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Friday, November 3, 2017

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Lot Catalogue Number Description Catalogue Value or Estimate
399 1857-1862 Pence Issues Group of 34 stamps mostly mint or unused, some duplicates, includes shades and watermarked stamps, includes: #1 (3 unused), 2 used, slightly touching design in two places and small corner crease, 5 two nice unused examples, 8 unused, #1 unused with large margins, 11A three including first 1860 printing, 12 used with just clear margins, and excellent range of 1861-1862 third issue that are most F-VF or better

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Est. 1,500.00 +
400 Specialized 1865-1896 Cents Issues Displayed on stockpages with well over 150 stamps, mint (or unused) and used, including papers, printings and especially shades. Many choice stamps to be found such as mint OG #24, #24 & 25 both unused, #25 used, #26 mint, 27 mint, #28a used, #43 socked-on-nose CDS, #53 mint, #59 NH, etc. Some flaws to be expected in places, but overall condition well above average.

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Est. 1,500.00 +
401 1897-1947 Extensive Collection Dozens of mainly mint singles including shade & perforation varieties. Most basic sets are complete; often VF centering with many NH. Includes mint C2a, C3, C6-C11, C12, C13-C17, C18 (Pos. 4), postage dues, etc. This excellent collection concludes with a selection of mint (or imprint) blocks of four. Overall quality is selected and fresh throughout; an ideal starting point.

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Est. 1,000.00 +
402 1857-1947 Mainly Used Collection On Scott pages starting with several Pence & Cents mostly used, from 1897 Cabot to 1947 mostly complete used throughout, plus various airmails and postage dues. Most definitive issues are supplemented with quadrille pages with shades, printings, perforations, watermarks & plate varieties (re-entries) are shown mint or used, noting #235a LH comb perf, mint C3b, etc. Also pages for BC, NB, NS and PEI with over 50 stamps mostly in mixed condition including shades / printings. Mixed to F-VF Est. 500.00 +
403 Mint Assortment Displayed on two stockpages, mostly in sets. Noted 1897 Cabot set, 1910 & 1911 John Guy sets, airmails (C2, C3, C6-C11, C12, C13-C17), etc. The odd gum or perf flaw, otherwise F-VF mint hinged

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Est. 750.00 +
404 Accumulation of Stamps and Covers Collection on Lindner pages with various mint / used, condition problems from previous storage but many can be salvaged. Also various mint / used assortments in glassines and stockcards plus various covers in mixed condition. Inspect. Est. 350.00 +
405 Massive Lot of CDS Postmarked Stamps Displayed on stockpages with well over 2,400 stamps on over 30 definitives, low denominations from 1890s to 1940s Waterlow printings. Each stamp bears a circular datestamp. Loaded with small village cancels, TPO / RPO, split rings, etc. Duplication, but much less so when different postmarks on any given stamp are considered. A true gold-mine for the postmark enthusiast. Mostly F-VF with postmarks often clear and centrally struck.

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Est. 750.00 +
406 Cents Issue Postal History Interesting assortment of covers of 20 covers bearing Cents issues, understandably in mixed condition but several nice covers also. Noted #25 on OC 16 66 cover from St. John's to Hearts Content (via Carbonear); #31 on 1895 cover to England; #59i 10c Schooner with line variety, clipped perfs at foot, on 1891 cover St. John's to Cape Breton; #48 and #60 on 1896 pre-printed cover with Chandelier illustrated advert on reverse; #75 on OC 20 97 cover (2004 Greene cert.), etc., also unusual usage of Scott #17, 33, 40 uprating 5c blue postal envelope (U2a) postmarked St. John's 22 MAY 13 paying registered letter rate to Bohemia, Austria. Inspect.

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Est. 500.00 +
407 1900s-1940s Large Assortment of Covers Mostly in stockpages, over 180 covers with a wealth of single frankings from 1890s to 1940s, plus first flights, FDCs - some cacheted, OHMS covers with stamp frankings, various business corner cards. Better items such as Scott #69, 70 & 71 on 1901 reg'd cover to Germany, #68 + 87 on 1911 reg'd cover to USA, 1930 (Oct 9) "Columbia" supplementary flight cover (vertical fold at centre) bearing #126 + 155 for 50c rate; #138 9c Pictorial on July 9 1923 reg'd cover to USA, #217 block of four on reg'd cover to USA, C6-C8 airmail set on flight cover St. John's to Hampden, forwarded to UK, C12 DO-X May 19 1932 cover, C13-C17 set of five on four FDC, etc. Also a group of 20 postcards (several are Tuck's) used or unused showing scenes of icebergs, ships, etc. Worth a close look. Est. 1,000.00 +
408 Impressive Advertising Cover Collection Housed in two thick binders, nicely written up on pages with nearly 200 different businesses represented from 1890s to 1940s (emphasis on 1930s and 1940s), organized alphabetically with a total of 252 covers showing a wide range of business envelopes, some are window or coloured envelopes including differences in text / font when more than one cover is present for a particular business; many have illustrated advertising on front or back, etc. A high percentage are addressed within Newfoundland with a myriad of postal rates and frankings. Some minor flaws to be expected but overall condition is clean and carefully selected by previous owner. A very extensive overview and representation of the subject, still leaving plenty of room for further expansion and research on this interesting theme.

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Est. 4,000.00 +
409 Postage Meter Machine Covers Group of 30 covers and a front, mostly Neopost Meters, total of 17 different meter numbers, often with different advertising / envelope style or simply different postage rate. Also 16 meters mailed during early Confederation period (1949-1950) mostly from St. John's. Condition from mixed to Fine; a nice range of these meter covers.

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Est. 300.00 +
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