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Friday, November 9, 2018

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Lot Catalogue Number Description Catalogue Value or Estimate
593 Aero Club of Canada & Estevan - Winnipeg Promotional Flight Includes CLP2 mint single creased, CLP3 unused no gum (3; one is CLP3b), plus a used single, CLP3 and CLP3b flight covers from Toronto to New York, both with ageing and usual flaws, one with unusual "VIA AEROPLANE" straightline in blue; CLP5 and CLP5i mint hinged singles, also CLP5 and CLP5i on separate promotional envelopes, small faults, etc., an interesting lot (Unitrade $4,475) Est. 1,250.00 +
594 Laurentide Air Service Ltd. Includes CL2 NH, 2c, 3; mint panes of two of CL2 LH, CL2c and CL4, last two with disturbed OG from interleave, CL4a partial booklet of two panes with interleaves adhered on gum side; and CL3 and CL4 envelopes both with large three-line Trans-Canada Flight cachet. (Unitrade $2,915) Est. 750.00 +
595 Northern Air Service Includes unused CL5b and CL5a tÍte-bÍche pair, CL5 and CL5b used singles; seven first flight covers - six show different combinations of route and / or with normal airmail stamp or with the blue dot left of monogram variety, plus another eight non-first flight covers (two with CL5b airmail). (Unitrade $4,375) Est. 1,250.00 +
596 Jack V. Elliot Air Service Includes mint CL6 (the four different types; one is NH), mint pane of eight (no selvedge at right) and two covers; CL7 used, CL7a imperf pair, creases at UR, and one cover. (Unitrade $1,765) Est. 500.00 +
597 Elliot-Fairchild Air Service Includes CL8, CL8c mint block, CL8 and CL8c NH singles, CL9b unused pair, CL9c NH, CL9, CL9c in NH block, CL9 mint pane, CL9 on commercial cover dated Rolling Portage MY 5 26, CL9 on a Roessler cover, etc. (Unitrade $1,970) Est. 600.00 +
598 Elliot Fairchild & Fairchild Air Transport Ltd. Includes mint CL10 (2; plus a used CDS single), CL10b, CL10 & CL10a NH pairs, CL10 pair part imperf between (toning), CL10 LH pane of five; CL10 Haileybury - Rouyn (and return) first flight covers; mint CL11 two shades, CL11a (2) and a flight cover; mint CL12a (2), etc. (Unitrade $2,625) Est. 750.00 +
599 Patricia Airways & Exploration Limited Includes 42 mint stamps, mainly different and in singles (couple are in multiples). Noted better such as CL13d disturbed OG, CL14g, CL15c unused, CL18 small "v" variety, CL19, 24, 25b NH block of four, 25h, 26c strip of four (2 NH), 27, 28, 28c, 29a, 29i, 29ai, 30, c, f, four different with inverted RED LAKE, etc. Minor flaws on a few, mostly F-VF or better (Unitrade $8,085) Est. 2,500.00 +
600 Patricia Airways & Exploration Limited Substantial lot of Style One and Style Two stamps on flight covers, starting with four CL13 precursors (AAMC cat. $350), followed by fourteen CL13 covers, some are non-first flights, some carried later by Western Airways, etc. CL14 (four different), CL15 (5 covers), and CL19. F-VF (Unitrade $5,100) Est. 1,500.00 +
601 Patricia Airways & Exploration Limited Style Three Rouletted issues on cover, mainly first flights carried by PA&E, plus a few others such as Western Airways and Patricia Airways, Ltd. Includes CL24 (5), 25 (2), 25a (5), 25b (2), 25c (14), 26, 26c (2), 26e (2), 27, 28 (4), 29, 29a, 29c, 30 inverted, 30c, 30f inverted (2). An extensive lot comprising a wide range of flights, cachets, routes, etc. F-VF (Unitrade as basic flight covers $10,325) Est. 3,000.00 +
602 Western Canada Airways Service Includes CL40 mint singles, blocks (3), block with extra vertical line of perforations, half pane of 25, two panes of 50 in different shades (minor flaws mainly confined to margins); CL41 singles, block, single with double perfs, half pane of 25. Most are NH. (Unitrade $2,730) Est. 600.00 +
603 Western Canada Airways Service Includes 102 flight covers - a high percentage different combination of routes, cachet and postmarks, first flight and commercial mails also noted. Ranging from May 10, 1927 to mid-1930s (no Waterways). Noted airline envelopes, registered mail, airmail stamp frankings with shades, minor varieties. An extensive lot ideal for a specialist, F-VF (Unitrade for basic covers $4,080) Est. 2,000.00 +
604 Western Canada Air Service Waterways - Aklavik Flights An extensive collection organized by Northbound and Southbound flights, with a number of different covers - majority being different with routes identified in parentheses. Northbound from Waterways (22) and then Southbound flights from Aklavik (12), Fort McPherson (10), Arctic Red River (9), Fort Good Hope (10), Fort Norman (8), Wrigley (4), Fort Simpson (6), Fort Resolution (5) and others (8). Much better coverage of these routes than we normally see with several better routes such as Hay River, Fort Fitzgerald, Arctic Red River, etc. Most with the octagonal flight cachet handstamp. F-VF (Unitrade for basic flight covers $3,760) Est. 1,500.00 +
605 Western Canada Airways Limited Ten pilot signed (plus one by postmaster) flight covers bearing a CL40 airmail along with regular issues, ranging on flights from May 10, 1927 to August 24, 1929. Several seldom seen, F-VF Est. 500.00 +
606 Western Canada Airways Jubilee Issue Seven different routes franked with CL41 airmail flown on July 1st - with Lac Du Bonnet to Slate Lake (pilot signed), Rice Lake, Long Lake; Long Lake to Lac Du Bonnet; Rolling Portage to Goldpines and return; and Rolling Portage to Red Lake (pilot signed). Also a CL41 airmail on a later cover 1930 cancelled by Medicine Hat - Moose Jaw flight (not counted). F-VF (Unitrade $2,625) Est. 750.00 +
607 Yukon Airways and Explorations Co. Ltd. Exhibit collection displayed on nicely written-up pages; 23 covers bearing 25c blue airmails, majority being different routes ranging from January 1928 to October 1929. Noted better October 27-28, 1929 Whitehorse - Atlin (and return) covers. Overall a clean, excellent representation of flights from this airline. VF (Unitrade as basic covers $1,560) Est. 750.00 +
608 Yukon Airways and Explorations Co. Ltd. Includes mint CL42 and CL42a "ArRWAYS" variety LH, two sets of reprints; 18 covers mostly flown during April of 1928 - various routes and return flights and three "Whitehorse Star" newspaper with single 25c blue airmail stamp; Whitehorse - Atlin (2) and Whitehorse - Carcross. F-VF (Unitrade $1,945) Est. 500.00 +
609 Patricia Airways, Ltd. Includes an CL43 NH single, "9" and "10" imprint panes of eight LH in margin only; plus eleven covers mostly dated MR 9 28, a couple pilot signed. F-VF (Unitrade $2,735) Est. 750.00 +
610 British Columbia & Klondike Airways Ltd. Includes CL44a NH in a mint block, a damaged CL44 sheet (not catalogued), CL45 mint pane of four, CL45a "broken strut" unused single; CL44 precursor covers (2) plus a CL44 AU 3 1928 flight cover, CL45 on Roessler cover, etc. (Unitrade $1,430) Est. 400.00 +
611 Cherry Red Airline Ltd. Includes mint strip of five with "snow on wings", three stamps with serif on crossbar (Pos. 31, 33, 35), etc. A wide range of flight covers, many different routes, cachet, pilot signed and listed varieties on 10c airmail frankings. A total of 45 covers noting better Rottenstone Lake - Prince Albert July 23, 1929 flight (AAMC CL46-2901a), listed varieties - with serif on crossbar (6 covers), with "snow on wings" (10 covers), as previous with serif on crossbar (one cover). Excellent coverage. (Unitrade $2,430) Est. 750.00 +
612 Commercial Airways Ltd. Selection of mint stamps, imperforates pairs, panes and a couple proofs. Includes CL47Pi in pale yellow green, CL47Pii in yellow, CL47 unused vertical strip of five with printed coupon margin at left, CL47a mint (small thin), CL48 four panes (two are NH, CL48c (2), CL49 four mint examples in three distinctive shades, CL49a mint (plus an imperf single - not counted), CL50 three NH panes and three LH panes (noted four different printings), CL50c (2), etc. Overall clean quality. (Unitrade $6,720) Est. 2,000.00 +
613 Commercial Airways Ltd. An extensive lot of mostly cacheted first flights displayed on leaves with write-up. Includes: CL47 (6), CL48 (18, one is CL48d), CL49 (6), CL50 (9, one is CL50d). A great assortment of different routes, cachets and frankings; noting a McLennan - Mirror Landing June 1930 special flight, etc. Overall clean condition, VF (Unitrade $4,350) Est. 1,500.00 +
614 Canadian Airways Ltd. Includes CL51 NH block with double perfs (some separation), CL52 sheet with overall dried O from storage interleave, flight covers with CL51 (4), CL52 (2), some pilot signed, etc. (Unitrade $2,205) Est. 600.00 +
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