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Lot Catalogue Number Description Catalogue Value or Estimate
816 Brandon 1-105-ID 1c Yellow, Die I Style 1, inverted, double, rare, Fine

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817 St. Thomas 1-118-I 10c Light Brown Style 1, inverted, fresh, VF

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818 Toronto 6-116-D 10c Plum Style 6, double, Fine+

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819 Toronto 6-116-ID 10c Plum Style 6, inverted, double, well centered and choice, VF

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150.00 +
820 Toronto 7-117-D 10c Blue Style 7, double, Fine+

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821 Toronto 9-112 5c Violet Style 9, bright fresh and VF

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822 Winnipeg 3-104-ID 1c Dark Green Style 3, inverted, double, second impression light but legible, very scarce, F-VF

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823 Extensive City Type Precancels Collection on Admiral Stamps From Beamsville to Walkerville, numerous different cities / style combination, all on Admirals, noting a wealth of better items such as Beamsville 1-109, Brockville 3-107-I, Calgary 1-112a thin, Estevan 1-104, 1-104-I, Galt 1-109, 1-109-I, Hamilton 1-120, Moncton 2-113-I, 3-114, 3-118-I, Montreal 4-112-I, North Battleford 1-119, Peterboro 1-112-I, 1-117, 1-117-I, Quebec 3-105-I block of four, Regina 2-116-D small faults, St. Thomas 1-120 small thin, 1-122 smudge cancel, Toronto 6-119-I, 7-MR4 small tear, Victoria 1-106, 1-106-I, 1-111, Winnipeg 4-115, etc. Also couple pages with duplicates (not counted). Minor flaws in places but mainly sound examples, Fine to Very Fine; a useful lot (Standard Precancel catalogue 7th edition cat. $5,330)

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Est. 1,500.00 +
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