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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
1137 USA USA Postal History: 1866/1929 - Desirable lot of 23 covers franked with Airmail, Special Delivery, Postage Due, Unknown, "Paid", Unknown, domestic and foreign destinations, First Flight, etc. Generally F-VF with some retail values in the $200 range. 600.00
1138 USA USA: Perfin Mix of 1000 - Covering much of the period of US Perfins, this lot contains approx. 1,000 assorted, each rated "E" or "F". While there may be minor duplication and the odd flaw, this is a well above average mix and perfect for the both the specialist in US perfins and the novice interested in a very good start to this popular study. 150.00
1139 USA USA 1940s Military Air Mail - selection of 22 covers franked mostly with 6c (C25) issue and sent to Canadian and USA addresses. Noted postal and military markings as "Passed by Examiner", "Deficiency in Address supplied", Via Air Mail, "Advise Correspondents of your correct military address including unit" etc. Some covers feature color military theme cachet. Overall F-VF interesting group. 100.00
1140 USA Vintage Hotel Post Cards 1920s/1960s - 23 different Picture Post Cards of various vintage Hotels such as Hotel Bayou, New Perry, Randolph, Lafayette and more. Seven are addressed and mailed within the USA. 50.00
1141 USA Early Mint: 1861 / 1925 - Lot of 19 - with duplication - on Hagner sheet. Good early dealer lot with a cat. value exceeding $750. Gum varies from no gum to NH. Centering and condition varies with the odd minor fault to be expected. 400.00
1142 USA USA 1891 Unaddressed Postal Card - UX11 1c blue on grayish white, 117x75mm Postal Card 22.50
1143 USA USA 1886 Unaddressed Postal Card - UX9 1c black, buff, Jefferson 25.00
1144 USA USA: 1894 Unaddressed Post Card - #UX12 1c black on buff Jefferson facing left, small wreath, light bends around the edges 45.00
1145 USA USA: 1897 Unaddressed Post Card - #UX14 1c black on buff Jefferson facing left, large wreath with name below, 139x82mm, minor flaws. 40.00
1146 USA USA: 1902 Unaddressed Postal Card - #UX18 1c black on buff McKinley 17.50
1147 USA USA Air Mail Plate Blocks - 1926-27 10c-20c Set of Scott C7, C8 and C9 in Plate Blocks of 6, Map and Mail Planes design, F-VF NH but some light gum disturbance. 145.00
1148 USA State Birds and Flowers, Panels Collection - in large, specialty album (3 post) featuring the 1982 Series, as issued by The Postal Commemorative Society. Colourful presentation panels, Alabama to Wyoming (45 stamps in mounts) showing the state bird and flower on a lifelike scale with descriptions. VF NH 60.00
1149 USA USA Sunburst Cork Cancels - Tie Scott #158 3c green horizontal pair (right stamp with minor faults) and CDS cancelled "Oakland Cal Aug 2" (1875) envelope, mailed to London England via "New York Aug 10" (red CDS) along with a red "London E.C. PAID 21 AU 75". Photo (1527K) F+ 100.00
1150 USA Ryukyu Islands: 1955/1972 Glassines - about 60 glassines housing stamps with values up to $10 - 2018 Scott $70+, fair completion and very light duplication. Photo (198K) VF NH 50.00
1151 USA Substantial Used Collection - Spanning Scott #63/487, E7, Q12 and RB2a,b, a total of 27 different stamps showing strong catalogue value. Noted issues such as Scott 76, 115, 117, 121, 151, 165, 211, 229, 291 along with others. Nice opportunity to add some high value to a collection. General condition sound F-VF, only a couple with small faults. Photo (409K) 1500.0
1152 USA USA Booklets with Varieties: 1950s/1990s - Selection of 23 Booklets: BK104 variety, BK121 variety (3 booklets), BK123 variety (3 booklets), BK133 (6 booklets), BK140B, BK171, BK191 (2 booklets), BK192 (2 booklets), BK194 (2 booklets), BK203 (2 booklets). Interesting group, VF NH F-VF NH 200.00
1153 USA Postage Due Study Lot - US Postage Dues with mint (J88-101) and large quantities of used (1940s/1950s) in three ring binder. Excellent, slightly sorted study material. In addition to the stamps on stock sheets, we note many well packed glassine envelopes. Includes blocks and a used pane of 100x$5.00 with light perf separation. Photo (178K) 125.00
1154 USA UX10 USA 1891 Unaddressed Postal Card - 1c black on buff Grant, 155x95mm unaddressed Postal Card, corner bends 47.50
1155 USA 8A 1 Blue type IIIa used with light cancel, tiny corner crease, Photo (151K) VGF 825.00
1156 USA 28 5 Brick Red used, some slightly clipped perfs at right, attractive with 1859 postmark, cat. $1,600.00, Photo (158K) 350.00
1157 USA 28 5 Red brown type I used, nice 'PAID' cancel in red, F-VF 1200.0
1158 USA 62B 10 Dark Green used, an attractive example with light cancellation in red, lovely rich colour, Photo (161K) F-VF 1700.0
1159 USA 62B 10 Dark Green used, small faults but fine appearing, cat. $1,600.00, Photo (166K) 300.00
1160 USA 77 1861-1866 15 black, Abraham Lincoln, unused no gum, a couple short perfs but a rare stamp. Scott catalogue $1750 NG 400.00
1161 USA 85E 12 Black 'Z' grill used, somewhat toned with small tear at right, a rare stamp, cat. $2,800.00, Photo (168K) F-VF 400.00
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