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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
3975 ST. PIERRE AND MIQUELON 358-359 var, 372 var 1959/64 Four different imperf trial colour proofs with gum (#372 in two different colours) 5fr, 20fr, 25fr Hockey, Mink and Deer. VF NH 50.00
3976 ST. PIERRE AND MIQUELON 374-376 proof 1967 30fr, 40fr and 48fr Trial color proofs on gummed stamp paper, set of three imperf strips of five, each in five different colors per strip. Photo (153K) VF NH 200.00
3977 ST. PIERRE AND MIQUELON 408-411 var 1971 30fr-80fr Imperforate Deep-sea fishing fleet set of 4 with gum, 2018 Scott for the perforated stamps $153. Photo (27K) VF NH 200.00
3978 ST. PIERRE AND MIQUELON 423-428 1973 6c-90c Sea Birds set of six in LL corner plate blocks of four VF NH 124.00
3979 ST. PIERRE AND MIQUELON 432-434 1974 70c-90c Gannet and 1.50 Red Cross all in blocks of four VF NH 94.00
3980 ST. PIERRE AND MIQUELON 436 var 1974 6 Church of St Pierre imperf pair with left selvedge, plate #TD3-11 VF NH 60.00
3981 ST. PIERRE AND MIQUELON 437 var 1974 10 Church of Miquelon imperf pair with left selvedge, plate #TD3-11 VF NH 60.00
3982 ST. PIERRE AND MIQUELON C23 var 1959 200fr Anchor and Torch imperf pair VF NH 40.00
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