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Friday, November 9, 2018

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Lot Catalogue Number Description Catalogue Value or Estimate
638 1858 (July 23) European and North American Railway cover franked with 3p dull red on blue paper, clear at top to very large margins, tied by centrally struck oval grid cancel, St. John dispatch to Cougles Way Office, Sussex with partially legible W.O. Upper Sussex receiver with filled-in Jy 26 1858 date; an appealing Railway cover, F-VF (Unitrade 1) ex. Senator Henry Hicks (November 1991; Lot 21)

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Est. 750.00 +
639 P 5P 1860 5c Charles Connell Plate proof pair in brown on card mounted india paper, large margined, choice XF

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640 P 5P 1860 5c Charles Connell Choice plate proof single in brown on india paper, VF

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641 P 6 1879 (circa.) 1c Locomotive "Goodall" die proof in black on india paper 42 x 34mm, showing die "130" number above design. A very attractive and rare proof ideal for exhibition, VF (Minuse & Pratt 6TC2g)

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Est. 1,250.00 +
642 P 10P variety 12½c Dark Blue Steamship Plate proof in issued colour showing diagonal SPECIMEN (Type C) overprint in orange, india paper with natural thin. Unlisted in this colour and the first we recall seeing with an orange overprint; VF

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Est. 300.00 +
643 1c rate Folded Cudlip & Snider's Circular with Saint John, N.B. 27th Nov 1860 dateline, further endorsed "Printed Circular" and franked with a 1c brown lilac tied by oval "1" numeral cancel, sent to Miramichi, NB. A scarce early use of the 1c circular rate, VF (Unitrade 6a)

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Est. 300.00 +
644 1c rate 1866 (September 26) Clean white cover bearing a nicely centered 1c red lilac with portion of ABNC imprint along perforations at right, tied by oval mute grid cancel; W.O. Mouth of Millstream dispatch datestamp with filled-in "Sept 26 / 66" manuscript date and partial P.O. Bend of Petitcodiac transit backstamps, on front Dorchester OC 1 receiver. An elusive one cent circular rate originating from a small town, VF (Unitrade 6)

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Est. 200.00 +
645 1c rate Two-page folded "St. John Prices Current" with May 18, 1867 dateline, endorsed "Printed Circular" and "Pr Mail via Halifax & Bermuda" franked with single 1c red lilac tied by oval mute grid cancel to Demerara, British Guiana; on reverse clear St. Thomas JU 2 transit CDS postmark along with well-struck double ring Demerara JU 23 datestamp. Manuscript "1" (pence = 2c) rate for inland delivery charge at Demerara, to be collected. File fold and minor wrinkling to circular, a remarkable and very rare destination (regardless of rate) and certainly among the most exotic destinations in all Decimal covers of New Brunswick, a wonderful showpiece, VF (Unitrade 6)

Provenance: Dr. R.V.C. Carr, October 1987; Lot 885

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Est. 1,000.00 +
646 1c rate 1867 (April 9) Folded Cudlip & Snider's Circular dated "Saint John, N.B. 9th April, 1867", additionally endorsed "Printed Circular" and bearing a single 1c red lilac tied by same day St. John CDS for the 1c circular rate to London, England; no backstamp as often seen for circulars. A scarce destination cover in clean condition, VF (Unitrade 6)

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Est. 500.00 +
647 2c rate 1862 (January 18) Small envelope On Active Service from Woodstock to Scotland, showing an exceedingly rare 2 cent Soldier Letter Rate, bearing two single 1c brown lilac tied by oval mute grids, countersigned by Captain Larey Commanding Royal Artillery N.B.; on reverse two strikes of Woodstock JA 18 dispatch datestamps along with St. John JA 21 and Saltcoats FE 6 1862 split ring receiver. Light ageing / soiling, a striking and extremely rare Soldier rate cover, F-VF (Unitrade 6a)

Provenance: Nicholas Argenti, November 1963; Lot 282

Literature: Illustrated in Argenti "The Postage Stamps of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia" book on Plate 18, facing page 161.

Only two such Military Concessionary rate covers are known franked with New Brunswick stamps, the other (ex. Koh Seow Chuan, Earle Palmer, Gerald Wellburn and Warren Wilkinson collections; noticeably reduced at left) has a similar franking. No 2c single-franking cover has been reported.


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Est. 3,000.00 +
648 2c rate 1866 (February 14) Small clean pink cover mailed locally, bearing a single 2c orange tied by superb oval mute grid cancel, small cover tear at right; on reverse a well-struck Carleton St. John FE 14 1866 double arc datestamp. Paying an exceedingly rare 2c drop letter rate - even Argenti was unable to find an example of rate properly paid with a 2c orange, VF (Unitrade 7)

Expertization: Annotated in pencil "May 1949 Examined and in my opinion genuine." signed Fred Jarrett.

Provenance: Carnegie Institute, May 1981; Lot 249

After extensive research, we were able to find two other 2c orange single frankings for the 2c drop rate. Both are noticeably inferior to this example: 1) A faulty cover with stamp cancelled by crayon; and 2) A cover with 2c orange (may not originate) barely tied (if at all) by faint cancel. The cover offered here is by far the finest and most desirable 2 cent orange drop letter rate cover in existence; ideal for exhibition.

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Est. 2,000.00 +
649 3c rate 1870 (March 24) Envelope from Fredericton to St. John paying a post-Confederation era 3c domestic letter rate with pair and single 1c red lilac tied by partially legible two-ring '11' (Fredericton), clear double arc dispatch at top; next-day receiver on back; torn backflap and small tear to envelope at top, a lovely cover bearing Colonial postage for the Canada 3 cent rate, a rare usage, perhaps the latest known usage of New Brunswick Decimal stamps on cover, VF (Unitrade 6) ex. Robert H. Pratt (July 1968; Lot 701)

On April 1st, 1868 the domestic letter rate was set at 3c per half ounce. Post offices in New Brunswick were instructed to stop selling the old decimal stamps, which were being replaced by the Canada Large Queen Issue. However, New Brunswick stamps were permitted to be used for a short period of time after this date. Argenti stated: "Few covers bearing New Brunswick stamps have survived which were dated more than a few months later, but a cover dated as late as July 10, 1869 is known...".

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Est. 1,000.00 +
650 5c rate 1860 (July 3) Blue folded cover from Richibucto to Moncton bearing a diagonally bisected 10c vermilion with impressive large margins on both perforated sides, completely sound and superb, neatly tied by oval numeral "23" (RF - 9) grid cancel, certainly among the best examples of a bisect one can hope for; on reverse Richibucto JU 3 and Bend of Petitcodiac JY 4 receiver; horizontal file fold and small tear to F-VF envelope, well away from the remarkably choice and XF bisect; 1955 RPSL cert. (submitted by N. Argenti)

Provenance: Nicholas Argenti, November 1963; Lot 298

A very nice in-period provisional use a 10c vermilion bisected to pay the 5c domestic letter rate (eff. May 1860). This was the temporary replacement for the controversial (and never issued) 5c Charles Connell stamp. The 5c Queen Victoria stamp is said to have been issued in or around July 18, 1860.

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Est. 750.00 +
651 5c rate 1862 (November 5) Folded cover from Way Office Douglastown to St. John's, Newfoundland, franked with a 5c olive green tied by oval mute grid, lacking the More to Pay instructional marking but with the customary packet rate "4" blue crayon manuscript indicating 4d sterling or 8c currency to be collected; on reverse partial W.O. Douglastown double arc dispatch, a very fine strike of Chatham NO 5 transit along with Sackville and St. John transits and a St. John's 18 NO receiver. A very elusive 5c cover to Newfoundland, VF; 1990 Greene Foundation cert. (Unitrade 8b)

Provenance: Earle Palmer, December 1989; Lot 120

This rate (early 1860 to late 1863) is decisively scarcer than the 14c rate that was enforced from late 1863 onward.

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Est. 750.00 +
652 5c rate 1867 (July 4) Orange envelope from St. John to Harvey, bearing pair and strip of three of the 1c Locomotive, neatly tied by clear oval mute grid, St. John dispatch and small portion of the receiver; cover with minor faults well away from stamps and markings. A very scarce multiple franking paying the 5c domestic letter rate, VF and attractive (Unitrade 6)

Provenance: Dr. R.V.C. Carr, October 1987; Lot 888
Alfred H. Caspary, October 1956; Lot 305
John F. Seybold, March 1910; Lot 670

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Est. 750.00 +
653 5c rate 1867 (August 6) Clean orange envelope bearing a 5c bluish green tied by superb oval grid '9' cancellation struck upside down, addressed to Rivière-du-Loup; clear Grand Falls dispatch, Edmunston AU 6 transit and Riviere-du-Loup-en-Bas AU 7 receiver on reverse. A lovely numeral grid cancelled cover with XF strike (Unitrade 8)

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Est. 150.00 +
654 5c rate 1868 (January 4) Clean white envelope with International Contract Company (Limited) pre-printed header bearing a 1c red lilac and 2c deep orange pair nicely tied, mailed from Memramcook to Saint John; on reverse Memramcook JA 4 and St. John JA 6 receiver backstamps. A choice and very appealing cover - an unusual franking to pay the 5c domestic letter rate, VF (Unitrade 6, 7)

Expertization: 1987 Greene Foundation cert. (identified as old CS number #5 & 6)
Annotated in pencil "May 1949 Examined and in my opinion genuine." signed Fred Jarrett.

Provenance: Carnegie Institute, May 1981; Lot 248

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Est. 750.00 +
655 10c rate 1861 (September 14) Orange envelope from St. John to Cambridge, slightly reduced at right, displaying a spectacular franking consisting of a pair, strip of three and horizontal strip of five of the 1c Locomotive, tied by light oval grids - a very unusual and striking way to pay a double domestic letter rate of 10c; faint horizontal crease to cover only, clear Carleton Station SP 14 dispatch (now Rogersville), St. John and Gagetown SE 16 transit backstamps. A very rare multiple franking, ideal for exhibition, VF (Unitrade 6)

Expertization: 1969 RPS of London certificate

Provenance: Dale-Lichtenstein, Sale 5, May 1969; Lot 888 - where it realized an impressive US$850 hammer.
Dr. R.V.C. Carr, October 23, 1987; Lot 889


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Est. 1,500.00 +
656 10c rate 1863 (October 31) Small cover bearing a remarkable and no doubt extremely rare franking consisting solely of 2c orange - a pair and strip of three, latter shows small portion of ABNC imprint along right perfs, tied by light oval mute grids, St. John OC 30 dispatch and Harvey OC 31 receiver backstamps. Portion of backflap missing. An outstanding franking unreported by Argenti, quite likely the only known such multiple franking of the 2c paying the 10c double domestic letter rate, VF (Unitrade 7)

Provenance: Carnegie Institute, May 1981; Lot 251

The 2c orange was only ordered from American Bank Note in September,1863. It was needed for the intended 2c drop letter rate. This cover is dated October 31, 1863 and certainly ranks among the earliest dates of use on cover.

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Est. 1,500.00 +
657 10c rate 1865 (October 7) Neat yellow envelope bearing a nicely centered pair of 5c yellow green tied by clear oval '10' numeral cancellation (RF 8 and a very early use) with superb W.O. Whites Cove double ring CDS with filled-in manuscript date; Gagetown OC 9 and Saint John OC 10 transits on back. Couple light stains and minor tear to pair, a beautiful cover illustrating the 10c letter rate to USA, VF (Unitrade 8) ex. Koh Seow Chuan (April 1999; Lot 114)

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Est. 350.00 +
658 10c rate 1867 (April 12) Clean cover from St. John to Summerside, PEI bearing 5c yellow green pair tied by light grids, showing the Gash from Ear Ring at left and Elongated Ear Ring at right (Positions 59-60), St. John dispatch and PEI AP 20 receiver; slightly reduced at foot, a very scarce use of the varieties on cover paying a double interprovincial letter rate, VF (Unitrade 8i + variety) ex. J.R. Saint (June 2000; Lot 672)

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Est. 300.00 +
659 12½c rate 1863 (July 6) Clean blue envelope bearing 12½c indigo nicely tied by oval grid '1' cancel, endorsed "by steamship via Halifax, NS", addressed to England with St. John dispatch and Ware JY 20 CDS receiver on back, VF and attractive (Unitrade 10)

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Est. 300.00 +
660 14c rate 1864 (January 1) Bright blue folded cover mailed from Way Office Douglastown to St. John's, Newfoundland bearing an exceedingly rare and very attractive franking consisting of two pairs of 1c brown lilac and a 10c vermilion, all stamps neatly tied by oval mute grids, "TOO-LATE" instructional marking lightly struck just above address, prepaid the 14 cent letter rate, red crayon "4" denoting packet rate (4d sterling or 8c currency) credit - Halifax to Newfoundland; on reverse five different datestamps including W.O. Douglastown JA 1, Chatham JA 1, Richibucto JA 1, St. John JA 2 and St. John's JA 28. According to Argenti "two or possibly three such covers in existence", VF (Unitrade 6a, 9)

Expertization: 1970 RPS of London certificate

Provenance: Dale-Lichtenstein, Sale 7, January 1970; Lot 358
J.R. Saint, June 2000; Lot 705

This franking to Newfoundland is far rarer than the usual franking to Newfoundland consisting of a 10c and pair of 2c. The rate was effective as of late 1863. During our research we were only able to locate only three other such covers to Newfoundland


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Est. 2,500.00 +
661 14c rate 1865 (September 30) Blue folded cover from Way Office Douglastown to St. John's, Newfoundland, bearing a pair of 2c orange and a10c vermilion, pair lightly stained at top but nicely tied by oval mute grids, prepaid the 14 cent letter rate, red crayon "4" denoting packet rate (4d sterling or 8c currency) credit - Halifax to Newfoundland; on reverse two strikes of W.O. Douglastown SP30 1865 dispatch CDS, Chatham & St. John transits and St. John's OC 17 receiver. A very scarce 14c letter rate cover to Newfoundland, only about a dozen are known, F-VF (Unitrade 7, 9)

Provenance: An Important New Brunswick Collection, SG Auctions, November 1980; Lot 151

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Est. 750.00 +
662 14c rate 1866 (January 11) Blue folded entire mailed from Way Office Douglastown to St. John's, Newfoundland, a striking letter rate consisting of 2c orange pair and 10c vermilion, all tied by oval mute grids, prepaid the 14 cent letter rate, red crayon "4" denoting packet rate (4d sterling or 8c currency credit Halifax to Newfoundland); on reverse mostly clear W.O. Douglastown JA 11 1865 dispatch CDS, Chatham JA 11 & St. John JA 12 transits and St. John's JA 23 receiver. A beautiful example of the very scarce 14c letter rate to Newfoundland and among the nicest of only about a dozen known, VF; 1977 Greene Foundation cert. (Unitrade 7, 9)

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Est. 1,000.00 +
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