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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
1130 USA USA: 1864 Revenue Pairs - a selection of 8 used Revenue pairs R40, R43, R46 x(2), R48, R49, R54 x(2) and R86 single. Various manuscript and hole punch cancels, a couple with small repairs, nice addition for a revenue collection. Photo (70K) 275.00
1131 USA USA : 1804/1857 - Intriguing study of early mail including March 21 1835 Sacket's Harbour NY entire and an 1857 from Liverpool (via Boston) Rated 19 "Per Steamer Niagara" to Maine with duplex numeral cancel 466 and three other entires with interesting correspondence. Various red colored postmarks such as paid and oval New York Fee 10, Salem JUL 10 1816?, etc. Treasures within. Photo (45K) 300.00
1132 USA Various Mint NH Issues on Pages - Several dozen commemoratives mostly from 1974-1981 period, some earlier / later including blocks of four, etc. All in black mounts on Lighthouse blank leaves. Face value US$87.60 F-VF NH 60.00
1133 USA Westport Collectors Society: Vol. I-IV - a limited edition collection of 175+ commemorative covers portraying the history of America through U.S. stamps and official postmarks. Each album displays 50 different covers with corresponding franking, cachet, along with CDS town cancel from the 1970s-1980s, all are addressed to Canada. Note this lot is also offered without the albums (excess shipping weight) as per client request. Photo (26K) VF 100.00
1134 USA 1874 Special Tax Stamps - for manufacturers of Tobacco with coupons for 1874 District of Ark., wonderfully engraved single full page along with additional single receipt and front and back covers of book of 10 which had ten documents - #51 to 60. We note that the "10 Dollars per Year" looks very much like the first stamps of Brazil. Ten punches and minor toning are present on this impressive and rare document. Photo (29K) Photo 2 (29K) 400.00
1135 USA Migratory Bird Hunting Permit - 38 different stamps spanning 1939/1990 about 20 are mint, gum condition varies from NG to NH. Signature cancels on the used. RD Miner pages show spaces for additional stamps, expect the odd flaw. 325.00
1136 USA 1886 Mourning Cover with Multiple Franking - paying the 5 cent rate Scott #134 1c Franklin and Scott #210(x2) 2c Washington tied by faint bar cancels and sent CDS "Hushville, ILL Sept 11" addressed to London England. Handstamped in violet "UNITED STATES DESPATCH AGENT 24 SEP 86, B.F. STEVENS". Reverse with duplex "42 New York" and "London Sp 23 86 C.X." receiving CDS. VF 300.00
1137 USA Airmail Covers: 1930s/1960s - historic group of 15 different envelopes collected for Airmail markings, designs, pilot signatures and first flights. Each franked with various Airmail stamps paying a variety of rates sent within the US, to Canada and abroad. Condition varies. F-VF 100.00
1138 USA Registered Covers - group of about 10 from the late 19th century to the 1950s. A good representation, generally clear strikes with diverse colors some with insured rates, return receipt requested, fee paid, multiple reverse transit postmarks, etc. F-VF 75.00
1139 USA Collection 1999-2001 - Haphazardly collected and mounted lot on illustrated pages n a ring binder, useful for postage however with a face value around $200.00, also has a quantity of used stamps 225.00
1140 USA Collection Used to 1986 - Collection to 1986 on illustrated pages in an Allegiance binder, mainly used but with mint stamps here and there as well, we note for example used #2300, 285-290, 323--327, 328-330, 373, 400, Washington-Franklins to $1, later to $5, souvenir sheets, etc., overall a collection that could benefit from proper identification and remounting, 250.00
1141 USA Used Modern Era Collection - Mainly used collection 1987 to 1998 on illustrated pages, somewhat messy but well filled with many stamps that are hard to find used, also includes a meaningful amount of mint stamps (estimated $200+ face value), and finally some scattered back of the book, 250.00
1142 USA Mint Airmail Selection - of earlier airmails with #C7-C12, C16-C17 and C19-C22, only #C11 and #C19 are hinged, all others are NH, F-VF 95.90
1143 USA Stock in a Red Box - Sorted in order on selection cards, about 300 items mostly common but with the odd better item here and there like #C3 and other airmails mint, some useful older regulars, etc., mainly F-VF, needs repricing, also two stockbooks of common mint blocks 200.00
1144 USA UY5 Paid Reply Postal Card - 1910 1+1 blue on bluish paper, George Washington on front and Martha Washington on reply card, a bit of separation on both sides but still unsevered, 2018 Scott cat. value $175. VF 100.00
1145 USA 1 5 Franklin used with pen cancel, F-VF 200.00
1146 USA 76 1861-66 5c brown Jefferson, perf 12, one shorter perf at top, two margins well clear of design, rich colour, 2018 Scott cat. $1,350. PART OG 900.00
1147 USA 232 1893 3 green Flagship of Columbus F+ NH 97.50
1148 USA 285 1898 1c dark yellow green mint in block of 4, one stamp has lightly disturbed gum NH 235.00
1149 USA 294-299 1901 1-10 Transportation set of six, 1-2 NH, 4 (two shades of brown on same stamp) regummed and the 5, 8,10 dist. gum. F-VF 381.00
1150 USA 295 1901 2c carmine and black Empire State Express F-VF NH 37.50
1151 USA 303 1902-03 4c brown Grant F+ NH 140.00
1152 USA 375a 1910 2 carmine Booklet Pane of six with plate number in tab F-VF LH 125.00
1153 USA 1150 4 Water Conversation with two wide pre-print paper fold varieties, VF LH 100.00
1154 USA 1338 6 Flag over White House mint Zip Code block imperforate between right stamps and the sheet margin, a scarce error, VF NH 125.00
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