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Lot Catalogue Number Description Catalogue Value or Estimate
234 P Selection of 1868-1894 Plate / Trial Colour Proofs Eight different in blocks of four on card mounted india paper (except for #32TCi on india with small flaw), otherwise all choice VF blocks with #32TCii, iv, vi, vii, 32APi, 33P and 35P. (Unitrade cat. $2,960)

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Est. 1,000.00 +
235 Heraldic with Post-Contemporary Cancels An interesting lot of seven singles and three pairs, all sound genuine 1860-1862 stamps with questionable cancels, an extremely attractive group includes 2p rose (2), 3p pair, 4p, 5p single and pair, 6p (2) and 6p two singles and pair. VF

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Est. 1,000.00 +
236 P 1932-1944 Resources - Specialized Collection In mounts on quadrilled pages with several dozen proof pairs, perforated and imperforated trial colours, plus ink and watermark varieties. Most include extensive notes from K. Bileski on production, scarcity, etc. Noted better items such as plate proof pairs in black (19, 13 different), 1938 Royal Family set of four imperf pairs, 1c Codfish (Waterlow) NH imperf pair with guideline, 4c Princess Elizabeth six different proof pairs, 4c (#269a, 269b) NH imperf pair and horizontal pair, imperf vertically pair, 5c Caribou double print, usual toned gum and wrinkles, 15c Seal & 20c Cape Race reverse image offset on gum side, etc. Also includes 1937 Long Coronation plate proof sets in issued colours and in black (except 1c) and 1931 Pictorial Airmail set of three plate proofs in black. A noteworthy collection with unusual material, ideal for further expansion. Overall nice quality, F-VF

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Est. 2,000.00 +
237 4 1937-1944 Specialized Collection In black mounts on pages with most of the different perforations found on the 1937 Long Coronation, 1941-1944 Resources and 1939 Postage Dues also present; includes a few varieties plus one cover bearing a 2c postage due. F-VF, LH-NH

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Est. 350.00 +
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