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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
2045 WORLDWIDE Argentina: 1862/1966 - Substantial collection of about 2,000 stamps mounted on reduced Scott style pages with duplicates on regular blank pages. Noted a few souvenir sheets and a couple of covers as well as some reprints from the 1860s. Cat. value is over $1,500. Photo (44K) Photo 2 (44K) Photo 3 (39K) 400.00
2046 WORLDWIDE Asia Assortment - An interesting lot from various countries, includes French India ($53), Indo-China ($162), Lebanon ($55) and Syria ($88), plus over $100 of various others, mainly F-VF used with many older and seldom seen stamps, a good collection builder, 175.00
2047 WORLDWIDE Australia to Grenada, Assorted Country Collection - offering approximately 500 different issues from such countries as Australia, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, China, Denmark, France, Germany and more. A great starter collection with nice representation, generally sound F-VF presented LH on pages in a three ring binder and appears evenly mint and used. 125.00
2048 WORLDWIDE Austria and Area: 1850/1950 - Detailed, mostly used collection of earlier Austria on collector produced specialized pages in a three ring binder with over 1,000 mostly different stamps. Light duplication in the study areas with various shades, types etc. Identified with a few earlier covers/cards included. Cat. value over $6,000. Many striking stamps, souvenir sheets and complete sets. A perfect candidate for both expansion or break-up. Photo (38K) Photo 2 (38K) Photo 3 (32K) Photo 4 (32K) Photo 5 (43K) 1800.0
2049 WORLDWIDE Azores Mint Collection - A very nice mint lot in a stockbook, all VF NH mint and running from 1980 to about 2015 (Scott #314/574), includes singles, sets and souvenir sheets, high degree of completion 650.00
2050 WORLDWIDE Belgium Collection: 1867/1949 - Neatly presented in quality mounts on Leuchtturm 13 hole album pages showing a 2018 Scott value of $1,650. Mixed, with over 250 mostly CDS used and over 350 LH-H mint, a few noted sets are Scott (#76-78, 79-81, 222-224, 386-389, B200-B207, B199 B225-B232, B426-B431, B432-B436, B432-B436 mint) and (#92-102, 198-211, 227-236, 245-250, 251-253, 262-264, B1-B8, B78-B83, B152-B155 mixed or used. With assorted Souvenir sheets in perf and imperf, an attractive group. Photo (46K) Photo 2 (46K) Photo 3 (43K) 875.00
2051 WORLDWIDE Belgium Collection: 1950/1979 - Neatly presented in quality mounts on Leuchtturm, 13 hole album pages showing a 2018 Scott value of $1,040. Mixed, regular and semi-postals with over 300 CDS used and over 600 LH-NH mint, a few noted mint sets are Scott (#B592-B598, B605ab, B606-B610, B612-B618, B641-B646 and many more) along with 15 different small souvenir sheets, an attractive group. Photo (39K) Photo 2 (39K) Photo 3 (58K) 600.00
2052 WORLDWIDE Belgium Mint Collection - An all different mint collection neatly organized in a black paged stockbook, begins in 1911 and carries on to 1969, strong in semi-postal issues, a few of the highlights include #172-184, 449, B441, B460, B466, B475-B476, etc., the odd flaw in the earlies but mostly VF with a good percentage of NH in later issues, Scott catalogue value is well over US$2,000.00, Photo (45K) Photo 2 (45K) 650.00
2053 WORLDWIDE Belgium Used Collection - A good lot of earlier used Belgium from 1851 to 1959 including extensive semi-postals, many better items noted including Scott #16, 21, 31, 47-48, 59, 134, B24, B545a-B546a, etc., clean condition and mostly F-VF with nice postmarks, total catalogue value is US$1,500.00+, 500.00
2054 WORLDWIDE Belgium: 1865/1990 - Valuable collection of over 1,100 different, mostly NH or LH, neatly organized on stock sheets or in identified selection cards. A strong degree of completion; a few noted sets are #24-26, 185-190, 222-224, 251-253, 283-293, 322-337, 374-385, 386-389, 482-484, 30 Europa sets and more. Photo (53K) Photo 2 (53K) Photo 3 (38K) F-VF 775.00
2055 WORLDWIDE Belgium: 1919 Postage Due Precancels - Collection of 40 (12 mint, 28 used). Precancels read Arlon, Ostende, Merxem, Landen, Gent, Nervier etc. Referring to Catalogue of Belgium numbers, includes: TX12A (4 mint, 4 used), TX13A (6 used), TX14A (3 used), TX15A (3 mint, 10 used), TX16A (3 mint, 4 used), TX26A (1 mint), TX27A (1 used) and TX30A (1 mint). Mint are mainly NH. Photo (58K) F-VF 200.00
2056 WORLDWIDE Belgium: Early Classics - 1861/1883 Twelve mostly different early classics with faults but still presentable Photo (22K) Photo 2 (22K) 100.00
2057 WORLDWIDE Bolivia: 1952/1969 Regular and Air Post - Neatly housed in mounts and on Scott album pages are issues as 393-402, 433-449, C169-C175, C187-C196, C212-C216, C217-C222, C274-C277, C278-C281, C291-C292, C295-C297 and others. Only a couple of used, approximately 150 different mint, F-VF, NH and LH. Photo (35K) Photo 2 (35K) Photo 3 (44K) 225.00
2058 WORLDWIDE Brazil: 1866/1994 - a mint (300 different) and mostly used (600 different) collection, housed LH on Scott album pages, mixed throughout, a few faults not considered in estimate. Scott cat. value $250. Good foundation to build upon with room for future collecting. Photo (39K) Photo 2 (39K) Photo 3 (32K) 175.00
2059 WORLDWIDE Bulgaria: 1959 Souvenir Sheets - The two different Special souvenir sheets as per note below Scott #1049 Photo (45K) Photo 2 (45K) VF NH 130.00
2060 WORLDWIDE Bulgaria: 1882 / 1969 - Several hundred different (mostly cancelled) on Scott, two post pages. The earlier issues have approx. $500 in catalogue value while the large selection of more modern issues have not been considered in the cat. value. Photo (34K) Photo 2 (34K) Photo 3 (33K) 250.00
2061 WORLDWIDE Cairo to Berlin: Registered 1893 - Two piastres orange postal stationery envelope showing Egyptian markings, including a boxed "Egypt R" on the front and a dated receiver on the reverse. Photo (26K) F-VF 60.00
2062 WORLDWIDE 916 China 1949 - $3 on $50 dark blue (Bl)Type III - block of 50, plate 468, some light creases in top margin, ungummed (as issued). A nice presentation piece. F-VF NG 50.00
2063 WORLDWIDE Costa Rica Revenue "Specimen" Overprints - 1c-100 col National Monument Set of 16 Overprinted "Specimen" in red along with another 10c-10 col Monument Set of 6 Overprinted in black. F-VF NH 75.00
2064 WORLDWIDE Czechoslovakia Mint Collection - An all different mint lot of over 200 stamps and 4 souvenir sheets, from 1918 to 1945 with about half of the value in semi-postals (#1/3124, B1/B153, mainly VF LH condition, an excellent lot, cat. US$990.00, 300.00
2065 WORLDWIDE Dahomey Mint Accumulation - A useful lot form this seldom offered country, carefully put together by a small dealer and all in clean condition, running between Scott #1/134 plus a few semi-postals, includes several scarcer issues cataloguing between $6 and $24 each, LH or NH and F-VF, total Scott US$650.00, 250.00
2066 WORLDWIDE Denmark Booklets: 2003 / 2009 - Virtually complete run of 65 different complete and very colourful booklets. Very challenging to assemble this modern material. Photo (35K) VF NH 1255.0
2067 WORLDWIDE Denmark Local Post - 3o Violet imperforate, a scarce unused pair PRINTED ON BOTH SIDES, Photo (54K) VF 90.00
2068 WORLDWIDE European Union: 2004 - Lovely set of colourful illustrated pages (25) issued by the German Post Office displaying stamps, panes, FDC etc. from various EU countries - all celebrating the EU. Housed in a 13 ring, stitched, specialty binder with matching slipcase. Wonderful memorabilia item. VF NH 100.00
2069 WORLDWIDE Faroe Islands: Mini Souvenir Sheets - Selection of nine different mint VF, NH mini sheets, Scott #101, 148, 168, 207, 238, 249a, 265a, 304 and 312. 48.50
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