland & Maritime Provinces Sale, Christie's Robson Lowe, London, March 26, 1985; Lot 50


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717 P C6-C8 1931 15c, 50c & $1 Pictorial Airmail Trial colour plate proof set of three printed in black on unwatermarked bond paper, VF

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Est. 300.00 +
718 C13a-C17a 1933 5c-75c "Labrador" Airmail The complete set of five imperforate corner margin blocks of four with bright fresh colours and full original gum; a very scarce and desirable set, XF LH

Corner positions as follows: 5c UL, 10c UR, 30c, 60c & 75c LL. Each block shows the positional guide "dot".

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