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Friday, November 3, 2017

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Lot Catalogue Number Description Catalogue Value or Estimate
362 3 1857 3p Yellowish Green on Thick Wove Paper, Imperforate A lovely unused example showing clear mesh and colour associated with the 1857 issue, clear to large margins and bright colour, F-VF

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363 4 1857 4p Scarlet Vermilion on Thick Wove Paper, Imperforate A seldom seen sound used example with bold, central barred cancel; slightly oxidized, F-VF; 1982 Greene Foundation cert.

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364 8 1857 8p Scarlet Vermilion on Thick Wove Paper With Mesh, Imperforate A premium mint example with exceptional colour, bright impression on fresh paper, large margins and white original gum. XF NH GEM; 2017 Greene Foundation cert.

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1,500.00 +
365 11i 1860 2p Orange on Thin Hard Wove Paper, Imperforate A large margined mint single with unusually deep rich colour, showing large portion of "CEY" (reading down) watermark letters, a lovely example of this scarce stamp, VF LH

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366 11A 1860 3p Green on Thin Hard Wove Paper, Imperforate A post office fresh mint pair with large margins, sharp impression and full original gum, VF NH

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367 12 1860 4p Orange on Thin Hard Wove Paper, Imperforate A selected used example, ample margins, deep rich colour and with ideal barred cancel, VF; 1971 PF cert.

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368 16 1861-1862 1p Reddish Brown on Medium Hard Wove Paper, Imperforate A rare unused example of this sought-after classic stamp, prominent and very distinctive rich colour and strong impression associated with this very scarce stamp, surrounded by full even margins. Seldom seen with such outstanding attributes; a highly desirable and completely sound example of this elusive stamp, Very Fine

Expertization: 1930 RPSL and 2015 BPA certificates

According to Robert H. Pratt only four sheets were printed (a total of 480 stamps) are believed to have been printed.


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369 P 24P-31P 1868 2c-24c Cents Issue Complete set of six denominations, printed in the first issue colours on india paper; the 10c on card, VF

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370 28 1870 12c Pale Red Brown on Medium Wove Paper An exceptionally fresh mint single, unusually well centered with brilliant colour and full original gum, VF NH

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371 P 32P 1868 1c Violet Plate proof pair in issued colour on india paper, large margined and VF+

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372 36 1894 6c Carmine Lake A very well centered, fresh mint corner margin strip of four showing full American Bank Note Company imprint, VF NH, appealing (Catalogue value for stamps alone)

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373 47 1896 2c Green Codfish Premium mint example of this challenging stamp, post office fresh colour, very well centered and with full unblemished original gum that has never been hinged. Hard to find in such top-quality, XF NH

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510.00 +
374 59 1887 10c Black Schooner A precisely centered mint example, lovely bright colour and full original gum; a choice stamp, XF NH

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600.00 +
375 69 1897 12c Dark Blue Willow Ptarmigan An unusually well centered mint block with full pristine original gum; choice multiples of this issue are difficult to find, XF NH

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320.00 +
376 78 1897-1909 c Olive Green King Edward VII as Child Matching top sheet margin strips of twenty of ALL FIVE PRINTING ORDERS, only two such sets can exist, each stamp with American Bank Note Company security punch and SPECIMEN overprint (Types II, VI and VIII), three of the strips also show the printer's handstamp. Some reinforcement and small flaws from storage. Position 1 on the 1905 printing order strip is WITHOUT THE SPECIMEN OVERPRINT - no doubt the only known example showing this overprint error. A great showpiece set, Fine to Very Fine

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Est. 1,500.00 +
377 78-86 1897-1918 c-5c Royal Family and Map of Newfoundland The complete set of forty-seven mint singles, each with American Bank Note security punch and Specimen overprint; all known types and colour combinations are present, corresponding to all printing orders for this set issued from 1897 and 1918. For the most part only one specimen sheet for each printing order was printed. A detailed listing is included. A choice set, all NH and majority with VF centering

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378 P 104-114 1911 1c-15c Royal Family - Coronation Issue A beautiful complete set of eleven trial colour plate proof pairs, printed in black on thin white card; only one set of sheets was printed, VF-XF

Photo (59K) Photo 2 (59K) Photo 3 (58K) Photo 4 (57K) Photo 5 (59K) Photo 6 (56K) Photo 7 (59K) Photo 8 (57K) Photo 9 (56K) Photo 10 (58K) Photo 11 (47K)
379 104-114 1911 1c-15c Royal Family - Coronation Issue The complete set of eleven with defacement lines, applied by De La Rue for their archival records. Only one sheet of each was prepared, F-VF NH

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Est. 300.00 +
380 123 1919 12c Orange A lovely mint sheet margin block of this key value, superb centering and full original gum, XF NH

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800.00 +
381 128 1920 (September 13) Choice cover with well centered 3c on 15c Type I provisional surcharge St. John's first day of use postmark to St. George's. Also covers of #127, 129 and 130, first two postmarked JUN 14 1929 slogan flight cancel and third SEP 16 1920 on second day of issue, VF

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Est. 250.00 +
382 257 variety 1941-1944 5c Violet, Die I (Waterlow Printing), Perf 12 Upper left Plate 43966 block, showing two extra upright impressions of the plate number clearly visible at top; minor perf stains at foot, an unusual "triple" plate numbered block, F-VF NH

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Est. 150.00 +
383 BK2 1932-1938 Resources Issue Complete booklet in pristine condition, contains five panes, perf 13; 1c green, 2c rose (3) and 3c orange brown, all well centered, including advertising interleaves. Covers are unmarked and clean; a beautiful booklet, VF NH

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384 C3, C3b, C3f, C3h 1921 (November) 35c Halifax Airmail Six covers each bearing a VF 35c airmail postmarked St. John's November 1921, otherwise noted; includes C3 on GPO engraved Coat of Arms envelope to USA, C3b three covers, one Royal Bank cover to Halifax, other two addressed to Montreal and Halifax respectively, C3f scarcer setting to Montreal, light central fold away from stamp, Ottawa DLO MR 3 backstamp; and C3h.

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Est. 600.00 +
385 C3c 1921 (November) 35c Halifax Airmail A premium mint single showing the rare INVERTED OVERPRINT ERROR, showing wide spacing of 2mm between AIR and MAIL and period after 1921. An unusually fresh, well centered stamp with full original gum, remarkable attributes for this rare airmail, VF LH

Expertization: 2010 Greene Foundation certificate

Provenance: L.T. Voyles, H.R. Harmer London, January 1949; Lot 133 - a block of four from which this stamp originates, this one being the upper left.

Dalwick and Harmer reported four panes received the inverted overprint in error. The example offered here is allocated to the second pane; overprint being vertically in centre of stamp and horizontally to the left.


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386 C4 1927 (May 21) De Pinedo Flight cover - John G. Higgins Barrister & Solicitor St. John's Newfoundland envelope; backflap missing, central fold well away from the stamp, bearing a remarkably well centered example with "Air Mail / DE PINEDO / 1927" three-line overprint in red, tied by St. John's May 20 10AM 1927 machine cancellation, Trepassy MY 21 27 dispatch below, addressed to London with clear Roma 22.VI.1927 arrival backstamp before being forwarded to England. A fine cover bearing a choice Extremely Fine example of this great airmail rarity; pencil signed by experts E. Diena, G. Ginn, Dr. Giulio Bolaffi and Alberto Bolaffi

Expertization: 2005 Alberto Bolaffi certificate

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