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Saturday, November 4, 2017

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Lot Catalogue Number Description Catalogue Value or Estimate
980 P Selection of Pence & Cents Plate Proofs Group of 19 different (two in pairs) mostly on india paper; noting better such as Unitrade 2TCii, 2TCvi, 2TCx, 8TCii with Major Re-entry (Pos. 60), 16Pi, 18Pi, 18Pii, 19TCi, 19TCii, 20TCii, etc. The odd proof with mounting mark or india imperfections, F-VF or better (Unitrade $7,250)

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Est. 1,500.00 +
981 Extensive Three Pence Beaver Collection Identified by shades and papers on quadrilled pages including numerous plate varieties (with diagram illustrating plating traits). Includes 57 used singles (two with red concentric rings cancels), six pairs including a beautiful #4 vertical pair (A43, A53) with sharp impression, another pair (A43-A44) on piece with London AU 13 1855 ex. Huff (Dec. 1986; Lot 1151) and a bold cancelled but sound 3p red, perf 11 horizontal pair, also a strip of three (ex. Clifton Huff, Feb. 1987; Lot 105). Among the numerous singles we noted two Cracked Plate (Pos. A31; Unitrade #4xi), Re-entries such as A34 on #4, 4d and 4iv; A88 short transfer variety at right on #4; B42 on #4, 4a (2) 4d; B61 on #4. Also two different plate proofs, three covers with 3p frankings, one shows blue cameo advert on reverse. Condition somewhat mixed in places but often sound with clear to full margins. An excellent nucleus for further study and expansion.

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Est. 3,500.00 +
982 Pence and Cents Selection of seven Pence and nine Cents issues, noting better such as two #1 (one with Greene cert.) both with oxidation but sound, #7a mostly large margins, small corner crease (Greene cert.), unused 8, 10 used touching frame at top, clear to adequate margins on other sides, #11 & 17 unused, #17v Double Epaulette used, #18 mint, etc. Mixed to Fine or better

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Est. 3,000.00 +
983 Selection of Pence & Cents Issues Includes better items such as used #2, 4 nice late printing, 5 into frame at foot but showing small part of imprint at top, 8, 9, 10 repaired (1979 PF cert.), #11, 12, etc. Also Cents with 1c (4), 2c, 5c (7), 10c (2), 12 (4) and 17c in mixed condition.

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Est. 2,000.00 +
984 Selection of Pence & Cents Issue Covers Displayed on leaves with write-up and two stockpages; 15 covers: includes 1857 (JA 22) 3p in unusual shade on folded cover from Port Hope; 1858 (DE 30) 3p cut into but tied by 4-ring '2' in blue from Belleville to Brockville. CENTS issue covers with 1866 (Ottawa AP 10) 1c rose usage on choice local cover; 1864 (JY 11) yellow envelope with 5c from Mount Brydges; 1864 (AU 15) orange envelope with well centered 5c showing Re-entry (State 5; Pos. 9) Montreal to Manila, C.W.; 1864 (SP 5) B. Hutchins Wholesale Grocers Montreal albino embossed advert envelope with 5c to Manila. A group of five Ten cent Consort covers including early date 1860 (NO 24) Chatham to New York; 10c Re-entry (Pos. 29) on 1864 (JY 6) cover Fonthill to USA; a 1865 (FE 9) 12c cover from Toronto "per Canadian Packet" to Scotland, etc. Minor flaws to be expected but overall nice condition

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Est. 750.00 +
985 1859-1868 Five Cent Beaver - An Incredible Lifetime Plating Collection Housed in four deluxe 2-post albums with slipcase, arranged by Position Number 1 to 100 (each for States 1 to 11), an impressive array with over 750 stamps including a few pairs or larger pieces, also about 130 covers, mostly single or double domestic rates but noted multiples and unusual rates. Each item described with a small diagram with identifying marks, supplemented with detailed notes (according to Whitworth) on state number, plate position, plate flaw or re-entry number, shades, perforations, etc. Noted a few pre-print paper folds and thin to thick carton-like papers, various varieties such as Rock in Waterfall, Log in Waterfall, Split Beaver, Major Re-entry (State 10; Position 28). The strength of this remarkable collection is in the large amount of stamps and covers with significant plate varieties. A lifetime endeavour requiring countless hours to find and properly identify each stamp was made by the owner; quite understandably many of the specific state / plate number will never be found as no plate characteristic have yet been identified (designated by Whitworth as "normal"), which makes the ultimate goal of finding all 100 positions from all 11 states for a total of 1,100 more possible. Condition varies from mixed to Fine or better including numerous highly select items. Viewing is highly recommended for a greater appreciation of the amount research displayed.

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Est. 5,000.00 +
986 Five Cent Beaver - Unused Stamps Remarkable display of 31 unused or mint singles, one pair and one rejoined mint block of four (with 2006 Sismondo cert.), all carefully plated and identified. Noted better such as Re-entries according to Whitworth: RE12 + RE20 State 5, Pos. 95-96 unused pair, RE19 State 8 Pos. 96 mint OG, plate variety PF8 State 4, Pos. 39, etc. A few minor flaws but mainly Fine or better

Photo (40K) Photo 2 (40K)
Est. 1,500.00 +
987 Five Cent Beaver - Used Multiples Interesting lot of hard to find multiples from strips of three to blocks of six or larger, all carefully plated and identified. Noting strips of three (11) including one on thick paper (tear on one) well centered with partially legible blue 4-ring '49' cancels, strips of four (4), blocks of four (9), a nice used block of six. Several unusual franked covers including strip of three on 1859 (December 1) cover, 1860 (March 23) large blue cover somewhat reduced at sides bearing an impressive horizontal strip of 9 and a single for 10-time domestic rate from Brantford to Toronto; vertical strip of three on 1866 cover from Brantford to Toronto, lower stamp Whitworth Re-entry No. 4 (State 6; Position 22); a block of six (UR stamp faulty) pen cancelled on somewhat reduced 1864 registered cover from Walkerton to Goderich; block of four along with pair of 1c rose, paying quadruple registered rate from London to Goderich (stamps and cover have faults); vertical strip of three (creased on top stamp) on 1866 domestic registered cover; vertical strip of four on 1866 cover; pair on 1863 registered cover, file fold through pair, but right-hand stamp shows "Log in Waterfall" variety (State 4; Position 50); strip of three and single on 1865 cover, centre stamp in strip has what K. Kershaw describes as the "Rising Trout" variety (reported in BNA Topics July-September 2009, page 74-75). Understandably condition is variable, a useful lot for the specialist.

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Est. 2,000.00 +
988 Five Cent Beaver - Named Flaws An impressive selection of Whitworth listed and carefully identified (by state of plate and position) printing flaws that took years to assemble, with 29 singles and a cover, majority are different. Better known and sought-after items are included such as Whitworth PF2 "Crown Line", 7 "Sun Rays", 11+17A plate scratches, 13 Curved Parallel Scratches below "T" of "CENTS", 20 Split Beaver, 29 Log in Waterfall, 59 Low Moon, 60 (two examples) Rock in Waterfall, 61 Leaping Fish, 62 Comet Flaw, 64 (two examples) High Moon, 68 + 124 Burning Bush & Break under "E" of "VE", etc. Minor flaws but many are sound. An excellent opportunity to acquire many of the recognized and highly sought-after plate varieties of the Five cent Beaver.

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Est. 1,500.00 +
989 Five Cent Beaver - Re-entries On quadrilled pages with write-up, all plated and identified by Whitworth with 9 different and two covers. Includes Whitworth RE1 (State 1; Pos. 29, corner fault), RE2 (State 7; Pos. 92), RE15 (State 10; Pos. 83), RE43 (State 9, Pos. 31), RE49 (State 9, Pos. 21) ERD on cover dated 1867 JA 24, RE50 (State 1; Pos. 43), etc. Also two clever fakes, one on 1864 cover from Chambly Basin, C.E. and a single (with clear 1990 Greene cert.). A few flaws but difficult to assemble, Fine or better Est. 500.00 +
990 Five Cent Beaver - Lot of Covers About 50 covers, many plated and identified; mostly domestic single frankings with an excellent range of year dates, shades, postmarks and a few advertising. Also three stockpages with covers and fronts in mixed condition (not counted). Condition varies but noticed some clean, choice covers, F-VF

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Est. 1,000.00 +
991 Five Cent Beaver - Additional Material An interesting group, for the most part with copious notes on state of the plate and plate position (along with diagram of characteristic traits), over 300 examples, a high percentage still in their original glassine (ex Bileski stock) and other more "recent" purchases that never made it to the main collection, noting numerous Whitworth listed plate flaws (such as nice used "Split Beaver" PF20, State 4, Pos. 90, etc), re-entries, thin to very thick papers about 20 covers including a 1859 (July 8) single franking Toronto to Brantford with JY 9 receiver, roughly opened at top, barely affecting stamp but still a remarkably early usage, various town cancelled covers, etc. Mixed condition but mainly Fine or better; a useful and fun lot for the plate / variety specialist.

Photo (31K) Photo 2 (31K)
Est. 1,500.00 +
992 P Five Cent Beaver - Miscellaneous Three different proofs in issued colour, black and orange yellow, latter with non-constant ink flaw at UR; mounted on album page with used singles representing the eleven States of the plate, four used "imperf" singles, one of which is quite convincing (clear 1976 PF cert.) but sold as is; a double perf variety and one example imperf at lower right, strong kiss prints (three examples which can easily be mistaken for re-entries), etc. Mixed to Fine or better Est. 750.00 +
993 Five Cent Beaver - Balance of Specialized Collection Over 100 used examples, plated or partially plated, the latter by positioning the flaw by area within the stamp (i.e. Crown, top right 5, lower right 5, Postage, etc.). Also a small box containing one hundred envelopes - one for each position with a total of over 200 stamps (by state of plate and plate position), plus a few glassines and cards containing well over 400 unplated stamps unchecked for varieties. Closer examination will certainly reveal better stamps, postmarks, etc. A great lot for study. Est. 2,000.00 +
994 Large Queen Selection Includes #22 fresh mint, #23 centered high, disturbed OG, #25 unused, #28 three unused, #29b early red lilac shade part OG, #30, two used #33 laid paper, one faintly cancelled at first glance appears unused, both have a crease. Also Small Queen 2c green first Ottawa printing and 3c copper red mint singles. F-VF

Photo (67K) Photo 2 (67K) Photo 3 (57K)
Est. 1,500.00 +
995 Extensive Collection of Large & Small Queen Issues Displayed on stockpages with 47 mostly used Large Queens including shades and cancels; over 200 Small Queens with emphasis on used, noting early to late printings and cancels, plus some Widow Weeds and RLS. Condition from mixed to F-VF including choice used stamps; an excellent introduction for specialization

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Est. 1,000.00 +
996 Canadian Bank Note Company Plate Essays In mounts on quadrille pages with write-up, includes 1c yellow (close at left) and 3c black lithographed on white surface wove paper; engraved 1c pair in orange on card, light crease at top 2c singles in dark green on card mounted india paper and blue on india with light staining. Also 2c vermilion UPU card issued 1896 from Quebec SP 21 98 to India, redirected to London with transit and receiver markings. F-VF

Photo (66K) Photo 2 (66K) Photo 3 (74K)
Est. 750.00 +
997 Small Queen Collection & Assortment Displayed on leaves with detailed write up, c to 8c values including a few covers, noting three-colour franking on 1895 cover to Switzerland, excellent showing of early printings of the 1c and 3c, many selected used singles. Also dozens displayed on cards from half cent to Widow Weeds, noting fancy & Crown cancels, beautiful dated examples, 10c imperforate pair (light crease), six WJG perfins and an S.L A Co. perfin on 50c Widow Weed, etc. Mixed to mainly F-VF

Photo (62K) Photo 2 (62K) Photo 3 (69K) Photo 4 (56K) Photo 5 (42K) Photo 6 (72K)
Est. 1,000.00 +
998 Two-Ring Numerals on Small Queen Covers 28 different numerals on 30 covers and a front, mostly with an early printing 3c, clarity of strikes from partially legible to very fine, noted better such as superb "6" on 3c copper red pair MR 9 70 cover to New York; unusually clear '34' on 3c orange on pretty JU 2 1873 cover to Restigouche; clear '37' on 3c dull red, perf 11x12 to Royal Canadian Insurance Co. envelope to Truro; very fine '46' on slightly overlapping 2c & 3c perf 11x12 on yellow registered cover to Toronto; light '48' on well centered 3c orange to NO 14 73 cover front from Simcoe; clear '49' on 3c copper red on small cover to Gananoque, two covers with '59' on single 3c perf 11x12, etc. Condition from mixed to selected VF

Photo (34K) Photo 2 (34K) Photo 3 (33K) Photo 4 (32K) Photo 5 (27K)
Est. 750.00 +
999 Half Cent Small Queen Cover Assortment Nine covers, a wrapper and a cover front with multiple frankings of Small Queen, mostly mixed-issue frankings, noting pair tied by unusual Montreal double oval in purple on cover to England; pair along 1c tied by Halifax oval parcel cancels to handmade wrapper to USA; 1900 AP 28 cover bearing c SQ along with c Leaf and Numeral and 10c special delivery (E1) from Parry Sound to Toronto, c strips for 5c UPU rate to Denmark; four different issue franked 1905 cover (5c rate) to Spain; couple uprated postal envelopes - one to France and other to Belgium, etc. The key item is a large envelope opened on three sides for display mailed registered to Jamaica (25c rate), franked with a 3c and c strip of four, on reverse eight strips of five of the c, roller cancelled at Montreal, via New York with registry label affixed, Jamaica FE 12 97 receiver, minor edge flaws. A nice lot of covers franked with the Half cent Small Queen, Fine to Very Fine

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Est. 750.00 +
1000 Five Cent Small Queen Covers Seven covers: 1876 (SP 22) 5c olive green perf 11x12 Montreal duplex to Scotland; 1879 (SP 15) 5c olive grey on pristine yellow envelope Papineauville to England; 1882 (SP 22) 5c slate green pair to Scotland, redirected; 1887 (SP 19) 5c on short paid cover (2p handstamp due); 1882 (JY 28) 5c deep olive green on clean cover to England; 1895 (FE 25) 5c grey with perf flaws on choice mourning envelope with Goderich squared circle to Holland; and 1896 (MY 12) 5c grey pair on cover to England, redirected to Venice at no extra charge. F-VF

Photo (42K) Photo 2 (42K)
Est. 350.00 +
1001 Large Assortment of Small Queen Covers Includes 36 covers franked with Small Queens 1871 to late 1890s; plus 43 postal cards / envelopes (various types including CPR wrappers) 1876 to 1890s. Also five 3c Large Queen covers. Wide range of domestic and Trans-Atlantic rates, shade and postmark interest, etc. Condition mixed to Fine or better.

Photo (29K) Photo 2 (29K) Photo 3 (34K) Photo 4 (26K)
Est. 750.00 +
1002 Diamond Jubilee Postal History Written up on quadrille pages with 19 covers and 10 cards. Many different rates, frankings and cancellations; several better such as a 15c single-franking registered to England in 1906, 3c cancelled by fancy "G" (Lacelle 429) from Grand Narrows SP 27 97 to Halifax, 3c + 2c on cover to Germany with neat Not Called For Toronto octagonal datestamp on its return, 10c (2) + 2c Numeral on large Bank of Montreal fragment, a pristine cover with pair of 3c Small Queen and two 1c Jubilee dated Eganville OC 1 97 to Montreal, 1c card uprated with single 2c to Galicia (now Ukraine); also various clean domestic rate covers, instructional & RPO markings on others, etc. Some with minor flaws but generally clean throughout. A nice lot, F-VF

Photo (35K) Photo 2 (35K)
Est. 750.00 +
1003 Selection of Leaf & Numeral Plate Multiples In mounts on pages with write-up, 18 items, plate strips of three or four stamps with Leaf Issue 1c Pl. 1, 2 and 3, 2c Pl. 2, 3c Pl. 6; then Numeral c Pl. 1 (NH block of 8), 2c purple Pl. 2, 2c carmine Die I, Pl. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, then Die II Pl. 15, 16 (2), 18, and 1899 2c on 3c Leaf provisional Pl. 6 block of 8. Minor flaws on some, generally Fine or better centering, some stamps NH.

Photo (37K) Photo 2 (37K)
Est. 500.00 +
1004 In Depth Leaf & Numeral Postal History Collection Well studied and written up on pages, 88 items including covers, postal envelopes and cards (including private cards), letter cards, etc. Organized by rates and destinations. Many more common rates are in selected quality. Noted better such as c Leaf single SP 26 98 unsealed and addressed locally, 1c Leaf wrapper from Mariahilf, Assa AU 23 02 to the Netherlands with receiver backstamp, 1c Leaf + 3c Numeral book post rate to UK, 2c Numeral MAR 29 1899 cover to Bermuda, 2c blue Leaf card to Japan, 2c Numeral on private post card SEP 26 98 to Portugal, two 10c (E1) covers, 2c Map + 3c Numeral on MR 99 cover to Belgium, 5c Leaf JA 6 98 cover to India (repaired), 1c + 3c Leaf pairs Prince Albert, Sask FE 28 98 for 8c registered rate to USA, clean 8c Leaf DE 23 97 (very early use) registered cover, 10c Numeral pair & 50c Widow Weed pair on bulk receipt (1c per pound rate), etc. An excellent introduction to the late Queen Victorian era; ready for expansion.

Photo (25K) Photo 2 (25K) Photo 3 (32K) Photo 4 (26K)
Est. 1,000.00 +
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