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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
3328 WORLDWIDE 'Banknote' Replica Picture Post Cards - a set of 32, numbered #1 (Greece) to #32 (Croatia) measure 8x4". Secondly, a set of 13 from #1 (Netherlands) to #13 (France) measure 7x5". All were produced by Eurohobby. VF 75.00
3329 WORLDWIDE Aitutaki Cook Islands: 2010-2014 Souvenir Sheets - Attractive mini sheet selection of 19 different with a virtually complete representation for the period. Scott #561a, 562-568, 569-570, 571, 578, 580, 593, 599, 612, 613, 614, 619 and 620. 2018 Scott cat. value $256. VF NH 175.00
3330 WORLDWIDE Asean: 1994 Folder - Lovely illustrated booklet with slip cover presents 23 different nature focused issues contributed by the six Southeast Asia members. VF NH 30.00
3331 WORLDWIDE Austria and Area: 1850/1950 - Detailed, mostly used collection of earlier Austria on collector produced specialized pages in a three ring binder with over 1,000 mostly different stamps. Light duplication in the study areas with various shades, types etc. Identified with a few earlier covers/cards included. Cat. value over $6,000. Many striking stamps, souvenir sheets and complete sets. A perfect candidate for both expansion or break-up. Photo (38K) Photo 2 (38K) Photo 3 (32K) Photo 4 (32K) Photo 5 (43K) 1800.0
3332 WORLDWIDE Austria: 1860/1980 - Mixed collection presented hinged on grilled pages showing regular and back of the book (550 used, 350 mint). Mostly large part sets of lower values but also with complete small mint sets as 382-384, 516-519, 565-567, B43-B49, B179-B183, J93-J101 Imperf, a good distribution throughout. 2018 Scott cat. value $572. Photo (42K) Photo 2 (42K) Photo 3 (49K) F-VF 250.00
3333 WORLDWIDE Belgium 1869-1905 Selection of Early Mint OG - Includes mint Scott #28 NH, 29, 32, 33, 59, with label attached at foot #69, 89 small gum thin, 90 OG but thinned at top, and #91. Mainly Fine centering (Scott 2018 US$590) Photo (31K) Photo 2 (31K) 100.00
3334 WORLDWIDE Belgium Collection: 1950/1979 - Neatly presented in quality mounts on Leuchtturm, 13 hole album pages showing a 2018 Scott value of $1,040. Mixed, regular and semi-postals with over 300 CDS used and over 600 LH-NH mint, a few noted mint sets are Scott (#B592-B598, B605ab, B606-B610, B612-B618, B641-B646 and many more) along with 15 different small souvenir sheets, an attractive group. Photo (39K) Photo 2 (39K) Photo 3 (58K) 600.00
3335 WORLDWIDE Belgium: 1865/1990 - Valuable collection of over 1,100 different, mostly NH or LH, neatly organized on stock sheets or in identified selection cards. A strong degree of completion; a few noted sets are #24-26, 185-190, 222-224, 251-253, 283-293, 322-337, 374-385, 386-389, 482-484, 30 Europa sets and more. Photo (53K) Photo 2 (53K) Photo 3 (38K) F-VF 775.00
3336 WORLDWIDE Belgium: 1930s/1980s Various size stock pages - Impressive selection (on about 20 various size stock pages) approx. 550 mostly mint stamps showing earlier items as well as back of the book and modern; often in mint sets. Excellent lot as a starter collection, some light duplication, noted Railways Parcel Post in perf & Imperf, 15 souvenir sheets as: 1937 B199, B208, B315 perf & imperf, a couple booklets and several NH. Photo (51K) F-VF LH 225.00
3337 WORLDWIDE Belgium: 1851/1948 - desirable starter collection of approx. 175 mint and 350 used, mounted and in mounts (H-NH) on blank pages with interleaves. Features nice cancels with strength in back of the book. Photo (25K) F-VF 175.00
3338 WORLDWIDE Brazil: 1866/1994 - a mint (300 different) and mostly used (600 different) collection, housed LH on Scott album pages, mixed throughout, a few faults not considered in estimate. Scott cat. value $250. Good foundation to build upon with room for future collecting. Photo (39K) Photo 2 (39K) Photo 3 (32K) 175.00
3339 WORLDWIDE Brazil: 1959/1979 - an attractive mint collection of 400 different stamps, mostly in complete sets, housed neatly in mounts on Scott album pages. A well centered group F-VF and better, appearing mostly NH along with a couple with no gum. Scott range #949/1652, 2019 cat. value $349.75 Photo (41K) F-VF 200.00
3340 WORLDWIDE Bulgaria 1880/1971 - a mint and used collection of many hundreds, virtually all different, regular and back of the book issues, housed LH on Scott album pages. Numerous partial sets, small complete sets and a limited number of souvenir sheets. A solid base to build on, generally sound F+ and better throughout. Photo (43K) Photo 2 (43K) Photo 3 (41K) 225.00
3341 WORLDWIDE Chile Mint Collection - Small lot of a few dozen stamps on a couple of stockleaves, all different and mostly mint, we note #25-36 used, then mint #109-112, 146-153, 182-197, 217-237, C22 through to C107B, etc., a good clean lot, some of the mint is NH, Scott catalogue value about US$400.00, F-VF 160.00
3342 WORLDWIDE 916 China 1949 - $3 on $50 dark blue (Bl)Type III - block of 50, plate 468, some light creases in top margin, ungummed (as issued). A nice presentation piece. F-VF NG 50.00
3343 WORLDWIDE Congo, People's Republic, Presentation Folder - filled with about 70 different mint NH Regular and Air Mail stamps from the 1970s. Noted Scott #213 - 50fr mushroom, folder is weak at the seem on the inside, nonetheless catalogue value for stamps is over $200. F-VF NH 50.00
3344 WORLDWIDE Cyrenaica 1925-1934 Mint Selection - Organized on one stockpage and mounted on six quadrille pages with a total of 55 different mint stamps, includes regular issues, overprints, semi-postals, airmails. The odd flaw otherwise sound. Scott Classic 2017 US$316. Photo (34K) F-VF OG 125.00
3345 WORLDWIDE Dahomey Mint Accumulation - A useful lot form this seldom offered country, carefully put together by a small dealer and all in clean condition, running between Scott #1/134 plus a few semi-postals, includes several scarcer issues cataloguing between $6 and $24 each, LH or NH and F-VF, total Scott US$650.00, 250.00
3346 WORLDWIDE Denmark: 1858/1990 - noted nice early cancels, (rings, numerals) and a few low value complete sets, 700 mostly different used and approx. 40 mint, hinged on grilled pages, some with shade duplicates. Small semi-postal and airpost sets or part sets and singles as #68,79,126,129,142,148 and 02, worn/faulty are mostly ignored in totals. Scott 2018 cat. value $1,069. Photo (36K) Photo 2 (36K) Photo 3 (36K) 350.00
3347 WORLDWIDE Equatorial Guinea: Perf and Imperf Souvenir Sheets - selection of 9 imperf and 9 perf mini sheets of 8 from the 1970s era, features Space, Cats, Dogs, Birds, Butterflies, etc. Photo (40K) F-VF NG 50.00
3348 WORLDWIDE Estonia: 1918/1940 - Small ensemble of 65 used and 35 mint lightly hinged to grilled pages. Noted #1-4 set in both mint and used, C4 mint, 58-64 (less 63) and an imperf block of 4 #29. 2018 Scott $148.75 F-VF 75.00
3349 WORLDWIDE European Union: 2004 - Lovely set of colourful illustrated pages (25) issued by the German Post Office displaying stamps, panes, FDC etc. from various EU countries - all celebrating the EU. Housed in a 13 ring, stitched, specialty binder with matching slipcase. Wonderful memorabilia item. VF NH 100.00
3350 WORLDWIDE Faroe Islands: 1985/1999 Complete Booklets - selection of six different booklets in VF condition. Scott #138a, 225a, 301a, 311a, 314a and 351a. VF NH 76.00
3351 WORLDWIDE Faroe Islands: Mini Souvenir Sheets - Selection of nine different mint VF, NH mini sheets, Scott #101, 148, 168, 207, 238, 249a, 265a, 304 and 312. 48.50
3352 WORLDWIDE France Used Stock - An extensive lot with occasional light duplication but mostly different and F-VF, most with nice postmarks, runs from 1939 to 1984, a few items of note are #B249-B254, B258-B263m B276-B281, B285-B287, B294-B299, etc., all are in selection cards identified with Scott number and price, Total catalogue is US1,650.00, a useful lot of these popular issues, 550.00
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