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Friday, November 9, 2018

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Lot Catalogue Number Description Catalogue Value or Estimate
363 1-18 1937 3p-25r King George V Issues of India Overprinted "BURMA" The complete set of eighteen, exceptional colours, light diagonal natural bend(s) on 10r, 15r & 25r but these three are never hinged, rest are clean LH. All fresh mint and unusually seen as such, F-VF (Scott cat. for hinged; SG1-18 2,500)

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364 O1-O14 1937 3p-10r King George V Issues of India Overprinted "BURMA / SERVICE" Complete set of fourteen, bright colours and fresh, F-VF LH (SG O1-O14 900)

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365 Extensive KGV India Used in Burma Collection Mounted on 50 quadrilled pages, many with have 30 or more stamps all identified and on KGV issues with legible to superbly struck Burmese town postmarks. Emphasis on low - medium values, including blocks, multiple frankings on pieces, etc. A neat, in-depth collection of India Used in Burma; a useful lot for further specialization.

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Est. 300.00 +
366 India Used in Burma - Extensive Assortment of Covers About 450 covers mostly displayed in glassine envelope or plastic sleeves, many have quick identification notes with some stampless, Victorian and Edwardian issues on covers; however, the main focus is on KGV issues of India, noting registered mail, registered letter and postal envelopes, multiple frankings, small town cancels and incoming mail. Condition from mixed to very fine; a valuable lot for a specialist wanting to study rates, postal markings, etc.

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Est. 750.00 +
367 King George V Issue of India - Specialized Collection of Overprinted Issues Mounted on quadrilled pages starting with lovely fresh mint set of 18, followed by an in-depth study of "BURMA" overprints - different thickness of lettering often in blocks of four or larger, noted 3a6p inverted watermarks / shades, 12a with Broken "A" in BURMA variety (in two blocks), 1r blocks (2), 2r invert watermark block, 5r NH, etc. Then an extensive study of the one and two "BURMA" and "SERVICE" overprint operations / spacing between overprints, etc. in blocks with identified measurements, noting high values 1r, 2r, 5r, 10r in mint blocks with lower pairs NH, also 5r with two blocks of six, etc. Many stamps are NH and in clean condition, F-VF; a valuable lot for the specialist. (Scott US$7,258 for normal hinged stamps)

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Est. 2,500.00 +
368 Collection of Used KGV Issues of India Overprinted "BURMA" Mounted on quadrilled pages, noting high values such as 2r block of four with neat Myanaung CDS, 15r Mandalay CDS, 25r with partial 1939 CDS, plus many low to mid values in used blocks. Also Officials BURMA / SERVICE used set of 14, fake overprinted 10r and 25r for reference. Mainly Fine or better with many nice postmarks Est. 500.00 +
369 1939-1974 Clean Mint / NH Collection Displayed on quadrilled pages, includes regulars, commemoratives, officials, some Japanese Occupation, Interim periods, etc. Noted better such as O15-O27 (2), O43-O55, O94-O115, 1N37-1N42, etc. Much is NH especially 1950s on. Clean and F-VF

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Est. 400.00 +
370 1947 Interim Burmese Government Issues - Overprint Varieties Displayed on six quadrilled pages, includes regular issued 3p, 6p, 9p (2), 2a6p, 3a6p mint with inverted overprint; 6p and 3a with double overprints. Also 3p brown, four mint blocks of 56 (8x7) and one mint block of 48 (8x6), with mint NH varieties SG Type 18a (1), Type 18b (1), Type 18b corrected as Type 18 (1), Type 18a corrected as Type 18 (1), plus a few non-Gibbons listed "Extra Characters". Elusive group, F-VF

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Est. 350.00 +
371 Modern New Issues Mint NH and FDC New issues on stockpages from early 1990s to about 2012, sets often in blocks of four or larger in addition to singles. Supplemented with a myriad of FDC related to these issues, including government issued and privately made cachets, picture cards, maximum cards, post office new issue bulletins, etc. Scott value well over US$1,000 for mint alone. Seldom seen material. Est. 300.00 +
372 Collection / Accumulation of 1954-1968 Official Overprints Organized on stockpages with moderate duplication in places mostly on lower values, noting elusive varieties - double, inverted overprints, 1964 3p blue "Service" mint NH block of four, larger used blocks including usage on two covers, 1966-1967 Birds officials with in-depth study of overprints, varieties, etc. Nice ground for expansion and specialization.

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Est. 250.00 +
373 Large Assortment of Covers 1937-1950s Over 250 in glassines, sleeves or stockpages, mostly with identification notes, etc. Focus on KGVI era with a substantial showing of later issues to late 1950s, noting registered, Foreign destinations, censor marks / seals, airmails, flights, postal envelopes, multiple frankings, small town cancels, incoming mail. Condition from mixed to very fine; a worthwhile lot for studying rates, frankings, postal markings, etc.

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Est. 500.00 +
374 Airmail Flight Covers 1937-1950s About 75 covers, many opened and sealed by censor; instructional markings, different routes, first flights, frankings, incoming, etc. Many with brief notes for quick identification; also aerograms (used / unused). Noted a 1941 cover from US Embassy at Chungking (China) where Burmese stamps where affixed, five different crash covers, etc. An excellent introduction to an interesting area.

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Est. 500.00 +
375 Japanese Occupation Postal History Housed in two Lighthouse binders: Japanese Army Administration 1a scarlet Farmer on clean cover, Japan 5r (black) and 5r (red; doubled) on 30r Shrine on two uprated with Farmer issues on large registered postal envelope; 1943 Burmese Government Farmer issues with 25 covers noting better 5c carmine small "c" on neat cover, a few 1943 Independence Day, 1943 "Java" Issue on over 40 covers, 1944 Overprinted "Java" with a dozen covers. Duplication especially on Farmer and "Java" issues, as well as typical faults, a worthwhile and substantial lot for studying these complex issues, postmarks and rates.

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Est. 750.00 +
376 Japanese Occupation Used Postal Stationery Assortment of 68 postal envelopes with Japanese Occupation overprints, several have Japanese Occ. stamps affixed over KGVI stamp, duplication in places but offers different types of overprints, postmarks, seals, etc. Typical mixed condition; a useful lot.

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Est. 500.00 +
377 Japanese Occupation and BMA Unused Postal Stationery Approx 75 postal envelopes or postal cards, all unused from early double oval Postage Paid Moulmein to Burma State Crest 5c scarlet franked unused envelope, latter rather heavy duplicated but includes shades / printings, perf / imperf. Different type noted including Peacock overprints, thick / thin "X" overprints including an inverted "X" overprint on 6p post card, British Military Administration, etc. Light duplication in places, a nice lot of seldom seen material.

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Est. 500.00 +
378 POW Cards, Japanese Military Cards and Post-WWII OAS Covers Lot of 13 POW cards from Burmese / Thai Camps; also four different (three are illustrated patriotic) Japanese Military cards and a group of 17 "stampless" covers dated 1946 with various British Military cancels (appears all related to Burma). Usual mixed condition. Inspect for better markings, seals, censor marks, camps, etc.

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Est. 300.00 +
379 Extensive Accumulation of Modern Era Covers Several hundred covers early 1960s to 2010s with registered, Foreign destinations, impressive frankings, high values, EMS envelopes, postal stationery, definitive and commemoratives, commercial mail, airmail, local mail, meters, officials, printed matter, as well as postal markings and town postmarks, etc. Noted Union of Burma "unissued" stamp multiple frankings on covers. Condition as expected ranges from mixed to very fine. An incredible hoard of not often seen modern covers - a great subject for someone who wants to venture into a relatively untapped field.

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Est. 500.00 +
380 1937-1980s First Day Covers, Commemorative Cancels, Etc. Housed in two Lighthouse binders plus some loose, with "BURMA" overprinted KGV India issues on April 1, 1937 FDCs including various frankings / cachets, dozens afterward with emphasis on pre-1950 noting cachets, Interim double overprints on FDC, commemorative cancels, complete sets on FDC, etc. Noted as well Japanese Occupation era (circa. 1943) set of six original picture postcards (plus various reproductions of the same). Includes two handbooks on the subject.

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Est. 350.00 +
381 Collection of Picture Postcards Housed in three Lighthouse binders on stockpages, well over 200 different picture postcards from early 1900s to 1950s, emphasis on 1920s and 1930s. Many are franked with India stamps used with Burmese postmark; also some in unused condition, including various card manufacturers. Excellent assortment of scenes, tribes / peoples, temples, shrines, pagodas, etc.

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Est. 300.00 +
382 Picture Postcards Dozens of cards on stockpages; overall quite colorful depicting Peasants, Military and Revolutionary themes commemorating various events on the political agenda of that era. From late 1960s to early 2000s. Some cards with postage pre-paid frank (similar to a meter) and light duplication in places. A mostly unused and hard to find assembly ideal for enhancing a collection.

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Est. 200.00 +
383 Balance of Consignment Includes stockbook with an assortment noting select used Scott #16, 17, etc. springback album with KGVI collection including large selection of "BURMA" overprints and related officials, SG #27b Tick bird flaw used, etc. 2500th Anniversary of the Buddhist Era and Peacock topical collections; collection of locals, banknotes, cinderella and propaganda stamps, post office forms, new issue bulletins, presentation folders, commemorative cancels on covers, etc. Inspect. Est. 500.00 +
384 Literature About 20 different titles, various related directly or indirectly to Burma / Myanmar. Includes Japanese Occupation issues by Roberts & Smythies, same subject by Adgey-Edgar; Postal History of the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines 1942-1945 by Garrett 548 pages; Postal History of the POW and Civilian Internees in East Asia During WWII Volume 1 - Singapore & Malaya, 387 pages and Volume 1 - Burma, Thailand and Indochina, 380 pages; Burma Postal History including 1987 Supplement by Davis & Martin; India Used in Burma by Cooper, etc. HEAVY LOT Est. 200.00 +
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