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Friday, November 3, 2017

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Lot Catalogue Number Description Catalogue Value or Estimate
202 51 1885 20c on 30c Vermilion, Crown CA Well centered mint with rich colour and large part original gum, VF (SG 40 200)

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203 60 1891 $5 on $10 Purple on Red, Crown CA A well centered, fresh mint single, couple hinge remnants at top, VF OG (SG F9 400)

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204 69a 1898 "10 CENTS" on 30c Grey Green, Crown CA A well centered mint single with Large Chinese Surcharge (SG Type 19) at top left, negligible natural gum wrinkle, clean hinging with large part OG; scarce, VF OG (SG 55c 900)

Photo (62K)
205 71-85 1903 1c-$10 King Edward VII, Crown CA Very attractive complete set, one short perf on 20c and couple with hinge remnants, other values including dollar denominations with full original gum, lightly hinged. A beautiful set in well-above average condition, F-VF or better (SG 62-76 3,000)

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206 86-108 1904-1911 1c-$10 King Edward VII, Multiple Crown CA The complete set of 23 mostly on ordinary wove paper, a few on chalk-surface paper including the key $10; low value 5c has disturbed OG, otherwise full original gum, hinged to lightly hinged, latter includes the key values. F-VF (SG 77-99 3,900)

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207 124 1912 $10 Purple and Black on Red, Multiple Crown CA Mint with rich colours, large part original gum, Fine+ (SG116 600)

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208 127 1914 $5 Green and Red on Green Surface Coloured Paper, Multiple Crown CA Mint hinged single with deep rich colours and large part original gum, F-VF (SG 111a 600)

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209 128 1919 (August) 25c Purple and Magenta, Multiple Crown CA Mint hinged single, the scarcer Type II (SG Type B) Chinese character, bright colours and large part OG, F-VF (SG 109 300)

Photo (68K)
210 1954-1999 Mint / NH Collection Housed in two stockbooks, emphasis on 1981 to 1999 with good representation of mint NH sets and approx 50 different souvenir sheets, noting definitives as well. Some pre-1960s mint NH or LH also shown, noting Scott #2 (regummed), then mint OG #112-120, 165A, 166A, #185-198 NH set, etc. Overall nice quality, F-VF Est. 600.00 +
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