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Saturday, February 24, 2018

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Lot Catalogue Number Description Catalogue Value or Estimate
860 Assortment of 1857-1862 Pence Issues Selection of 14 mint or unused singles, a 3p pair (#11A unused) and mint NH blocks 4p & 6p rose, two stamps in each watermarked. Appears all in sound VF condition; a useful lot.

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Est. 750.00 +
861 Assortment of Used 1857-1862 Pence Issues Group of 14 singles, some with legitimate cancels and some questionable. Includes 1857 5p with nice grid '235', 1860 3p green on piece, etc. Mostly sound, Fine or better; also 16 forgeries from crude to Oneglia engraved forgeries, and four PEI 10c ship, bogus stamps.

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Est. 500.00 +
862 Mint / NH Collection On Lighthouse hingeless pages, starts with #1, 5, 11A, then from 1861-1862 to 1939 with a few dozen different stamps mostly VF NH including seven pence issues, #29, 41 (light toning), 36, 85, C6-C11, etc. Also Nova Scotia #4 6p yellow green fine used and mint NH sheets of 3p blue perf 11-12 and 4p black. A clean lot.

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Est. 1000.00 +
863 1929/1938 Imperforate Mint NH Pairs An attractive group of 14 different imperforate pairs, includes 163c (ungummed as issued), then all NH with 184c, 186c, 184iii, 189a, 191b, 193a, 209a, 215a, 246a, 247a, 248a, C13a and C14a. VF NH (Unitrade cat. $2,970)

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Est. 1000.00 +
864 P Nice Assortment of Airmails & Cinderellas Includes 1922 Vickers Vimy essays (the three different), 1931 15c to $1 airmail set of plate proofs in black on bond paper, also 50c (C7) VF NH corner block and a vertical pair with near complete perforated SPECIMEN (reading up), 15c pair with / without watermark, 1933 5c "Labrador" NH imperf pair with corner margin, C19 with aniline ink variety, various cinderellas, etc. Overall nice condition and an interesting group that will certainly enhance a collection.

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Est. 1000.00 +
865 17 Volume Mint / Used Stock Includes 7 volumes dedicated to mint singles, 2 for blocks, 1 for plate blocks and 4 for used as well as 3 for Maritime Provinces. Excellent coverage from Pence to last issues. Condition rather mixed on used stamps (typical), otherwise a clean and useful lot with enormous catalogue value. Est. 1500.00 +
866 Valuable Mint Collection / Assortment Displayed on stockpages, starts with the main collection followed by stockpages with duplicates (including shades). Emphasis is on Cents issues 1865-1897 including many choice items such as #24 XF unused, #25 F-VF OG, #26 VF unused, #30 VF LH, #40 VF OG, #57 XF LH, #59 VF OG, etc. Then a high degree of completion for regular issues including most 1910-1911 John Guy issues, #172-182 VF NH set, etc. Noted much NH in the later period. Duplicates include a useful range of Cents issues with #57 mint NH, #59 XF LH, various Guy issues, high values 1919 Caribou, airmails, dues, etc. Sound and fresh throughout; excellent either to break down or simply add to an existing collection. F-VF, high catalogue value.

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Est. 2000.00 +
867 Extensive Mint / Used Collection Housed in a Minkus album, mostly in black mounts, noting Cents issues of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI; however the emphasis of the collection is on Newfoundland, which starts with Pence & Cents issues mint / used, various proof pairs (9 different), 1897 Cabot NH set of 14 with diagonal SPECIMEN plus a mint set, 1910 & 1911 John Guy sets mint, then well represented from 1911 Coronation to last issues of 1940s. Noted perf varieties, shades, some revenues, cinderellas and ending with airmails including covers. Condition from mixed (faults) to VF on pre-1900 era, improving thereafter. A valuable lot with high catalogue value.

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Est. 2000.00 +
868 Postal Slogans Collection Comprehensive lot of 26 different slogan cancels on cover, includes sub-listings. Also a few duplicates such as a second example of the scarcer Walsh PS15a. All in mounts and displayed on individual pages (ex. John Butt collection). A useful lot for the specialist, F-VF

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Est. 500.00 +
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