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Saturday, November 10, 2018

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Lot Catalogue Number Description Catalogue Value or Estimate
1470 Very Extensive and Clean Mint NH Stock A very clean dealer stock of mint NH Canada, many thousands of stamps sorted and identified by Scott number in glassine envelopes organized in nine red boxes, the vast majority are in VF NH condition. The lot begins in the late 1940s but most of the value and emphasis is on modern material from 1970s through to mid 2006; the stamps are often in plate block form including matched sets. A clean and desirable lot that presents a real opportunity for a dealer selling modern mint, face value alone is $19,850.00 (an inventory accompanies). Est. 7,500.00 +
1471 Substantial 1850s-1911 Mint / Used Assortment All in mounts on photo-album pages, noting many better stamps such as #4 used with 4R27, #5 sound used, 37 NH (2), 41a OG pair, #42 NH, 44 NH, 47 NH, large range of 1897 Jubilees (plus five mint blocks) from ½c to 50c, high values mainly Fine or better with rich colours - mint $1 to $5 (plus extra $1) plus used $1, $2, $5; followed by a mostly complete mint representation (plus some used) from Leaf to Quebecs noting #73 NH, 83 NH, 94 NH, 95i LH. Condition varies with minor flaws to be expected on some earlies, a high percentage are sound, Fine to Very Fine; worth a close look.

Photo (46K) Photo 2 (46K) Photo 3 (44K) Photo 4 (31K) Photo 5 (62K) Photo 6 (62K) Photo 7 (62K) Photo 8 (44K)
Est. 5,000.00 +
1472 Large Queen to King George VI Mint Assortment Organized on a dozen stockpages, begins with fourteen mint or unused Large Queens, a few Small Queens, 1897 Diamond Jubilee to $1 and well represented thereafter including high value definitives, coil pairs, airmails, special delivery, registered letter stamps (including F3 mint), dues, officials, and some booklet panes. Mixed condition on some earlier issues as expected, but noted better mint NH Scott #60, 72, 92iii, etc. High catalogue value; well worth a close look.

Photo (57K) Photo 2 (57K) Photo 3 (53K) Photo 4 (48K)
Est. 1,500.00 +
1473 1868-1967 Extensive Used Collection Several hundred on quadrille pages with a useful selection of Large & Small Queens, usual mixed condition in places; 1897 Jubilee set (lacking 10c, 15c & $3; the latter an engraved forgery instead), then from 1897 Leaf onward virtually complete including shades, coil singles, printings, dies, tagging on later issues, back-of-book with registered letter stamps, airmails, special delivery, postage dues, some overprinted officials, etc. From mid-1930s to end, high percentage of the stamps have legible CDS postmarks including the higher denominations. Fine to Very Fine

Photo (48K) Photo 2 (48K) Photo 3 (33K)
Est. 600.00 +
1474 Impressive Collection of Plate Multiples from Small Queens to Admiral Issues All in mounts on pages, plate pairs to large multiples, many in strips of four or blocks of eight. Includes 25 different from Small Queens to KEVII noting better -- 6c Jubilee Plate 17 strip of three; 10c Plate 19 NH strip of four with Major Re-entry (Pos. 3); 2c Leaf VF NH Plate 3 strip of four; 76, 2c purple Numeral Plate 1 VF OG strip of four with Major Re-entry (Position 1L5); 2c KEVII imperforate Plate 13 and 14 blocks of eight; 2c Québec VF stamps NH Plate 3 strip of four, etc. Then followed by 42 different Admiral Issue plate multiples including War Tax, noting 1c grey green lower margin Plate 9 strip of ten fresh and choice (7 stamps NH); 4c olive bistre Plate 2 strip of ten (9 NH); MR2 LL Plate 8 strip of ten (8 VF NH); MR2C Plate 2 block, plus many others in selected VF condition. A clean lot ideal for an advanced collector.

Photo (33K) Photo 2 (33K) Photo 3 (22K) Photo 4 (19K) Photo 5 (17K)
Est. 3,500.00 +
1475 Comprehensive Used Block Collection On stockpages in five binders, several hundred different used starting from Small Queens and quite well represented to 2000s plus BOB; many modern and back of book issues challenging to find. Many from 1930s on are plate blocks. Noted high values, tagged, se-tenants, scarcer back-of-book such as special delivery and postage dues that are hard to find in used blocks, O38ai "fishhook" variety in UR Plate 1 block with neat CDS postmarks, shades, printing / perf varieties, etc. Minor flaws to be excepted and some early blocks with favour cancels (such as #99-102). Overall a diligent effort was made to obtain sound used blocks, often with CDS postmarks; a remarkable lot that certainly took years to assemble, F-VF

Photo (52K) Photo 2 (52K) Photo 3 (40K) Photo 4 (55K)
Est. 2,000.00 +
1476 Selection of 1897-1931 Mint Blocks About 80 different mint blocks starting from 1897 Jubilee to 1932 Medallion, noting Québec Tercentenary set of eight, Admiral & War Tax with 32 different (includes shades #108c pale brown, 111a indigo, 116, 118b), #153cii tête-bêche gutter block of four, #158, 177, etc. Minor flaws on a few but many are well centered. Worth a close look.

Photo (50K) Photo 2 (50K) Photo 3 (52K) Photo 4 (49K)
Est. 2,000.00 +
1477 Small Assortment of Mint Issues and Varieties In mounts on pages and on stockpages, noted #46-47 NH, 109iv R-GAUGE VF LH block, 203i in a VF NH block, 208iv VF NH wide gutter strip of four, 208ii Scarface variety in F-VF NH Plate 2 block of eight, MR4b imperforate pair, etc. Est. 250.00 +
1478 Admiral to End of KGVI Era Mint / NH Large assortment in mounts on photo pages, light duplication even on high denominations. Noted large selection of mint Admirals noting #116 F-VF NH block, Scroll with 50c Bluenose (5 NH, 4 LH), $1 (2 LH), #176-177 LH (plus extra #177 NH), O26a in NH block of ten, gum wrinkling away from variety, etc. Overall F-VF

Photo (44K) Photo 2 (44K) Photo 3 (89K)
Est. 2,000.00 +
1479 Five Cent Beaver - Used Multiples An impressive lot of difficult to find multiples off and on cover, from strips of three to blocks of six or larger, all carefully plated and identified. Noting strips of three (9), strips of four (3), blocks of four (9), and a nice used block of six. Several unusual franked covers are shown including a strip of three on early 1859 (December 1) dated cover, 1860 (March 23) large blue cover somewhat reduced at sides bearing an impressive horizontal strip of nine and single for 10-time domestic rate Brantford to Toronto; vertical strip of three on 1866 cover Brantford to Toronto, lower stamp Whitworth Re-entry No. 4 (State 6; Position 22); a block of six (UR stamp faulty) pen cancelled on somewhat reduced 1864 registered cover Walkerton to Goderich; block of four and pair of 1c rose, paying quadruple registered rate London to Goderich (faults); vertical strip of three (creased at top) on 1866 domestic registered cover; pair on 1863 registered cover, file fold through pair, but right shows the elusive "Log in Waterfall" variety (State 4; Position 5). Understandably condition is varied; a useful lot of elusive material for the specialist.

Photo (53K) Photo 2 (53K) Photo 3 (22K)
Est. 2,000.00 +
1480 Large Queen - Two-Ring Numeral Balance of Collection About forty 1c to 15c used singles and on cover, mostly with legible to very fine two-ring numeral cancels, noting two 5c (#6 and 40), five 15c (#3, 5 [2], 10, 12); also a faulty 12½c trade sample proof in brown, etc. Mixed to Fine condition. Inspect.

Photo (52K) Photo 2 (52K) Photo 3 (54K)
Est. 750.00 +
1481 Nice Selection of Two-Ring Numeral Cancels Displayed on two stockpages with 10 Large Queen, 50 Small Queen and three Jubilees. A useful assortment of different combinations of stamp and numeral cancel. The stamps are mainly F-VF and include early printings on Small Queens, strikes range from legible to well struck, many centrally struck. Also includes a small selection of four-rings (16 stamps; mostly Decimals) in mixed condition. Rarity factors tend to gravitate between 1 to 5 but still a useful lot for a specialist.

Photo (52K) Photo 2 (52K) Photo 3 (55K) Photo 4 (42K)
Est. 750.00 +
1482 Small Assortment of Large Queens 18 stamps mostly used; noting #25viii 3c on Bothwell paper, eight examples mostly sound; #26v 5c on horizontal wove paper; #29ii & 30iii 15c two different printings with "Pawnbroker" variety; #30c on very thick white "carton" paper, etc. Condition varies from mixed to Very Fine; four stamps have recent Greene Foundation certs. Est. 500.00 +
1483 Selection of Fancy Cancels on Small Queen Issues Group of about 70 stamps, emphasis on 3c Small Queens from early copper to late vermilion shades, wide range of fancy cancels, including letters, elaborate corks, numerals, instructional, stars, intaglio, coloured, etc. Most selected for clarity and / or central position of the strike. Excellent for study and expansion, F-VF

Photo (47K) Photo 2 (47K) Photo 3 (52K) Photo 4 (52K)
Est. 500.00 +
1484 1897 Diamond Jubilee Cancel Collection Interesting lot of 66 stamps with emphasis on 1c & 3c. A myriad of cancels such as fancy corks, Crown, instructional markings, carrier markings, coloured, targets, stars, Geometrics, duplex numbers, Foreign postmarks, etc. Minor flaws in places but overall the stamps and strikes are selected, a challenging group to assemble. F-VF (Unitrade 51 / 57)

Photo (49K) Photo 2 (49K) Photo 3 (45K) Photo 4 (30K) Photo 5 (43K)
Est. 300.00 +
1485 1898 Map Stamp - Plate Numbered Blocks and Other Multiples Assortment of nine plate imprint and / or number blocks & strips, ranging from a strip of 6 to a plate "5" number block of 24 (severed at centre), plus mint block of 25 with deep blue oceans. Minor flaws in places but includes much mint F-VF NH; a useful lot for identifying plate positions.

Photo (65K) Photo 2 (65K)
Est. 1,000.00 +
1486 1898 Map Stamp - Blocks, Strips, Plate Multiples Nearly 300 stamps ranging from pairs to a block of 18. Some without gum but much is mint NH, various shades. Noted Plate "1", "2" and "5" number pairs, ABNC imprint blocks of six or larger (5), etc. A useful lot for studying plating and shades, mainly F-VF, high catalogue value.

Photo (37K) Photo 2 (37K)
Est. 2,000.00 +
1487 1898 Map Stamp - Mint Blocks of Four - Shades Large assortment of nearly 100 mint blocks organized on stockpages, replete with ocean shades from lavender to deep blue and a myriad of "Muddy Waters". Many with sheet margin, some showing imprints or part plate number. Minor flaws on some but noted many well centered and / or NH stamps throughout. An excellent lot to get acquainted with shades and start studying plate positions, etc.

Photo (58K) Photo 2 (58K)
Est. 3,000.00 +
1488 1898 Map Stamp - Large Accumulation of Mint Singles - Shades An extensive lot of over 350 mint singles, some with sheet margins and a few with plate imprints; displayed on stockpages or mounted on pages. Most were individually purchased by the owner and a high percentage are well centered and / or NH. Excellent array of shades present from lavender to deep rich blue oceans and all kinds of shades in between, plus "Muddy Waters" including the elusive "Golden Oceans", etc. A great lot for the enthusiast wishing to study in-depth shades, in addition to some plating, etc. High catalogue value.

Photo (48K) Photo 2 (48K) Photo 3 (47K)
Est. 3,000.00 +
1489 Extensive Collection of Cancels on 1898 Map Stamp Over 850 used stamps, noted several pairs, strips of three and blocks, on stockpages and album pages originating from an important Map Stamp collection. Focus is on cancellations with different types such as corks, segmented, fancy, CDS, coloured, squared circles, duplex, grids, early dates, etc. Shades range from "Muddy Waters" to lavenders to deep blues; some plate varieties, etc. Condition from mixed to XF. A great lot for further specializing.

Photo (47K) Photo 2 (47K) Photo 3 (51K)
Est. 2,500.00 +
1490 1898 Map Stamp - William Mulock Signatures William Mulock (Postmaster General of Canada 1896-1905) - instrumental in advocating and adopting the Imperial Penny Postage scheme: a signed mint block and single plus four covers, one dated JA 5 1899 (ex. V. G. Greene Collection) and authenticated by noted Canadian stamp dealer of the past "L.A. Davenport"; one on a 1937 birthday cover; and other two have his signature on the stamp but not mailed.

Photo (60K) Photo 2 (60K)
Est. 350.00 +
1491 1911-1927 King George V Admiral Issue - Collection of Used Blocks An extensive lot of over 700 blocks with numerous larger multiples shown. A wealth of printings, shades, dies and cancels (and possible plate varieties) from One cent to One dollar, plus some part perforates, 1931 provisionals and War Tax. Seldom seen especially in so comprehensive, F-VF

Photo (84K) Photo 2 (84K) Photo 3 (77K)
Est. 1,000.00 +
1492 Assortment of Perfins on Admiral Issues Includes 21 used and 15 mint examples including GTR perfin MR1 and MR2 blocks of four. Minor flaws to be expected but hard to find, noting perfins such as BT, CNR, GTR, SUN LIFE, etc.

Photo (64K) Photo 2 (64K) Photo 3 (61K) Photo 4 (60K)
Est. 350.00 +
1493 Admirals - KGVI Collection of Mint / NH Booklet Panes Displayed in mounts on pages with write-up, includes a large array of not often seen booklet panes, many are well centered and / or never hinged. Includes #104av squat printing VF NH, three stamps show Re-entries; #164avi VF LH, 164ai rotary press VF OG, 165biii and 166a VF NH, 167ai and 167aii VF LH, 195b two different shades VF NH, 195bi, 196b and 196bi VF NH, etc. Clean condition throughout, F-VF or better

Photo (48K) Photo 2 (48K) Photo 3 (48K) Photo 4 (51K)
Est. 1,000.00 +
1494 Impressive Collection of Admiral Start / End Coil Strips Substantial lot of 22 different strips of (mainly) four with start or end of coil blank tabs, a few with post office handstamps; quality mainly nice throughout, quite unusual for these elusive items. Noted better such as #123 starter strip and end strip of three, #129 starter strip, #130 starter and end pairs, MR7a starter pair, etc. Mainly F-VF with a high percentage being NH. A very difficult assembly ideal for a specialist.

Photo (177K) Photo 2 (177K)
Est. 3,000.00 +
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