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Friday, November 9, 2018

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Lot Catalogue Number Description Catalogue Value or Estimate
397 B59-B67 1934 3+2pf-40+35pf Craftsmen Post office fresh mint set of nine, VF NH

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398 F WWII Propaganda Forgery For Great Britain - emulating the British 1935 Silver Jubilee issue with portrait of Stalin instead, perf 11, cross gutter margin block of four on ungummed wavy-line watermarked paper. A scarce multiple. (Michel 1 800)

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Est. 300.00 +
399 Extensive 1872-1970 Mint / Used Collection Housed in two old Lighthouse springback albums with several hundred displayed on hingeless pages, starting from 1872 Eagles and with nice run of mostly used to 1920s, then a higher percentage are mint with much NH even through the 1933-1945 Third Reich era. Includes semi-postals, airmails and other back-of-book, plus Berlin and quite complete mint Bohemia & Moravia. Better sets to be found such mint NH #665-666, B38-B41, B44-B48, B69-B78, B148-B159, B314-B317 and S1-S11; also mint C27-C34, C46-C56, used C35-C37, etc. Minor flaws on earlier issues, otherwise clean, the used often with clear CDS postmarks. High catalogue value and worth a close look.

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Est. 1,250.00 +
400 1872-1945 Comprehensive Used Collection Housed in two Davo albums with slipcases, neatly mounted with regulars, souvenir sheets and booklet panes with high degree of completion; lacking a few earlies and some better stamps of Inflation era (often with a mint stamp instead). Excellent run of semi-postals, airmails including Graf Zeppelin 1928-1933 (missing 2m Polar Flight and 1m Chicago Exhibition to complete sets), plus nearly 150 covers / cards, about half related to "Feldpost" military post, POW, war propaganda (includes some forgeries), etc. Some minor flaws to be expected, but overall condition is generally select and often with a legible datestamp. Excellent coverage throughout and a useful lot. Est. 1,250.00 +
401 Extensive 1946-2016 Used Collection Housed in four Davo albums with slipcases, all neatly mounted including regular sets, semi-postals, souvenir sheets, booklet panes, some varieties / imperforates of 1948-1951 Architecture, 25 pages with large run of "Framas" machine automated stamps, etc. Noted Scott used #585a/592 partial set of 11, 594D, B294-B295. Generally nice selected quality and a high percentage have clear postmarks. Est. 1,000.00 +
402 1940-1944 Occupations, 1945 Locals and Russian Zone Extensive collection, hundreds of stamps on album pages housed in three Lighthouse albums with slipcases; one contains German WWII Occupation noting as well Bohemia & Moravia, General Government used plus odds & ends, Channel Island occupation covers, etc. Second with Locals (including unofficials) from Apolda to Wittenberg, well represented throughout including GroBraschen, Glauchau, Lobau, Plauen, Strausberg, Oldenburg, etc. with souvenir sheets, mint / used stamps, 20+ covers, etc. Third with Russian Zone - East Saxony, Thuringen, and others noting souvenir sheets, gutter multiples, mint / used stamps and various covers and with strong representation of General Issues from District 3 to 41 with mint stamps, different offices, covers, etc. Plenty of unusual and esoteric material and ideal for further specialization. Est. 1,500.00 +
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