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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
2478 WORLDWIDE Aland Islands: Modern FDC and Postcard Collection - unaddressed, with colourful cachets, group of 125 from the 1999/2009 period. Noted affixed with sets, se-tenant blocks, mini-sheets, and meter mail, housed in a Uni-Safe cover album, an attractive presentation. 125.00
2479 WORLDWIDE Argentina: Die Proof - Rare, Five Peso large Die Proof in yellow on very thin laid paper in style similar to the 1916 Independence issue. 150.00
2480 WORLDWIDE Asian Revenues - a group of 35 different Japanese revenues, looks like mostly WW2 era or earlier. These would look nice in any Japan collection and there might even be something for the specialist. 40.00
2481 WORLDWIDE Austria: 1948 Artists Set on Cover - B245-B251 Kunstlerhaus set of seven tied to beige cover with three CDS "Export-Mustermess, Innsbruck 27 8 50" cancels in blue. VF condition. Photo (46K) VF 100.00
2482 WORLDWIDE Bahamas: 1892/1966 Unused Postal Stationery - Group of six, all different. First are two Postal Cards: a surcharged QV with attached reply card (H&G #4) and a 2p red KGVI on grayish buff card (H&G #14); next is a KGVI Registered Envelope (H&G #C5); last are three Air Mail Letter Sheets: a KGVI (H&G #F2) and two QEII (H&G #F3 & F5). F-VF 75.00
2483 WORLDWIDE Bavaria: Collection 1851/1920 - Presenting mostly complete used sets along with the odd additional mint, valuable group with some faults in the very early but mostly F-VF condition. Of note are singles as Scott #14, 25a, 56, +shades, Sets #77-91 (a couple blunt perfs), #94-114 (less 101), 136-155, 176-191, 193-211, 238-254 (less 247), 256-275 (less 270A), Officials #01-018, then 020-033, 034-051 and 052-069, all are lightly hinged to album pages with a 2018 Scott cat. value of $2,640. Photo (52K) Photo 2 (52K) Photo 3 (52K) Photo 4 (36K) F-VF 900.00
2484 WORLDWIDE Belgium Illustrated FDC's - Unaddressed, complete set of 16 Scott #516-525, C15-C20 on 6 illustrated United Nations 1958 FDC's, each numbered p.61-p.61e. VF 60.00
2485 WORLDWIDE Belgium Postage Dues - Small stock of mint dues between #J3 and J78, mainly the usual cheaper stamps but the odd better one or block of four as well, F-VF with some NH 45.00
2486 WORLDWIDE Belgium, Early Covers - Interesting group of 8 early covers with various colour postal markings, franked with singles to complete sets, air mail and registration stickers. The group ranges from the period 1836 to 1960, a few noted covers include 1836 SEP 6 folded letter Anvers to Paris, 1857 21 JANV, folded letter, 1935 B170-B177 complete set on two registered FDC's along with others. Photo (57K) 275.00
2487 WORLDWIDE Belgium: 1935/1979 Lighthouse Stockbook - Selection of Philatelic cards, NH mini-sheets, re-impressions and more representing European Expositions as Europol, 1949 Bepitec, etc. many numbered, some duplication. Noted perf and imperf overprinted examples from Rome, Munich and Montreal Olympics along with several Balloon Postage stamps and a couple of sets on cover. Many appear to be unlisted. VF NH 150.00
2488 WORLDWIDE Belgium: 1910/1999 Semi-Postals - with a total of 470 stamps ranging from B1 to B1146, (representing 300 different) all neatly identified by Scott numbers in 102 cards. Noted such as: Scott B2(2), B18(3), B22(2), B29(3), B33(5), B82(2), B129, B147(4), B149(1), B279a-i, B460, B491(2), B501, B547-553, B561-565, B567-572, B678-683, etc. Good quality, many with CDS cancels, some with day-of-issue cancels. Photo (50K) Photo 2 (50K) Photo 3 (44K) F-VF 375.00
2489 WORLDWIDE Belgium: 1865/1990 Stock - King Leopold I and Coat of Arms (Scott 17-26b) provides many different shades and several useful Dot Hammer and Numeral Cancels for study. Lighter duplication from Scott 100 to 1336 representing approx. 200 different along with group of 40 perfin cancels. This is a well above average mix, neatly organized in plastic stock sheets. F-VF 800.00
2490 WORLDWIDE Belgium: 1944/1965 - selection of 450 mint & 110 used with numerous complete sets, semi-postals and 7 souvenir sheets. Collection is displayed on hingeless Leuchtturm album pages in a 13 ring, padded Lighthouse album with slipcase. Strong contribution for the period, F-VF, NH and LH with used often CDS cancelled, a few faulty are considered in estimate. 500.00
2491 WORLDWIDE Buildings and Architecture: 1940s/1970s - Large, three ring binder well loaded with loose leaf pages mounted with 100s of (mostly used) Thematic stamps of the world. The focus is buildings, such as churches, castles, hospitals and other important structures. Certainly worthy of remounting. F+ 150.00
2492 WORLDWIDE Bulgaria 1985/1988 - Small stockbook with over 225 organized by year. Great starter for this difficult period with some very nice topicals and mini-sheets included. F-VF 60.00
2493 WORLDWIDE Bulgaria: 1994/1999 - Small stockbook with over 125 cancelled - arranged by year. F-VF 40.00
2494 WORLDWIDE Chad 1962-1985 Mint NH Collection of Airmails - Displayed in clear mounts on printed album pages, includes 86 different airmail stamps and seven different souvenir sheets, issued between 1962 and 1985, noted Scott C60, C84, etc. Fresh and clean throughout; uncommon material. (Scott 2018 US$379). Photo (45K) Photo 2 (45K) VF NH 200.00
2495 WORLDWIDE Cilicia: 1913/1921 - Well presented on fresh album pages by issue with a very high degree of completion, Scott range from 2/126 (100 different) along with the complete Postage Due series of mint sets J1-J16. Attractive collection of Handstamped "CILICIE" Turkish Stamps. 2018 Scott cat. value $1,420.+ F-VF 800.00
2496 WORLDWIDE Comoro Islands: 1950/1967 - choice group of 49 mint with a few used. Starts off with Regular singles such as: #30-33, 44-50, 53-62 then stronger Airpost like: #C1-C4, C7-C19 and C23, C24. Overall F-VF, mounted on album pages. 125.00
2497 WORLDWIDE Congo, People's Republic: 1965/1992 - Collection of 900+ different mint, NH-LH, presented mostly in complete sets as 208-213, in addition to 30 souvenir sheets as 133a, and singles as 417. We estimate 75% complete for the period, all are in mounts on Scott pages. There are also Airpost as C36 NH, C45-C51, C52, a few CTO sets as WWF 453-458, and strips as 914a throughout the nearly 100 double sided pages. VF 400.00
2498 WORLDWIDE Czechoslovakia Colour Trials, etc. - About 25 items on a stockpage from the 1920-1925 regular issues, includes imperforate colour trials in singles, pairs and a couple of blocks, also some perforated tete-beche pairs mint or used, also includes the souvenir sheet of 1943 issued by the government in exile, F-VF 110.00
2499 WORLDWIDE Czechoslovakia Used Lot - Stockbook containing an extensive accumulation of used multiples with pairs, strips and blocks, only older issues (1919-1938) are included, all appear to be in choice used condition, literally hundreds of stamps, a good hunting ground for cancellations and varieties, 344.00
2500 WORLDWIDE Czechoslovakia Marginal Stamps - A fascinating collection of used plate number and other marginal markings, housed in a stockbook, includes singles and blocks and runs from 1920 to 1938, dozens of items, all appear to be in nice condition and F-VF, catalogue value is for normal stamps only 81.00
2501 WORLDWIDE Czechoslovakia Varieties - mint and used assortment of items in a stockbook, includes plate varieties, double prints, imperfs, some pre-print paper folds, etc. (some are likely printer's waste but very interesting nevertheless). Also included are some marginal markings of bars, some blocks with labels and stamps se-tenant, and many gutter pairs and blocks mainly mint, overall a good little lot for the specialist, F-VF, 115.00
2502 WORLDWIDE Czechoslovakia Used Stock - A useful used stock covering the years 1920 to 1945, arranged in Scott order in a small box, many are cheaper items of course but there are stamps listing at up to $12.50 each, total Scott value is over US$500.00, 125.00
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