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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
1110 USA Mint Sheet Lot - A clean lot of mint sheets in folders, running between Scott #1204 and 1841, includes 81 sheets of the popular state flags (#1633-1682) and many other popular se-tenant issues, F-VF NH, face value is US $1,998.00, an inventory is included, 2000.0
1111 USA Mint Dealer Stock - Nice clean lot all sorted in envelopes, singles and blocks, starts with Scott #743 and goes to #1789, also some back of the book with airmails #C25/C115, etc., appears to be all F-VF NH and face value alone is US$1,942.00, an inventory is included, 1500.0
1112 USA USA: Perfin Mix of 1000 - Covering much of the period of US Perfins, this lot contains approx. 1,000 assorted, each rated "E" or "F". While there may be minor duplication and the odd flaw, this is a well above average mix and perfect for the both the specialist in US perfins and the novice interested in a very good start to this popular study. 150.00
1113 USA USA: 1894 Unaddressed Post Card - #UX12 1c black on buff Jefferson facing left, small wreath, light bends around the edges 45.00
1114 USA USA: 1897 Unaddressed Post Card - #UX14 1c black on buff Jefferson facing left, large wreath with name below, 139x82mm, minor flaws. 40.00
1115 USA USA: 1902 Unaddressed Postal Card - #UX18 1c black on buff McKinley 17.50
1116 USA USA Air Mail Plate Blocks - 1926-27 10c-20c Set of Scott C7, C8 and C9 in Plate Blocks of 6, Map and Mail Planes design, F-VF NH but some light gum disturbance. Photo (28K) 145.00
1117 USA USA Sunburst Cork Cancels - Tie Scott #158 3c green horizontal pair (right stamp with minor faults) and CDS cancelled "Oakland Cal Aug 2" (1875) envelope, mailed to London England via "New York Aug 10" (red CDS) along with a red "London E.C. PAID 21 AU 75". Photo (33K) F+ 100.00
1118 USA Substantial Used Collection - Spanning Scott #63/487, E7, Q12 and RB2a,b, a total of 27 different stamps showing strong catalogue value. Noted issues such as Scott 76, 115, 117, 121, 151, 165, 211, 229, 291 along with others. Nice opportunity to add some high value to a collection. General condition sound F-VF, only a couple with small faults. Photo (47K) 1500.0
1119 USA USA: War Veterans Seals - Complete Sheets - Dating from the 1950s to 1980s, over 40 full sheets of War Veterans Seals housed in protective pages in 22 ring binder. Noted twenty two different sheets in overall very fine condition representing from 25 to 100 seals each. Photo (112K) F-VF NH 100.00
1120 USA Errors and Varieties - Ten different various printing errors with imperfs, colour shifts misperfs, etc., most are in pairs or larger multiples, F-VF NH 35.00
1121 USA Complete Booklets - two small dealer binders full of booklets, starts in the Prexy Issue and runs to the 1980s, also a few airmails and possessions, appears to be all different and Very Fine 150.00
1122 USA Fabulous Precancel Collection - A wonderful collection of US precancels, showing an impressive degree of completion with many thousands of stamps arranged on blank pages in mounts, in selected well-centered condition, organized by PSS Bureau and Town & Type catalogue sequence. We note numerous better items such as Inglewood, CA 1034-71, Ventura, CA 801-71a error in a positional plate block of 25 stamps, Fort Lauderdale, FL 804-73, New Orleans, LA J59-32, Oklahoma, OK 581-43, Wayne, PA 1615C-81, Columbia, SC 600-61, Rock Hill, SC 1305-71, etc., also includes precancels on Playing Cards. Includes PSS Bureau and Town & Type catalogue, F-VF, a precancel collector's dream 2000.0
1123 USA Liberty Stamp Album to 1995 - housing a generally used collection. Includes quite a few mint hinged lower value items from the 1930s to 1960s while most before and after are used. A good start and excellent for further expansion with several hundred of different present. F-VF 150.00
1124 USA 20 Early Covers - from the mid to late 1800s paying 1 to 3 rates, a couple with multiple frankings. Various attractive postal markings as CDS cancel in blue, fancy cork cancel, four ring cancel and oval double ring.. Includes cross border mailing, redirected cover, mourning cover etc. Majority show domestic usage and age. Photo (28K) F-VF 200.00
1125 USA Poems on Decorative Covers: 1860s - three stampless tiny envelopes in various colors and sizes each with edge detailing and lyrics of three different songs "Thou art not forgotten", "We miss thee at home" and "Woman's Love". Each addressed to Montgomery, Indiana, one with 2 ring CDS "Dec 27 '65 Crawfordsville IND", flap on two covers lightly faulty, third intact flap indicates "Twenty Envelopes of various sizes and colors; with different songs, sent free of postage to anyone on receipt of ten cents, 1861", overall F-VF. Photo (33K) Photo 2 (33K) Photo 3 (37K) 100.00
1126 USA 1980 Olympics In Lake Placid - Selection of 19 different USA unaddressed commemorative covers specially cacheted and cancelled for the 1980 winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York. Each cover is cancelled on a particular day for a particular sporting event, an attractive lot. 50.00
1127 USA 1918-1985 Airmails Mint / NH - Selection displayed in clear mounts on pages, 52 different stamps; apart from C1 being very lightly hinged, rest (51 stamps) are mint NH.Scott 2018 cat. US$154.50 Photo (29K) VF 70.00
1128 USA Massive Lot of Precancels - Flax box measuring 12" x 9" x 2" inches crammed with many thousands of Bureau City precancelled stamps from Washington Franklins to modern era; as received from an old-time collection. Duplication is inevitable and some small batches lightly stuck together (can easily soaked off) but will required countless hours of sorting and identification for the winning bidder. Mixed condition but has great potential for better findings. 500.00
1129 USA UX10 USA 1891 Unaddressed Postal Card - 1c black on buff Grant, 155x95mm unaddressed Postal Card, corner bends 47.50
1130 USA 62B 10 Dark Green used, an attractive example with light cancellation in red, lovely rich colour, Photo (33K) F-VF 1700.0
1131 USA 100 1867 30 Orange with very strong F grill impression F+ 950.00
1132 USA 113 2 Brown used, invisible grill, 80.00
1133 USA 119 1875 15 Brown and blue, type II, Landing of Columbus 210.00
1134 USA 133, 133a 1 Buff and 1 Brown Orange, both unused with small faults, 625.00
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