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Friday, February 23, 2018

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Lot Catalogue Number Description Catalogue Value or Estimate
1 Mid 1920s 4c-$1 King George V Admiral Issue A fabulous COMPLETE set of eight imperforate pairs, plus the very difficult imperforate pair of War Tax 2c+1c brown, Die II, wet printing. All nine pairs originate from the upper right corner of the sheet and left side of the guide arrow; see note below regarding the $1 orange pair. Each pair is exceptionally fresh and displays large margins; apart from the 4 cent, 50 cent and 2c+1c War Tax pair issued without gum, all are hinged in the sheet margin only leaving each pair NEVER HINGED.

- 4c yellow ochre (Plate 6) negligible gum thin on right stamp, VF
- 5c violet, redrawn framelines (Plate 23), VF
- 7c red brown (Plate 7), VF
- 8c blue (Plate 1), pinhole at UR corner frame of right-hand stamp, VF
- 10c bistre brown (Plate 25), VF
- 20c olive green, retouched vertical line in upper right spandrel (Plate 9), faint bend, VF
- 50c black brown, re-engraved (Plate 4), usual faults as many known examples do and confined to right stamp, VF appearance
- $1 orange (Plate 1), light vertical gum crease, otherwise pair VF
- 2c+1c dark brown, Die II (Plate 17) additional shows printing order "937G" number, ungummed as issued, VF; ex. Michael Roberts (December 2006; Lot 1284)

(Unitrade 110a-122a, MR4c)

Each of these elusive imperforates originate from a single sheet - being the Upper Left Pane of 100 stamps from which a maximum of 50 pairs can still exist.

The One dollar orange imperforate sheet showed a very light impression of the plate imprint; see article in Admiral Log Volume XIII, December 2013. Accordingly the guide arrow is absent.


Photo (49K) Photo 2 (49K) Photo 3 (46K) Photo 4 (49K) Photo 5 (45K) Photo 6 (45K) Photo 7 (48K) Photo 8 (43K) Photo 9 (49K)
2 1c, 2c & 3c Admiral (Wet Printing), Part Perforate Coils (Sheet Format) Set of three pairs, characteristic deep rich colours only found on the wet printings, with intact perforations and extremely well centered for these; apart from one natural gum inclusion on the 3c, choice VF NH (Unitrade 126c, 128ai, 130a)

Photo (97K) Photo 2 (97K) Photo 3 (98K)
3 1c, 2c & 3c Admiral (Wet Printing) Part Perforate Coils (Sheet Format) Well centered mint blocks that are notorious for being often badly centered, large part original gum, relatively lightly hinged; few blunt perfs at left on 2c. A scarce trio in well-above average condition, VF LH (Unitrade 126c, 128a, 130a)

Photo (77K) Photo 2 (77K) Photo 3 (83K)
4 3c Carmine, Die I (Wet Printing), Part Perforate Coil An unusually well centered mint block imperforate horizontally, characteristic deep shade associated with this issue, intact perforations and full original gum; VF NH (Unitrade 130a)

Photo (78K)
5 1c Yellow, Die I (Wet Printing), Imperforate An impressive positional interpanneau block showing complete guide arrow in sheet margin at top; left pair being Positions 10 & 20 from upper left pane and right-hand pair Positions 1 & 11 from upper right pane; LH in selvedge leaving stamps NH. Very few interpanneau multiples have survived; a wonderful item for the specialist, VF (Unitrade 136 variety)

Photo (54K)
Est. 1000.00 +
6 3c Carmine (Dry Printing), Imperforate Left margin mint block showing an unusual etched "9" and a ghost print of pyramid lines in the sheet margin; quite possibly originating from the unissued (Plate 129-131) plates, VF OG (Unitrade 138 variety) ex. "Lindemann" collection

Photo (56K)
Est. 250.00 +
7 2c+1c Yellow Brown, Die I War Tax A large margined imperforate block with sheet margin left, ungummed as issued, VF (Unitrade MR4b)

Photo (54K)
8 2c+1c Yellow Brown, Die I War Tax A selected, fresh, full margined imperforate block, ungummed as issued, VF (Unitrade MR4b)

Photo (71K)
9 2c+1c Dark Brown, Die II War Tax An impressive, rarely seen imperforate block of the elusive die, characteristic rich colour, top pair with horizontal crease along bottom frameline, lower pair completely sound, ungummed as issued. Blocks of four are rare (a sole sheet of 100 stamps was issued), VF (Unitrade MR4c) ex. Harry Lussey (June 1981; Lot 1343)

Photo (70K)
10 2c+1c Dark Brown, Die II War Tax An imperforate pair of the scarcer die with remarkably large margins, small ink spot on reverse, fresh and ungummed as issued; a very scarce pair in sound condition, VF (Unitrade MR4c) ex. Robert Chaplin (January 1989; Lot 948)

Photo (45K)
11 2c+1c Yellow Brown, Die I War Tax Left margin block imperforate vertically, natural inclusion on one stamp, very scarce with such superior centering, VF-XF (Unitrade MR4ii)

Photo (63K)
12 2c+1c Yellow Brown, Die I War Tax A nice block of four imperforate vertically, bright colour, ungummed as issued; a scarce multiple with almost VF centering (Unitrade MR4ii)

Photo (76K)
13 2c+1c Yellow Brown, Die I War Tax A choice horizontal pair imperforate vertically, well-above centering for this with lovely bright colour and ungummed as issued, VF, scarce this nice (Unitrade MR4ii)

Photo (47K)
14 2c+1c Yellow Brown, Die I War Tax A brilliant fresh block imperforate horizontally, reperfed at left, right pair is unusually well centered, ungummed as issued, VF; cat. for a pair only (Unitrade MR4iv) ex. Robert Chaplin (January 1989; Lot 950)

Photo (79K)
15 2c+1c Yellow Brown, Die I War Tax Vertical pair, imperforate horizontally, centered a bit right as often, bright fresh colour and ungummed as issued, F-VF (Unitrade MR4iv)

Photo (93K)
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