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Friday, November 3, 2017

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Lot Catalogue Number Description Catalogue Value or Estimate
316 British Africa Large Assortment of Mint Sets Organized and identified on stockpages, colonies of note are Gold Coast, Mauritius, Natal, Nigeria, Rhodesia and Seychelles among others, with emphasis on KEVII to early QEII era including many better sets. Also several other colonies cataloguing from $75 to $300+ are present. A few flaws but mainly sound mint OG to NH. A useful lot for a show and internet dealer, F-VF (Scott US$13,254)

Photo (62K) Photo 2 (62K) Photo 3 (75K) Photo 4 (70K) Photo 5 (69K) Photo 6 (68K) Photo 7 (58K) Photo 8 (65K) Photo 9 (64K)
Est. 3,500.00 +
317 British West Indies & Atlantic Selection of Mint Sets Several dozen sets (some with two of the same) nicely organized on stockpages, Antigua to Virgin Islands from King George V to early QEII, plus a few KEVII stamps. Noted better such as Bermuda #53, 97, British Guiana #205-222, Dominica #65-82, Falklands #41-48, 84-96 (less 1sh3p), 107-120 NH, 1L19-1L33 NH, Grenada, Montserrat, St. Helena #56-70 (10sh dist. OG), Virgins, etc. The odd flaw but generally nice throughout, mint sets mostly LH or NH, F-VF (Scott US$9,565)

Photo (60K) Photo 2 (60K) Photo 3 (80K)
Est. 2,500.00 +
318 British Asia Better Mint Assortment Organized on six stockpages with several sets or partial sets, we note Brunei from first overprinted / surcharge issues to River Scenes, Ceylon & India from late Victorian era to KGVI including many of the high values, Malaya Crown CC $1, $2 (thin but with plate "1" number in right margin), Multiple Script CA $1, $2 and $5, Straits with various KEVII & KGV issues plus 20 different KEVII overprinted SPECIMEN to the $20 denomination. The odd flaw but mainly fresh mint. A useful lot, F-VF (Scott US$7,779)

Photo (73K) Photo 2 (73K) Photo 3 (62K) Photo 4 (76K)
Est. 2,000.00 +
319 British Europe Better Mint Assortment Organized on stockpages, several sets or partial sets with Cyprus Scott #61a/71 (less 2pi), 125-135; Gibraltar with various Queen Victoria to early QEII noting mint #16, 18, 29/38 (less #31), 39-45, 75; Malta with #17-18, 64, 77-84, 114a, etc. The odd flaw, toning spots or no gum stamps, mainly sound, OG to NH. F-VF (Scott US$4,645)

Photo (85K) Photo 2 (85K) Photo 3 (65K) Photo 4 (70K)
Est. 1,000.00 +
320 British Oceania Assortment of Mint Sets Many sets or partial sets (some with two of the same) nicely organized on stockpages, Cook Islands to Tuvalu, Queen Victoria to mainly KGVI & QEII to mid-1970s. Noted better such as Cook Islands #67-71, Niue, Samoa #120-125, Tonga #33-35. The odd flaw, mainly F-VF, OG to NH (Scott US$2,857)

Photo (95K) Photo 2 (95K)
Est. 600.00 +
321 1935-1967 Omnibus Series Displayed in two stockbooks and a springback album; noted some 1935 Silver Jubilee and 1946 Peace, 1948 Wedding (over 40 high values, some NH), 1951 University, 1953 Coronation, 1963 Freedom From Hunger and Red Cross, 1964 Shakespeare, 1965 ICY, 1965-1967 Churchill, 1966 Royal Visit, World Cup and WHO, 1966-1967 UNESCO, etc. Apart from first two there is excellent coverage with much NH; light duplication noted. Overall F-VF Est. 500.00 +
322 Balance of Consignment Nine stockbooks by colony, sparse in places but hundreds of used from QV to KGVI, notably Asia with India, Ceylon and Hong Kong, also British West Indies, used Canada 1859-1867 5c Beaver including nice examples and minor varieties, also a binder of South Africa, two albums of GB covers / cards franked mostly with Victorian stamps many of which having squared circles including similar type cancels on India covers / cards, British colonies selection of approx 50 used postal stationery items, each mounted on quadrille pages with write-up, etc. Est. 500.00 +
323 Old-Time Stock Organized by Scott number in small glassines, 22 different colonies represented with emphasis on Victorian era up to KGV issues, noted better assortments of Canada, Australia, New South Wales and Rhodesia; a high percentage are used, duplication ranges mainly from 1 to 30. Condition from faulty to F-VF, useful for postmarks, shades and printings. (Scott 2016 US$21,460; detailed inventory enclosed) Est. 2,000.00 +
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