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239 An Extraordinary, In-Depth Collection of Money Letters A meticulously researched collection containing a total of 210 stampless covers, all at one time carrying money or other valuables, marked "Money" or handstamped "Money Letter" - a truly remarkable feat, each cover displayed individually on a page with detailed write-up on rate(s), origin, destination, routing and handstamps; also at times excerpts from the letter content giving additional insight to many of the covers. Organized chronologically from the earliest dated cover in 1826 shortly after the Money Letter system was adopted, right up to 1855 (March 28) shortly before it was being replaced on May 1st, 1855 by the Registration system - some registered covers marked "Money" are also found after that date (also six bogus Money Letter handstamp covers; not counted). The collection continues with to / from Canada and United States - two of which originates from the USA (these are rare) and nine covers mailed from Canada to USA; also another eight Provincial Money Letters originating or sent to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Judiciously put together showing an impressive range of handstamps such as early type straightline town cancels, unpaid / prepaid manuscript and handstamp markings, coloured handstamps and different types of Money Letter handstamps (some very rare) are shown within the collection; numerous different double ring and double split ring town markings of Upper and Lower Canada, unusual instructional markings and a myriad of rates from the rare "drop" money letter to impressive high postage rates. Noted the earliest recorded Money Letter (dated April 9, 1851) after Canada took over the Provincial control of the Post Office administration from the British (as of April 6, 1851) and also quite possibly the latest "in-period" use of Money Letter handstamp on cover dated March 28, 1855 (interestingly enough this cover was mailed to Douglastown, Gaspé - a rare destination). Many covers once graced the famous Horace Harrison collection. An outstanding collection which offers a tremendous start to further specialization in this historically and philatelically fascinating field; a wonderful foundation to a gold-medal exhibit.

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Est. 30,000.00 +
240 Beautifully Written Up Collection of Money Letters Album with fifteen covers displayed on quadrilled pages with detailed write-up on postal rates & rules, origin / destination, handstamps and postmarks. Starts with 12 stampless sent unpaid or prepaid, either manuscript "Money" or straightline MONEY LETTER handstamp in black (or blue). Followed by three stamped covers; 1854 (JU 15) cover with 3p on thin paper from Hamilton to Owen Sound, 1854 (18 AUG) cover with large margined 3p on thin paper from St. Catherines to Toronto and a very rare 1854 (AU 17) cover franked with 6p brownish purple on laid paper, well clear to large margins tied by neat concentric rings from Montreal to Drummondville, straightline MONEY LETTER in red, minor cover stain. A lovely collection ready for expansion, Fine to Very Fine

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Est. 2,000.00 +
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