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Saturday, November 10, 2018

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Lot Catalogue Number Description Catalogue Value or Estimate
1457 AL2 / AL16 Alberta 1906-1907 10c/$1 Law Stamps - Plate Reconstructions An impressive lot comprising of eight different plate reconstructions (of 12 subjects = total of 96 stamps), mostly in singles (a few pairs and strips of three). Complete AL2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10 (scarce), 13 and 16 including the Fancy "L" varieties at positions 5, 10 & 12, also a few other varieties specific to values. Some minor faults but mainly F-VF; rarely offered complete plate reconstructions of these early Alberta Law Stamps. (Van Dam cat. $4,625)

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Est. 1,250.00 +
1458 AL11L Alberta 1906-1907 25c Grey (Black Inscriptions) Law Stamp A well centered and seldom seen used single in sound condition and showing the fancy "L" in "Law" variety (Position 5); a very scarce revenue stamp, VF

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1459 AL26a Alberta 1907 $5 Yellow Ochre (Lithographed) Law Stamp Vertical pair imperforate horizontally between, couple small faults and hint of perf toning in places not readily visible from front. Only five such pairs are believed to exist and all have some degree of faults, very rare, VF appearance

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1460 AV9-AV16 Alberta 1955 1c-$2 Vacation Pay Stamps The complete mint set of eight in lower left corner margin blocks of four, brilliant fresh colours; sets of singles are not often seen let alone in blocks, F-VF NH

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1461 BCL48a British Columbia 1958 50c Brown Law Stamp Lower left used single with orange colour completely omitted, light double oval cancel, rare as just three panes of 25 were found, two were left unused and the third was used at Penticton. Very few used examples were recovered from this find, F-VF; 2017 Greene Foundation cert.

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1,500.00 +
1462 British Columbia BCT1 1909 BC Telephone Co. Typeset in Black on Light Green Paper, Perf 12 A selected mint single of this scarce revenue stamp, serial "23" number at top, VF NH

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1463 QP9 Quebec 1919 $5 Blue Green Liquor Prohibition Stamp, Perf 12 A very scarce mint single of this high value, quite well centered, trivial moisture spot along top right perforations, few exist in mint condition, VF LH

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1464 QP10 Quebec 1919 $10 Blue Violet Liquor Prohibition Stamp, Perf 12 A nice mint single of this rarely seen, key revenue stamp, F-VF hinged

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1465 P QR22 Quebec 1912 $1 Registration BABN engraved Die Proof in dark green (near issued colour) on white surfaced wove paper 44 x 48mm; inscribed "Des. & Engraver LER" in manuscript at foot, small light crease at top of no importance for this exceedingly rare proof, VF

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Est. 400.00 +
1466 YL7-9, 11 Yukon Territory 1902 10c/$2 Territorial Court Four different mint singles - 10c, 25c, 50c and $2 blue - with diagonal SPECIMEN (4.5 x 33mm; reading up) handstamp in red, rarely seen, F-VF NH

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Est. 250.00 +
1467 Saskatchewan Law Stamps - An Extensive 1907-1968 Collection Carefully displayed and written up collection on 76 quadrilled pages, mint and used plus numerous documents from First Issue to final Sixth Issue. A wealth of better items shown such as used SL1 / SL12 First Issue only lacking the $5, replete with First and Second issues displayed on pages with shades / plate positions / different (town) punch cancels / plate varieties and documents, latter includes issue 75c, $1 and key $3 on a 1907 Supreme Court document; 1907 Third Issue used set from 5c to $20, plus various pages of different punch cancels, varieties and documents. From 1908 to 1968 Coat Arms, excellent coverage including mint AND used issues, some multiples, documents, cancels, specimens, shades, etc. A comprehensive collection; minor flaws in places as to be expected. A valiant effort was made to carefully select items in nice quality. Van Dam cat. well over $11,000 with no premium added for multiples, use on documents, plate varieties, etc.

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Est. 2,500.00 +
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