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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
2330 WORLDWIDE Albania: 1913 / 1977 - Impressive selection of several hundred different on Scott, two post pages with much of the approx. $2,200 catalogue value in mint sets and souvenir sheets. There is also a strong selection of Back of the Book. Not commonly offered. 650.00
2331 WORLDWIDE Argentina: 1862/1966 - Substantial collection of about 2,000 stamps mounted on reduced Scott style pages with duplicates on regular blank pages. Noted a few souvenir sheets and a couple of covers as well as some reprints from the 1860s. Cat. value is over $1,500. Photo (200K) Photo 2 (200K) Photo 3 (209K) 400.00
2332 WORLDWIDE Assortment of Countries S-T-U, - with representation from countries as St. Pierre & Miquelon, Straits Settlement, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, Togo, Trinidad, Turkey, Ukraine, etc. Many hundreds of stamps, early period material, overprints, housed LH on pages in a three ring binder. A nice foundation for the young collector to expand upon. Photo (148K) Photo 2 (148K) Photo 3 (134K) Photo 4 (694K) 150.00
2333 WORLDWIDE Austria and Area: 1850/1950 - Detailed, mostly used collection of earlier Austria on collector produced specialized pages in a three ring binder with over 1,000 mostly different stamps. Light duplication in the study areas with various shades, types etc. Identified with a few earlier covers/cards included. Cat. value over $6,000. Many striking stamps, souvenir sheets and complete sets. A perfect candidate for both expansion or break-up. Photo (209K) Photo 2 (209K) Photo 3 (154K) Photo 4 (155K) Photo 5 (238K) 1800.0
2334 WORLDWIDE Belgium Collection: 1867/1949 - Neatly presented in quality mounts on Leuchtturm 13 hole album pages showing a 2018 Scott value of $1,650. Mixed, with over 250 mostly CDS used and over 350 LH-H mint, a few noted sets are Scott (#76-78, 79-81, 222-224, 386-389, B200-B207, B199 B225-B232, B426-B431, B432-B436, B432-B436 mint) and (#92-102, 198-211, 227-236, 245-250, 251-253, 262-264, B1-B8, B78-B83, B152-B155 mixed or used. With assorted Souvenir sheets in perf and imperf, an attractive group. Photo (264K) Photo 2 (264K) Photo 3 (242K) 875.00
2335 WORLDWIDE Belgium Collection: 1950/1979 - Neatly presented in quality mounts on Leuchtturm, 13 hole album pages showing a 2018 Scott value of $1,040. Mixed, regular and semi-postals with over 300 CDS used and over 600 LH-NH mint, a few noted mint sets are Scott (#B592-B598, B605ab, B606-B610, B612-B618, B641-B646 and many more) along with 15 different small souvenir sheets, an attractive group. Photo (424K) Photo 2 (424K) Photo 3 (426K) 600.00
2336 WORLDWIDE Belgium Mint Collection - An all different mint collection neatly organized in a black paged stockbook, begins in 1911 and carries on to 1969, strong in semi-postal issues, a few of the highlights include #172-184, 449, B441, B460, B466, B475-B476, etc., the odd flaw in the earlies but mostly VF with a good percentage of NH in later issues, Scott catalogue value is well over US$2,000.00, Photo (257K) Photo 2 (257K) 650.00
2337 WORLDWIDE Belgium Used Collection - A good lot of earlier used Belgium from 1851 to 1959 including extensive semi-postals, many better items noted including Scott #16, 21, 31, 47-48, 59, 134, B24, B545a-B546a, etc., clean condition and mostly F-VF with nice postmarks, total catalogue value is US$1,500.00+, 500.00
2338 WORLDWIDE Belgium: 1980/1990 Collection - presented in mounts on Leuchtturm album pages, virtually all mint NH (the odd used single), showing a very high degree of completion for the time period, includes regular and semi-postal along with eleven attractive souvenir sheets, noted Europa, Red Cross, Roses and more. 2018 Scott $465.10 Photo (195K) VF NH 275.00
2339 WORLDWIDE Belgium: Early Classics - 1861/1883 Twelve mostly different early classics with faults but still presentable 100.00
2340 WORLDWIDE Bolivia: 1952/1969 Regular and Air Post - Neatly housed in mounts and on Scott album pages are issues as 393-402, 433-449, C169-C175, C187-C196, C212-C216, C217-C222, C274-C277, C278-C281, C291-C292, C295-C297 and others. Only a couple of used, approximately 150 different mint, F-VF, NH and LH. Photo (216K) Photo 2 (216K) Photo 3 (353K) 225.00
2341 WORLDWIDE Bulgaria: 1959 Souvenir Sheets - The two different Special souvenir sheets as per note below Scott #1049 VF NH 130.00
2342 WORLDWIDE Bulgaria: 1882 / 1969 - Several hundred different (mostly cancelled) on Scott, two post pages. The earlier issues have approx. $500 in catalogue value while the large selection of more modern issues have not been considered in the cat. value. 250.00
2343 WORLDWIDE Burkina Faso: Twelve Complete Sets - with 70 stamps in total. Prepared by Kenmore and with three ring punched pages for mounting, this favor cancel lot focuses on topicals such as trains, sports and the Red Cross. 40.00
2344 WORLDWIDE Cairo to Berlin: Registered 1893 - Two piastres orange postal stationery envelope showing Egyptian markings, including a boxed "Egypt R" on the front and a dated receiver on the reverse. F-VF 60.00
2345 WORLDWIDE 916 China 1949 - $3 on $50 dark blue (Bl)Type III - block of 50, plate 468, some light creases in top margin, ungummed (as issued). A nice presentation piece. F-VF NG 50.00
2346 WORLDWIDE China Vol.3 (Taiwan) - Dealer Stock - Black binder with about 200 items organized and priced on selection cards in plastic pages between Scott #1023 and #1959 plus a few SPECIMEN overprints, again a very nice lot with clean condition, strong in sets retailing from $10 to $40 and higher each, with much NH present, a good lot for someone doing show or internet business, 2018 Scott in Mint $3,432., Used $135., Airmail $97., Total catalogue value $3,665. Photo (197K) Photo 2 (197K) Photo 3 (226K) 950.00
2347 WORLDWIDE China, People's Republic - 1991 - Year set with souvenir sheets, VF NH 30.00
2348 WORLDWIDE Costa Rica Revenue "Specimen" Overprints - 1c-100 col National Monument Set of 16 Overprinted "Specimen" in red along with another 10c-10 col Monument Set of 6 Overprinted in black. F-VF NH 75.00
2349 WORLDWIDE Cuba: 1960s/1980s - Nice opportunity to add over 1,000 different stamps mostly in mint sets, part sets and strips often in the $5 to $7 range. Housed neatly in a 30 page (double sided) stockbook and ready for a collection. F-VF LH 375.00
2350 WORLDWIDE Curacao WWII Military Covers From Early 1940s - Most were sent Airmail to the USA and most have been Censored. Nine covers in total. Franked with a nice variety of stamps, all tied by CDS dated cancels. One is a First Official Flight from Curacao to USA via illemstad-Aruba-Haiti-Jamaica-Cuba-Miami. 75.00
2351 WORLDWIDE Czechoslovakia Two-Volume Collection - An all mint collection housed in two large stockbooks, covers 1945 to 1992 including a few back of the book issues, very good degree of completion, a few highlights include #770-775, 942-948, 1070-1080, 1082-1090, 1435-1439, etc., many hundreds of stamps in all, appears to be about 90% never hinged with all being in clean F-VF condition, a very nice lot, Scott value is over US$2,900.00, 750.00
2352 WORLDWIDE DDR and Pakistan: 1970/1979 - neatly housed in 8 page stockbook showing mostly part sets in good condition, clean assortment of approx. 200 used from DDR as well as 100 used from Pakistan and Papua New Guinea. Photo (178K) Photo 2 (178K) Photo 3 (220K) 50.00
2353 WORLDWIDE Denmark Booklets: 2003 / 2009 - Virtually complete run of 65 different complete and very colourful booklets. Very challenging to assemble this modern material. VF NH 1255.0
2354 WORLDWIDE Denmark Local Post - 3o Violet imperforate, a scarce unused pair PRINTED ON BOTH SIDES, VF 90.00
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