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Saturday, February 24, 2018

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Lot Catalogue Number Description Catalogue Value or Estimate
1233 Pence & Cents Issues A comprehensive group consisting of 12 used Pence issues, noting #1 with sheet margin at left (faint crease), four different 3p Beavers including one with vertical stitch watermark, #5 fine, #7 skillfully repaired but nice appearing, #8 VF used, #9 fine, #10 overall light toning but fine appearance, #12 4-ring '21'; then Cents issues unused / used including 1c rose mint part OG, 10c deep red purple used, 17c slate blue and 2c rose unused. Trivial flaws to be expected but a useful group.

Photo (58K) Photo 2 (58K) Photo 3 (58K) Photo 4 (60K) Photo 5 (60K) Photo 6 (54K) Photo 7 (66K) Photo 8 (70K)
Est. 2500.00 +
1234 Cents to Small Queen Mint Assortment Better than normally encountered with selected examples of #14 VF unused, #15 mint OG, #17b VF unused, 20 mint, 22 mint, 24b OG somewhat redistributed, 26 unused, 36i two NH, 37 two NH, 37c NH (Greene cert.), 42 NH, 44 NH, 45ii mint imperforate pair, etc. A few flaws but mainly F-VF; worth viewing.

Photo (64K) Photo 2 (64K) Photo 3 (58K) Photo 4 (60K) Photo 5 (67K) Photo 6 (64K) Photo 7 (67K) Photo 8 (66K) Photo 9 (60K)
Est. 2500.00 +
1235 Large Queen Mint OG / Unused Assortment Ten different including #21ii, 22 23a and 25b VF unused, 22 VF part OG, 24b F-VF OG, 25 Fine OG slight soiling, 26 Fine OG reperf at right but nice appearance, 27a small fault, and 30b F-VF NH. A few with trivial perf flaws not readily apparent, a valuable group.

Photo (66K) Photo 2 (66K) Photo 3 (60K) Photo 4 (57K) Photo 5 (58K)
Est. 2500.00 +
1236 Small Queen Mint Assortment A dozen stamps, two imperforate pairs and three RLS stamps. Better items such as 10c brown red, VF NH but small ink mark on reverse; 10c brick red VF LH; 20c Widow Weed, redistributed gum to appear NH; 2c green imperf pair; 3c vermilion on coarse white wove imperf pair, F2b & F2i shades VF VLH, etc. Some with minor flaws or gum problems, generally F-VF

Photo (65K) Photo 2 (65K) Photo 3 (63K) Photo 4 (41K) Photo 5 (40K)
Est. 1500.00 +
1237 1897 Diamond Jubilee Mint Assortment Lightly duplicated range of 38 mint hinged singles including some shades; often very fine to superb margined examples. Noted 6c (2), 15c (4), 20c (3), 50c (5), $1 (2), $4, $5, etc. A few gum bends or flaws; generally VF throughout

Photo (55K) Photo 2 (55K) Photo 3 (54K)
Est. 2000.00 +
1238 1897 Jubilee Mint NH Assortment Lightly duplicated group of 25 singles and 4 blocks, all NH; noted ½c (4 singles and a block), 6c, 8c single with Plate "NO 20", 10c (2), 15c, 20c, 50c (2), etc. A few gum bends or flaws but mostly VF

Photo (64K) Photo 2 (64K) Photo 3 (61K)
Est. 1000.00 +
1239 Late Victorian & King Edward VII Era Plate Multiples A valuable lot containing about 60 different plate multiples from a plate imprint horizontal pair to large blocks, nice representation of Jubilee, Leaf and Numeral issues, followed by a selection of 1c & 2c KEVII plate strips (or blocks), noting also a 7c straw Plate 2 block of eight, etc. Condition variable as normally the case for these early multiples, noted plenty of VF and / or NH stamps; a useful lot.

Photo (60K) Photo 2 (60K) Photo 3 (48K) Photo 4 (55K) Photo 5 (70K)
Est. 2000.00 +
1240 1897-1908 Mint / NH Assortment Includes 40 stamps and 7 imperforate pairs, starts with 1897 Jubilee with minor flaws noting 8c VF NH, 15c VF NH, 20c VF NH, $1 F-VF OG, etc. Later with 8c Leaf NH on horizontal wove, ½c Numeral two imperf pairs on vertical wove, 6c Numeral NH, 2c KEVII imperforate pairs with red line (crease) and black line NH, 2c Map imperf pair (light wrinkling), 20c Quebec VF LH, etc. Most are NH and / or VF centered.

Photo (42K) Photo 2 (42K) Photo 3 (65K) Photo 4 (56K) Photo 5 (59K) Photo 6 (55K) Photo 7 (67K) Photo 8 (71K)
Est. 2000.00 +
1241 1897 Jubilee to 1908 Québec Used Assortment Many dozen including numerous choice CDS examples, nice grids, oval "R" handstamps, etc. A few favour cancels and flaws noted, overall a well-above average lot of postally used stamps from late Victorian and King Edward VII periods.

Photo (72K) Photo 2 (72K) Photo 3 (61K)
Est. 1000.00 +
1242 Large Mint Assortment of 1897 Leaf to 1908 Québec Issues Dozens of stamps lightly duplicated, includes shades and printings, noting a number well centered mint NH singles. Mostly selected for better centering and fresh colour. Minor gum flaws to be found; generally Fine to Very Fine; high catalogue value.

Photo (51K) Photo 2 (51K) Photo 3 (61K) Photo 4 (67K) Photo 5 (68K)
Est. 2500.00 +
1243 King Edward VII Postcards to Foreign Destinations Lot of 31 post cards, some franked on the picture side including 1c rate (5) noting Cuba, Fiji and others; 2c rate to 21 different destinations including scarcer such as Barbados, Brazil, China (Foochow and Shanghai), Congo, Madagascar, Chile, Japan (2; one redirected to USA), Singapore, Uruguay, etc. Condition varies from mixed (faults) to F-VF; a useful group.

Photo (39K) Photo 2 (39K) Photo 3 (34K) Photo 4 (41K)
Est. 600.00 +
1244 King Edward VII Covers to Foreign Destinations Eleven covers and one front: at 2c Empire rate - New South Wales, British Guiana; 5c UPU rate - Argentina (2), Brazil, Finland, Japan (a colourful front with rice paper instructional adhered), Norway (2), Sweden and Tasmania; plus one double UPU rate to Germany. Condition mixed (faults) but includes several scarce destinations.

Photo (36K) Photo 2 (36K)
Est. 350.00 +
1245 King George V Admiral Issue - Shades & Printings Nice lot comprising well over 50 different shades distinctive printings, values to $1, noting elusive shades including first printings. Most are selected mint NH and often with VF centering; a useful lot ready for expansion.

Photo (57K) Photo 2 (57K) Photo 3 (65K) Photo 4 (72K) Photo 5 (71K)
Est. 2000.00 +
1246 Clean Lot of Mint / NH Admiral Issues Includes basic NH set 1c to $1 (ex 20c), 10c plum has disturbed OG. Various additional shades included such as #104b, 106ix, 108ii, 109d, 117ii, etc. Excellent range of NH coil pairs, seven of which are paste-ups, includes #125iii, 125v, 126iii, 128iii, 130i, 131i LH, 132i, plus some part perforated, imperforates and a few War Tax. Centering F-VF to often VF with majority being NH; a useful lot.

Photo (66K) Photo 2 (66K) Photo 3 (58K) Photo 4 (49K) Photo 5 (47K) Photo 6 (45K) Photo 7 (66K)
Est. 1250.00 +
1247 Admiral Issue Plate Multiples Lot of 29 different plate strips, mostly four stamps or larger (couple in blocks of four). Includes 1c green plates 100, 151, 169; 1c yellow 186, 187; 2c carmine 4, 80, 89, 98, 152; nice group of 2c green 194, 196, 199, 200, 202 203, 204, 204, 207, 209, 212, 213, 214; 3c brown 89; 4c plate 5; 7c olive bistre plate 6; 7c red brown plate 8; 1c War Tax plate 17 strip of ten. Minor flaws to be expected, mainly F-VF

Photo (31K) Photo 2 (31K) Photo 3 (23K)
Est. 1000.00 +
1248 1927 Confederation & Historial Imperf & Part Imperf Pairs Selection of 19 different of the possible 24, includes imperforate pairs of 1c, 2c, 3c, both 5c, 12c (gum wrinkle) and 20c; imperforate vertically pairs of 2c, 3c & 5c (these three with straight edge), 12c Map, 5c McGee and 20c; imperforate horizontally pairs of 1c, 2c, 3c, both 5c and 20c. All NH and mostly VF (Unitrade cat. $4,560)

Photo (38K) Photo 2 (38K) Photo 3 (94K)
Est. 1000.00 +
1249 King George V Scroll, Mint NH Imperforate and Part Perforated Pairs All VF NH mint (unless otherwise mentioned), 8 different imperforate pairs including 10c to 20c & $1; 6 different pairs imperforate vertically 1c fine, 8c toned gum, includes better 10c & 20c; 9 different pairs imperforate horizontally 1c fine, 4c toned, 10c to 20c & $1. Unitrade $8,545.

Photo (36K) Photo 2 (36K) Photo 3 (56K)
Est. 2000.00 +
1250 King George V Scroll Imperforate & Part Imperforate Pairs Nice selection of 19 different pairs, all fresh and well centered; includes imperforate pairs of 1c to 10c & 20c; imperforate vertically pairs of 1c, 2c, 4c, 5c, 8c and 10c; imperforate horizontally pairs of 3c, 4c, 8c, 10c & 12c. VF NH (Unitrade cat. $4,950)

Photo (33K) Photo 2 (33K) Photo 3 (102K) Photo 4 (85K)
Est. 1250.00 +
1251 KGV & KGVI Mint / NH Assortment Includes singles, blocks, booklet panes, coils and plate blocks displayed on stock pages. Noted Scroll issue NH blocks to 12c plus 50c Bluenose block (lower pair NH), Arch issue NH blocks up to 12c plus a few plate blocks, #198i NH block, KGVI War Effort NH set in blocks, 1946 Peace set in NH plate blocks, back-of-book with airmails, dues an special delivery noting five shades of E1 mint, etc. F-VF H-NH; high catalogue value

Photo (54K) Photo 2 (54K)
Est. 1500.00 +
1252 Scroll to KGVI Era Coils A selected quality collection, mainly in pairs, virtually all present from 1c Scroll to 4c orange KGVI (a few in strips of four), also Scroll paste-up pairs, some Arch & Medallion line pairs, also repair paste-up pairs or strips for #228, 238-240, 279, 281, 295 and jump strips #278i, 281i, 298ii, 309ii, etc. Appears all NH, majority VF-XF centered

Photo (45K) Photo 2 (45K) Photo 3 (48K)
Est. 1000.00 +
1253 1974/1998 Definitive Issue - Imperforate Coil Pairs Selection of 18 different imperforate pairs, includes different papers on five issues; from 1974 Caricature to 1990s Flag Series; also duplicate 39c and 42c. Fresh and VF NH (Unitrade cat. $4,875)

Photo (77K) Photo 2 (77K) Photo 3 (89K)
Est. 750.00 +
1254 Wilding & Cameo Taqging Collection Displayed on album pages with write-up and coloured images, includes 16 mint (plus two used) singles, multiples (3) and a cover. Noted several one-bar tags, two sets of six mint NH singles of 4c & 5c Wilding experimental tags with relevant documentation, #340p UR block with centre bar shifted 5mm to right, also a single used #340p with triple tagging, #341p LL experimental tag block of four, #341p one-bar tag (W2aC; two mint examples), etc.

Photo (72K) Photo 2 (72K)
Est. 600.00 +
1255 1967-1979 Commemoratives Tagging Varieties and Errors Extensive lot on album pages with write-up and coloured images, about 100 different varieties and errors on commemoratives represented by a mint and/or used example, plus multiples. A remarkable range of better untagged errors noting #567aiT1 and 618used pair, mint NH #611, 614-616, 619, 624, 647a se-tenant block on FDC, 684 mint and used, 690, 704 matched set of corner blocks, 704 pair - right hand stamp with major displacement of silver, 732, 817, 818a, B11 UR imprint block on FDC, B12; numerous one-bar tags including better such as 1974 Summer & Winter sport blocks, 1974 UPU large showing including an unusual 8c mint block with left pair untagged, 1979 Canada Day sheet of 12 one-bar tagged (G2aL). An unusually strong collection of its kind.

Photo (38K) Photo 2 (38K) Photo 3 (45K) Photo 4 (85K)
Est. 3000.00 +
1256 Centennial Tagging Varieties & Errors Collection A remarkable lot on album pages with write-up and coloured images with about 125 different tagging varieties and errors represented by a mint and/or used example, plus various multiples, coils, booklets and covers. A wealth of seldom seen material including one-bar tags, tagging spacing varieties, etc. An attractive in-depth collection ready for further specialization.

Photo (67K) Photo 2 (67K) Photo 3 (51K) Photo 4 (60K)
Est. 1500.00 +
1257 1973-1976 Caricature Tagging Varieties and Errors On album pages with write-up and coloured images, about 100 different tagging varieties and errors from 1c to 8c including coils and some Landscapes issues as well. Mint and/or used are represented, plus various multiples, booklets and covers. Large assortment of one-bar tags, precancels, missing bars and spacing varieties. A useful lot which has many items not readily available.

Photo (122K) Photo 2 (122K) Photo 3 (63K)
Est. 1000.00 +
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