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Lot Catalogue Number Description Catalogue Value or Estimate
831 P Pence Issue Plate Proofs Small selection with #2TC 6p red lilac horizontal strip of nine on india, just touching frameline in couple places, followed by singles on india (unless otherwise mentioned) with #7P, 7TCiii on card, 8P, 8TCii, 8TCiii, 9P, 9TCi on card. F-VF

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Est. 750.00 +
832 Assortment of Used 1851-1859 Pence Issues Sixteen singles and a pair mainly in sound condition, ranging from fine with close margins to very fine examples. We note #1 close at foot but sound, #2 & 2b both with Brandon certs, #4 various printings with 11 examples noting nice #4d with blue cancel and #4xii Major Re-entry (Pos. B61), #5b with RPSL cert., #9 close to large margins, sound with light 4-ring numeral, #7 slightly in at left showing partial CDS, #11 small perf flaw at top, well centered used with 4-ring '15'. A useful group of these classic issues, Fine to Very Fine

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Est. 2,000.00 +
833 1851-1858 Three Pence Beaver Group of 21 used singles, includes a sound single on laid paper (#1) with small to full margins, followed by 20 examples on wove paper, ranging from orange red on thin, crisp wove paper to deep red on thick white wove; condition mixed but noted a few sound examples. A useful lot for studying printings, etc.

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Est. 1,000.00 +
834 P Cents Issue Plate Proofs Issued or trial colours, 16 different singles, some with SPECIMEN overprint, on india paper, some card mounted (a couple possibly affixed to new card). Noted #14 on wove paper (only a sheet of 100 was printed), #14Pi, 14Pii, 14TCii, 16Pi, 18Pii, 18TCi, 20TCii, etc. Also #18P vertical strip of three with imprint in lower margin. Minor flaws on a few but mainly F-VF

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Est. 1,000.00 +
835 Cents Issue Selection of Used Singles On six quadrilled pages with write-up regarding shades and perforations; includes 1c (3), 2c (3), 5c (2), 10c (19), 12c (3), 17c (3). The odd flaw to be expected; many sound VF lightly cancelled examples are shown.

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Est. 1,000.00 +
836 Large & Small Queen Mint Assortment Mint or unused singles and blocks noting #21 NH block, #45 brick red shade VF LH block, some perf separation, #46-47 fine OG blocks, singles with mint #23 1c deep orange shade large part OG, #24b and 27 unused, #29 with full imprint in right sheet margin, etc.; also 1891 CBN 2c olive green engraved plate essay on india. The odd flaw, mainly Fine or better

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Est. 2,500.00 +
837 Impressive Large Queen Used Collection Neatly mounted on quadrilled pages with write-up distinguishing different papers, shades and/or perforations. Care was taken by the owner in selecting "hand-picked" examples, often with very fine centering and good cancellations. A fabulous collection including 129 stamps as follows: c (10), 1c brown red to pale yellow (19), 2c (17), 3c (13), 5c (8), 6c (11), 12c (13) and 15c (38). An excellent lot for a collector embarking in this fascinating issue, Fine to Very Fine

Photo (33K) Photo 2 (33K) Photo 3 (30K) Photo 4 (41K) Photo 5 (36K) Photo 6 (29K) Photo 7 (37K) Photo 8 (39K) Photo 9 (43K) Photo 10 (26K) Photo 11 (36K) Photo 12 (27K)
Est. 2,500.00 +
838 Small Queen Collection of Used / Printings, Etc Mounted on quadrilled pages, early printings to 1890s, c to 10c values noting interest in beautiful shades (includes 32 examples of the 10c) and perforations (perf 11x12's and the scarcer 3c perf 12 small faults) and cancellations; also 1893 Widow Weeds 20c (6), 50c (8; two of which show the Re-entry) and five covers - two are pre-UPU covers to UK, one franked with a 3c strip of four and rated "6d" shortpaid and the other with a 3c pair on clean mourning cover, two are illustrated advertising covers from 1890s. Minor flaws to be expected but quality overall is better than normally encountered, F-VF

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Est. 1,500.00 +
839 Old-Time Collection of Postmarks & Cancels Mounted on large quadrilled pages, often with identification of cancels. Emphasis on Small Queens from 1c to 8c (plus a few 10c) including early printings / shades / perforations. Rare cancels shown such Bogeyman, Nicaragua "Arms", selection of Ottawa "Crown" postmarks (including 12c LQ and 20c Widow Weeds). A myriad of datestamps, grids, fancy cancels, numerals, etc. Also a couple pages of 2c Numerals with neat CDS and RPO postmarks. Better than normally encountered, often with choice, interesting cancels ideal for study. Worth close examination.

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Est. 750.00 +
840 1897-1908 Mint / Used Collection Parallel mint AND used collections from Leaf to Quebec Issues, virtually complete (ex used 20c Quebec), includes some shades. Also 1897 Jubilee c to 50c plate proof singles in issued colours on card mounted india paper, also a Rule Britannia multi-coloured patriotic illustrated cover to Scotland with c Numeral strip of four postmarked at Hamilton AUG 23 00. Minor flaws in places, overall Fine or better

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Est. 750.00 +
841 Selection of 1897-1908 Mint Blocks Includes 28 blocks of four mounted or in mounts on quadrilled album pages, includes 1897 Jubilee, seven different values to the 50c, plus extra 8c, 1897 Leaf complete set of 8, 1898 2c Map with four shades, etc. Several blocks have one or two stamps NH, centering ranges from Fine to Very Fine

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Est. 1,000.00 +
842 Qubec Tercentenary Issue - An Exhibit Collection Multi-award winning exhibit (held four times during 1940s-1950s) on attractively written-up and illustrated pages including mint sets in singles and blocks with some NH stamps, plus used pairs and blocks of four (latter lacking the 5c & 20c). Also six multi-coloured gold frame souvenir postcards and five album pages displaying minor retouches, plate varieties on c to 2c stamps and RPO cancels on 2c stamps. Minor flaws to be expected, overall Fine or better.

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Est. 1,000.00 +
843 Admiral Issues in Mint Blocks of Four On quadrilled pages with 34 blocks, mostly different including shades and printings. Noted #110c golden yellow, #111, 114 corner block with full Type D lathework, 116, 116a reddish purple. Some blocks with minor gum disturbance but have one or two stamps NH, F-VF

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Est. 500.00 +
844 Assortment of Admiral Plate Multiples Eight different: includes 2c rose carmine Plate 6 & carmine shade Plate 20 blocks of eight, 4c olive yellow Plate 3 block of eight & yellow ochre, dry printing Plate 5 block of four, 2c on 3c (#140) Plate 117 block of eight, War Tax 1c green Plate 17 block of four, 2c carmine Plate 1 & 2 blocks of eight. Also a 2c on 3c Leaf provisional Plate 5 block of 12. Minor flaws to be expected, mainly Fine or better with many stamps NH.

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Est. 500.00 +
845 Extensive Mint / Used Admiral Collection Displayed on quadrilled pages with focus on printings and shades, noting 50 different mint hinged singles from earliest wet printings to mid-1920s dry printings including War Tax stamps; a similar showing of used singles (38), plus 8 different mint coil pairs, four booklet panes and five lathework singles, also a #139v essay surcharge vertical pair. Some flaws, however overall fresh and F-VF

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Est. 600.00 +
846 KGV Admirals to KGVI Mint Assortment Mostly mint NH selection of singles and coils, noting better mint NH (otherwise noted) #111, 119iv, 120 (2), 122, 123 pair (one stamp NH), 127, 128, 130 two die I wet printing pairs, 131iv experimental coil used pair, 133 pair (one stamp NH), 135, 136-138 pairs, 145 superb stamp, 160 two pairs and one single, 161 three pairs,127i, 245i, O10, etc. Also a few used and some multiples. Often stamps are fresh and overall reasonably centered. A useful lot, F-VF

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Est. 1,250.00 +
847 1927-1935 Extensive Collection Parallel collection mounted or in mounts on quadrilled pages housed in an album, includes mint AND used sets from 1927 Confederation to 1935 KGV Pictorial issue; many sets are supplemented with listed and non-listed varieties, also various mint blocks of four, coils including line pairs or strips, varieties, etc. Noted better items such as #166i and 191i extended moustache in VF LH blocks, 190 VF NH block, 217-227 blocks of four with many NH stamps, 218i mole on forehead in mint block, etc., F-VF throughout Est. 500.00 +
848 1935 Silver Jubilee - Selection of Mint Sheets Includes 1c Plate 1 UR (2, one shows the "Weeping Princess" variety - Position 21), plus UR Plate 2 sheet missing left selvedge; 2c Plate 1 UR and LR sheets, 3c LL Plate 1 sheet, 10c UL Plate 1 and LR Plate 2 sheets, 13c LR Plate 2 sheet of 100 with negligible gum disturbance at lower left (folded as nearly all are), F-VF NH Est. 750.00 +
849 Extensive 1935 Silver Jubilee Collection In mounts on quadrilled pages plus various on stockpages, includes proofs, mint and used stamps, varieties and plate blocks. Noting Princess Elizabeth vignette die proof - model taken for the stamp, plus vignettes of the 3c and 10c reduced to smaller size; photographic proofs of 1c, 3c & 13c affixed to individual thick card, 5c gutter margin plate proof block, 28 different plate blocks of four to twenty stamps, also 1c Weeping Princess in a lightly cancelled block of nine, 13c Shilling Mark mint (small gum thin), various mint & used blocks, etc. Mainly F-VF throughout

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Est. 1,000.00 +
850 KGVI 1937-1946 Collection Parallel mint AND used collections mounted or in mounts on quadrilled pages; definitive sets in singles supplemented with many hinged plate blocks, coils, etc. Also noted better VF NH blocks of Scott #241-245 and 268-273. F-VF Est. 350.00 +
851 Collection of Airmails and Officials Parallel mint AND used collection on quadrilled pages; noting better airmails such as #C1c NH block imperforate horizontally, C2 NH block, C5ii Moulting Wing variety VF LH, etc., also overprinted OHMS & G officials complete from Scott O1 to O32, plus various including some mint 4-hole OHMS and Officially Sealed stamps with fresh mint OG Scott OX1, OX3 and OX4. A clean lot, F-VF

Photo (48K) Photo 2 (48K)
Est. 600.00 +
852 Extensive Mint / NH Semi-Official Airmail Collection Displayed on quadrilled pages with write-up, about 50 different, some in panes or multiples. Noted better items such as CLP2g, CL2 NH pane, CL3 NH, CL4c pane, CL6 NH block, CL14, 14g, 15, 18, 19, 26, 26c, 26e, 27, 28, 29, 29ai, 30c and 30f inverted overprints NH, 49, etc. Overall nice condition, F-VF (Unitrade cat. $8,706)

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Est. 2,000.00 +
853 Registered Letter Stamps Mint / Used Collection Displayed on quadrilled pages with write up and including shades and printings, noted mint 2c singles (four shades), 2c orange NH block; 5c singles (three shades), 5c green block, lower pair NH; 8c dull blue and blue singles; also a selection of ten used singles including two 8c stamps. Mostly is selected condition, Fine to Very Fine

Photo (34K) Photo 2 (34K)
Est. 750.00 +
854 Specialized Lot of Postmarks on Registered Letter Stamps Includes 2c (106) and 5c (27) with different types of cancellations such as registered handstamps, manuscripts and a strong showing of corks including fancy cancels. Also noted a 5c blue green with vertical SPECIMEN overprint. Some faults to be expected but generally clean examples selected for clarity of strikes.

Photo (33K) Photo 2 (33K)
Est. 500.00 +
855 Selection of Mint / NH 4-Hole OHMS Various sets and singles, well represented 1937 to 1946; a few duplicates. Noted better NH sets such as O241-O245 (two sets), O249-O262, O268-O273, OC1, etc. Mainly F-VF or better

Photo (39K) Photo 2 (39K)
Est. 400.00 +
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