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1840 (December 7) Folded lettersheet with handwritten "Fort Malden, Amherstburg Upper Canada December 8, 1840" to Dover, England, showing a very clear Amherstburg double arc dispatch at top left along with PAID handstamp and manuscript "Sterling " and "Currency 1/4" dual rates (1), carried by Cunard Line Steamer (2), arrival in London with PAID JA 18 1841datestamp in red and arrived same-day at Dover with JA 18 backstamp; redirected to Sandwich JA 19, due one penny "1d" manuscript and reforwarded now with postage paid to "Poets Corner, Westminster". Mail forwarded to a new address after acceptance was liable to one penny British inland postage, in this case a clear margined example of the 1840 One penny black, Plate 8 [OF] was affixed and cancelled by a red Maltese Cross. (SG 2)

Canadian postage stamps were not issued until 1851. This letter bearing the world's first postage stamp issued in May 1840 is the earliest known letter from Canada bearing a postage stamp.

Expertization: 1995 British Philatelic Expertizing certificate; a signed and embossed sealed copy.

(1) Treasury Letter Book dated July 6, 1840 established the new all-in Packet rate at 1s2d per half ounce (1/- sterling packet postage, plus 2d sterling BNA inland postage), equivalent to 1/4 Currency.
(2) Hubbard and Winter, page 19: Caledonia sailed from Boston on January 2, 1841.

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Est. 25,000.00 +
27 1 1840 1p Black [DL], Plate 1B A superb example with full even margins, light Maltese cross cancel in red, XF (SG 2 375)

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28 2 1840 2p Blue [CB], Plate 2 Nice used example with fresh rich colour, Maltese cross cancel in black, VF (SG 5 900)

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29 6 1848 10p Brown Embossed, Vertical Silk Threads, Imperforate Selected used single with deep colour, well clear to unusually large margins, centrally struck grid "N / 15" cancellation, VF (SG 57 1,500)

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30 141 1902 10sh Ultramarine King Edward VII A beautiful, well centered mint example with lovely fresh colour and full original gum, very lightly hinged; much nicer than normally encountered, XF VLH (SG 265 1,000)

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31 1840-1970 Collection Housed in a Davo album with hundreds of stamps, predominantly used to late KGV era, duplication from moderate to light on mostly low valued material. Includes a large range of Line-engraved and Surface-printed issues to the 5sh, then KGV Seahorses, officials, dues, regionals, etc. Condition mainly mixed on earlies, then overall Fine or better from KGV on. Needs checking. Est. 500.00 +
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