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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
3304 SWITZERLAND 242 1938 Souvenir sheet of 3, small gum residue on front in margin, Scott catalogue $70 VF NH 45.00
3305 SWITZERLAND B10 1918 10c & 15c Coat of Arms, beautiful set in used blocks of four, both with centrally struck CDS postmark of Basel 16.XII.18 and 6.II.19 respectively; 15c block with 1976 Werner Liniger certificate. (Zumstein 10-11 Sfr. 600 for used blocks) Photo (61K) VF 150.00
3306 SWITZERLAND B21-B24 1922 5c-40c Coat of Arms, set of four in used blocks of four; the 20c is elusive as a used block and has a central and superb Winterthur 1.XII.22 first day CDS and a 1976 Werner Liniger certificate, the key 40c nicely postmarked by two Kappel Solothurn 16.I.23 CDS postmarks. (Zumstein 21-24 Sfr. 850) Photo (44K) VF 200.00
3307 SWITZERLAND B80 1936 Souvenir Sheet of 3, Alpine Herdsman VF NH 105.00
3308 SWITZERLAND B144 1945 Souvenir sheet of 2, Dove of Basel VF NH 150.00
3309 SWITZERLAND C1-C2 1919-1920 30c and 50c VF LH 142.50
3310 SWITZERLAND C3-C11 1923-1925 Airmails, F-VF 111.25
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