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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
2247 PROVINCES Newfoundland Full Sheet of 100 - 1944, 48 Red brown Fishing Fleet, Scott #266, full sheet of 100 stamps, with side plate #41793. Light perf. separation at bottom center. Unitrade value $713. VF NH 200.00
2248 PROVINCES Bartlett Letterhead - The "Bartlett Letterhead" of Arthur A. Bartlett, managing director of the syndicate of owners for the Nova Scotia and PEI Remainders. This sheet shows the Coat of Arms "E&K H over FEIN" watermark. VF 100.00
2249 PROVINCES PEI Charlottetown to Bedeque: 1863 - Cover franked with Scott #1 (small fault at top - perf. 9) cancelled with but not tied by a light eight line grid cancel. Reverse with faint CDS "Prince Edward Island JUN 16 1863" (Lehr P7) ex. Mike Salmon Photo (20K) 400.00
2250 PROVINCES PEI Charlottetown to Summerside: 1862 - Entire backstamped Prince Edward Island DEC 3, 1862 (Lehr P7) franked with Scott #1 (small fault at UR - perf. 9) just tied by a Lehr P136 eight line grid cancel. ex. Mike Salmon Photo (24K) 400.00
2251 PROVINCES NS: 1837 Cumberland STAR CANCEL - Stampless entire with Bathurst December 23,1837 dateline to St. Eleanors, Lot 16, Prince Edward Island, rated a total of 2N0 with lovely strike of CUMBERLAND NOVA SCOTIA STAR CANCEL, and February 1, 1838 handwritten arrival date (?), light aging, tears and file folds, but still a very attractive example of this scarce star cancel. The example in the Sandy Clark collection sold for approximately $1,000 in 2011. Photo (23K) 700.00
2252 PROVINCES Prince Edward Island Proofs - A very nice group on black stockpages, includes black reprint proofs of the 2p (corner block plus an imprint block of 8), 4p block, 3 block and 12 with two pairs and two blocks, there is also a complete set of ten of the 6p reprint die proofs in all ten colours, a beautiful lot, VF, cat. $1,260.00 (Scott #1, 9, 13, 16) Photo (59K) 400.00
2253 PROVINCES New Brunswick Proofs - Small lot of six single plate proofs, includes the 2, 5 in two shades with SPECIMEN overprints, 12 and 17 with and without the overprint, a very nice group, VF Photo (33K) 200.00
2254 PROVINCES Boston to New Brunswick 1853 Stampless Cover - Incoming folded lettersheet from Boston, USA with "May 23, 1853" dateline carried to St. John where it entered the mail, cancelled by well-struck and very fine St. JOHN NB / SHIP LETTER handstamp (JGY 159) and rated "6" (pence) to Miramichi, with MY 25 1853 dispatch and Chatham MY 27 receiver on back. Central file fold and minor wrinkles to cover away from superb ship letter marking, VF; ex. J. Grant Glassco (November 1969; Lot 193) Photo (18K) 350.00
2255 PROVINCES Early Nova Scotia Stampless Cover - 1827 (June 2) Folded lettersheet mailed from Digby to Horton showing a strong Post Office / Digby circle datestamp (Macdonald Type 46 with no inner circle) and filled-in manuscript date June 4 1827 and rated "7". A nice cover, VF Photo (26K) 400.00
2256 PROVINCES Nova Scotia Stampless Cover - 1842 (December 17) Clean folded lettersheet mailed from Liverpool, NS "On Service" to Halifax, rated "1/6" with quite clear strike of the very scarce Liverpool Star Circle (Macdonald Type 61), light JA 2 receiver backstamp; central file fold, VF Photo (26K) 250.00
2257 PROVINCES Nova Scotia Stampless Cover - Folded lettersheet with Halifax 7 March 1849 dateline, carried by favour to New York and delivered within the city by Boyd's City Express Post with light oval MAR 10 carrier mark in red, F-VF; ex. Carr Photo (20K) 250.00
2258 PROVINCES Nova Scotia Stampless Cover - 1858 (September 9) Envelope mailed from Digby to Bent Village near Annapolis bearing a clear "3" rate handstamp in black (Macdonald Type 315), some faults on top backflap; partial Annapolis SE 11 double arc dispatch and light receiver backstamps. A very rare rate handstamp as JJ Macdonald only reported one strike of Type 315 (dated December 13, 1858). Photo (22K) 250.00
2259 PROVINCES New Brunswick 1857 Six Pence Rate Cover to USA - 3p dark red Heraldic (Scott 1a) pair with skillfully improved margins at top and bottom, of fine appearance neatly cancelled by oval grid '1' cancels of St. John on envelope - couple folds well away from stamps, endorsed "per Steamboat Express Mail" to New York, St. John AU 20 1857 datestamp on reverse; no receiver as customary for mail to USA. Photo (29K) APP 300.00
2260 PROVINCES Prince Edward Island Mint Assortment - Includes 22 mint singles with duplication in the Cents issues, condition somewhat mixed in places, otherwise Fine or better. Noted a faulty mint OG #1a 2p deep rose shade, perf 9, a 6p perf 11-12 mint pair (some gum toning), 1872 1c brown orange usual fine centering, imperf between stamp and sheet margin mint NH example, etc. Photo (30K) Photo 2 (30K) F+ NH OG 250.00
2261 PROVINCES Arthur Bartlett Engraved Letterhead - Letterhead sheet showing seven engraved stamps: replicas of Nova Scotia #8, 9, 11, 12 and 13, PEI #7 and B.C. #7. Bartlett was a famous stamp dealer from Prince Edward Island who was involved in the purchase of the remaining stamp inventories of Nova Scotia, before and after it became part of Canada in 1867. VF 100.00
2262 PROVINCES Newfoundland Meter Postage 1941/1949 - Included are the Midget, the Neopost and the Pitney-Bowes. Six Covers all showing the 4 internal rate, four (three different) are business corner cards including The Royal Stores, Bowering Brothers and Bowater's Newfoundland Pulp and Paper. Generally F-VF. Photo (36K) 200.00
2263 PROVINCES Nova Scotia: Halifax to Bridgewater - blue, domestic cover ties #10 with CDS grid "Halifax No 12 67" duplex. ex C. Baugild. Photo (24K) F+ 75.00
2264 PROVINCES Nova Scotia: Halifax to Bridgewater: 1866 - Interesting domestic cover mailed on the 18th of August, franked with #10 which is tied with a Halifax 1866 split ring CDS - unusual as such, reverse with Bridgewater receiving, a couple of stains and backflap is missing, ex C. Baugild. 60.00
2265 PROVINCES Nova Scotia Incoming Stampless Cover to Bermuda - Folded letter from London, England with circle postmark in red, 'PAID 2 OC 2 1838', rated 2/2 in red, no other postal markings, reached Halifax Nov. 5 on the packet ship 'Hope' and then to Bermuda (as the addressee had already left) on the ship 'Lady Ogle', an interesting early cover, Photo (29K) VF 150.00
2266 PROVINCES Nova Scotia Incoming Stampless Cover - Mourning cover mailed Aug. 5, 1863 from Bonn, Germany with boxed cancel and rating of 1/4 currency, London Aug. 13, Halifax Sept. 1 and Bridgetown Sept. 4 postmarks on reverse, slightly reduced at sides when opened, a nice item, Photo (23K) Photo 2 (23K) VF 175.00
2267 PROVINCES Nova Scotia Incoming Stampless Cover - small mourning cover mailed from London, England to Upper La Have, NS, green London lozenge cancel Mar 7 (1855), rated 5 in black, red Liverpool and black Mar 31 1855 Bridgwater (mispelled) transits. Photo (29K) Photo 2 (29K) VF 125.00
2268 PROVINCES Nova Scotia Incoming Stampless from PEI - Two folded letters from the Dr Sandy Clark collection: the first July 12, 1838 (some staining) with unframed circular Prince Edward Island cancel, manuscript date and no Halifax markings, rated 8 plus 1d local delivery, fine; the second July 9, 1851 to Pictou, later PEI and light Pictou receiver (also July 9), rated 3, VF; a nice inter-provincial pair of covers. Photo (37K) 200.00
2269 PROVINCES Incoming Stampless to Nova Scotia - Blue envelope mailed Mar (?), 1866 from London by steamer via Queenstown (Ireland) to Upper Stewiacke, rated 6 with red London Paid, reverse with oval MR 27 1866 Halifax transit. Photo (29K) F-VF 150.00
2270 PROVINCES Incoming Cover to Nova Scotia - Oct. 3, 1862 small envelope franked with 6p adhesive tied with London NW12 duplex, mailed to Kentville, reverse oval Halifax Oct 15 1862 transit and Kentville Oct 16 62 receiver, some toning but still scarce and attractive. Photo (26K) 100.00
2271 PROVINCES Nova Scotia Stampless Covers - Two clean lettersheets: the first with Dec. 21 18(33) Halifax Fleuron cancel to London and receiver JA 9 1834 in red; the second to New York with red Halifax Tombstone Feb. 24, 1845, Nova Scotia, and blue St. Andrew's NB transit. F-VF 125.00
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