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Friday, November 9, 2018

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Lot Catalogue Number Description Catalogue Value or Estimate
728 1851 (October 9) Folded cover bearing a full margined 3p red on laid paper, colour lightly oxidized but with large margins and neatly tied by concentric rings, Montreal OC 9 1851 dispatch in red at lower left to West Huntington; with Kingston, Belleville and clear West Huntington OC 14 arrival backstamps and oddly with a clear Percy NO 22 backstamp. Cover with edge wear and soiling away from the stamp which is VF and sound (Unitrade 1)

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Est. 500.00 +
729 P 2TCii 6p Prince Consort Trial colour plate proof pair printed in orange yellow on india paper; choice, XF

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730 P 2TCix 6p Prince Consort Trial colour plate proof printed in black with vertical SPECIMEN overprint in carmine on india paper, choice with large margins, XF

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731 2 1851 6p Slate Violet on Handmade Laid Paper, Imperforate A very appealing example with ample to large margins and bright colour, visible laid lines and unusually sharp, socked-on-nose concentric rings cancel, F-VF

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732 1852 (June 21) An unusually fresh, clean blue folded cover from the well-known Kennedy correspondence from Montreal to New York, bearing a 6 pence slate violet on handmade laid paper, four just clear to large margins and sound with neat concentric rings and further tied by Montreal JU 21 1852 double arc dispatch in red, exchange office CANADA arc and PAID straightline in red at top; couple light file folds well away from stamp. A lovely cover, VF; 2016 Greene Foundation cert. (Unitrade 2)

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Est. 1,000.00 +
733 4 1857-1858 3p Red on Medium Wove Paper, Imperforate A full margined example with lovely rich colour and sharp impression, used with neat, centrally struck four-ring '19' (London, U.C.) cancel, VF

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300.00 +
734 4iv 1854 3p Orange Red on Thin Hard Oily Paper, Imperforate An unusually choice used example with characteristic blurry impression, with lovely rich colour on pristine paper and ideal concentric rings cancel, XF

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350.00 +
735 4iv, xiii 1854 3p Orange Red on Thin Hard Oily Paper, Imperforate An impressive large margined example with characteristic blurry print associated with the oily handmade paper, showing the Major Re-entry (Pane A; Position 80) with strong doubling mark in lower left "3", in "THREE PENCE", etc., the features are easily visible for this paper type and clear of the concentric rings cancel, VF

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736 4v 1857 (December 7) Small, clean, blue envelope bearing a choice example of the elusive 3 pence deep red on thick hard wove paper, imperforate with full to large margins and sheet margin at foot - Position A96 with the characteristic large plate flaw also known as "the Grand Beaver Gouge", a distinctive diagonal line running along at left inside oval vignette; tied by centrally struck four-ring '15' cancellation of Guelph with neat double arc dispatch at left, to Toronto with partially clear large CDS on reverse. A great cover with much appeal; a very scarce major plate flaw on a clean four-ring numeral cancelled cover, XF

Provenance: Warren Wilkinson, June 2007; Lot 51
Henry Lubke (Part 2), December 1992; Lot 296
Bill Lea Pence & Cents Exhibit collection

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Est. 1,500.00 +
737 5 1855 6p Slate Grey on Medium Wove Paper, Imperforate A fabulous example displaying lovely deep rich colour - the unmistakable early shade of the six pence on wove paper, surrounded by adequately clear to full margins all around, minute scissor cut at top left just clear of frameline. A highly desirable unused stamp in pristine fresh condition and rarely offered as such, VF

Expertization: 1986 Greene Foundation certificate

Provenance: "Lindemann" Collection, private treaty circa. 1997


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738 5 1855 6p Slate Grey on Medium Wove Paper, Imperforate An extraordinary used example surrounded by remarkably large margins, fresh with brilliant colour and clear impression. Light, centrally struck diamond grid cancel of Toronto. A lovely stamp in premium quality, XF; 2015 PSE cert. (Graded XF 90)

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1,600.00 +
739 7 1854 10p Blue on Thin, Crisp Hard Wove Paper, Imperforate A nice used example, completely sound for this notoriously difficult stamp, well clear to large margins and light face-free cancel, VF; 2018 Greene Foundation cert.

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740 P 8P 1858 (circa.) p Rose Lower left plate proof block of twenty-five on card mounted india paper showing the prominent Major Re-entry (Position 84; fourth stamp from ninth row) with doubling in oval above CANADA, below HALF and in left vertical frameline. An attractive and unusually large block with bright colour and sharp impression, VF (Unitrade cat. $8,750 for normal proof singles) ex. "Lindemann" (private treaty circa. 1997)

Initially, the plate was of 120 subjects for the issued p imperforate of 1857; the plate was then re-sized for the soon to be released perforated issue of late 1858, by removing the first two columns for a plate of 100 subjects. During this process, they removed the three American Bank Note Company plate imprints located on the left side of the plate.

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Est. 2,000.00 +
741 8 1857-1858 p Rose on Medium Wove Paper, Imperforate Mint single, with close margin at foot to otherwise large margins; trace of oxidation at top, still with bright fresh colour and full immaculate original gum, NEVER HINGED. Seldom encountered in mint NH condition, F-VF (Cat. for hinged only)

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2,100.00 +
742 8 1857-1858 p Rose on Medium Wove Paper, Imperforate Post office fresh mint, just clear of frameline at left and at top, large margins on other sides, displaying unusually fresh colour and full unblemished original gum, NEVER HINGED. An elusive classic stamp in NH condition, Fine (Cat. as hinged only)

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1,400.00 +
743 8 1857 p Rose on Medium Wove Paper, Imperforate A selected used example with deep rich colour and large margins, portion of four ring numeral cancel; a nice stamp, VF; 2017 Greene Foundation cert.

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744 P 9TCi 7p Queen Victoria Trial colour plate proof in black with vertical SPECIMEN overprint in carmine on india paper, well clear to large margins, VF

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745 P 9TCiii 7p Queen Victoria Trial colour plate proof printed in orange yellow on india paper, in pristine condition, VF+

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746 11 1858 p Rose, Perf 11 An unusually well centered mint single of this difficult perforated stamp, remarkably well centered when compared to what we are used to seeing, with lovely rich colour and in sound condition; some gum disturbance at top from previous hinging but still retaining a large clean portion of its original gum. A beautiful mint stamp rarely encountered with such superior centering, VF+ OG; 2016 Greene Foundation cert.

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747 11 1858 p Rose, Perf 11 An appealing used single, typical centering for the issue and displaying deep rich colour and large portion of Montreal & Island Pond / A / UP MAY.." RPO cancellation; a rarely seen Railway postmark on a perforated Pence issue, Fine

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748 P 14P-20TC 1c-17c Cents Issue The basic set of six plate proofs on card mounted india paper, the 1c corner marginal (Pos. 91) in dark rose, 5c brown red (colour a trifle oxidized), 10c brownish purple, 12c blue green on india, 17c pale blue and 2c dark rose, an attractive lot, VF

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749 P 14P 1859-1867 p Deep Rose Lower right plate proof block of twenty-five in the issued colour on card mounted india paper, showing ABNC imprint at right and at foot, as well as Major Re-entry (Position 58) on third stamp in top row, doubling marks in oval above CANADA, etc. A remarkable multiple in pristine condition, VF (Unitrade cat. $6,250 as singles)

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Est. 1,500.00 +
750 14iv 1864 1c Rose, Perf 12x11 A brilliant fresh unused example showing the very elusive "Q" plate flaw (Position 38; Whitworth Plate Flaw No. 1b), a short-lived variety for only a few months in 1864. Rarely seen in unused condition, Fine+; 2013 Greene Foundation cert.

Unitrade does not price this stamp with very fine centering; an indication that well centered examples are likely non-existent.

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751 15v 1867-1868 5c Vermilion A selected used example in a dark rich shade, showing the sought-after Major Re-entry (State 10; Position 28) with very strong doubling on left side of design, quite well centered for the issue with perforations being well clear on three sides, ideal light concentric rings unobtrusive to all the features of this elusive and key plate variety, F-VF

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750.00 +
752 15v 1867-1868 5c Vermilion, Perf 12 Used single with striking colour, showing the elusive Major Re-entry (State 10; Position 28) with the entire left-half side strongly doubled, by far the best plate variety of the Decimal Issue, exceptionally fresh with neat grid cancel, Fine+

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500.00 +
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