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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
1850 PROVINCES New Brunswick Scarce Way Office Cover - 1857 (January 22) Envelope showing partial but legible W.O. Washademoak / NB dispatch on front with filled-in manuscript date, and large double arc Gagetown NB / PAID handstamp in red over manuscript "Paid 3" sent to Fredericton with Gagetown (JA 26) transit and receiver (JA 27) backstamp, bottom backflap missing, edge wrinkles and soiling, otherwise scarce and appealing. Photo (22K) 75.00
1851 PROVINCES 1854 Intraprovincial Cover - February 21 folded blue lettersheet with red double arc dispatch "St. Paschal, C.E." (filled in date) manuscript "3" rate to Little Falls, New Brunswick, readdressed to Fredericton and additional rate "3" (6p to collect) via Edmundston and Woodstock. Attractive redirected and uprated cover, ex. Allan Steinhart. Photo (19K) Photo 2 (19K) 150.00
1852 PROVINCES Early Prince Edward Island Cover - Stampless Folded Letter from Milo Bay, PEI datelined March 2, 1847 and addressed to Philadelphia, usual overall toning, postmarks of Milo Bay; Amherst (NS); Dorchester, St. John and St. Andrew's (NB); and Robbinston (Maine), scarce early usage, F-VF 300.00
1853 PROVINCES Arthur A. Bartlett Letterhead - A lovely fresh example of the engraved letterhead of this famous stamp dealer who operated in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island in the late 1800s, seven stamps are reproduced in full colour at the top (B.C.#7, N.S. #8-9 and 11-13 and finally P.E.I. #7, a seldom seen item today and a lovely collateral item for a Maritime Provinces collection, Photo (34K) VF 80.00
1854 PROVINCES Nova Scotia Stampless to England - Early stampless cover from Halifax to London mailed Oct. 27, 1801 with double straight-line Halifax postmark on reverse, nice red seal, rated 3/8, some overall toning as to be expected with a 200 year old cover, ex Sandy Clarke collection, Photo (30K) F-VF 225.00
1855 PROVINCES USA Cover with Nova Scotia Rate Marking - Envelope mailed from Boston to New Glasgow June 30, 1867 (the day before Confederation), some foxing on reverse, rated 13 due in Halifax with circular marking in black (8 port charge plus 5 inland charge), the cover is franked with a 5 brown and mailed aboard the ship 'Cuba' and arrived in Halifax (now part of Canada) August 1st, ex Sanderson and Sandy Clarke collections, Photo (24K) 350.00
1856 PROVINCES Halifax Exchange Marking 1850 - Cross-Border folded blue cover from Boston to Pictou (via Halifax), rated 1n3, carried on the Cunard ship S. S. Hibernia, lovely clear Ud. States Halifax JY 25 postmark on reverse along with Pictou receiver JY 28, ex Sandy Clarke collection, Photo (26K) VF 200.00
1857 PROVINCES Newfoundland to Halifax - 1921 - Scott # C3 - normal spacing without period after 1921 on clean cover dated St. John's in Nov. 1921 and received in Halifax Feb. 4, 1922. Photo (30K) F-VF 200.00
1858 PROVINCES New Brunswick Cover to Boston - Scott #9, 10 Vermilion, a well centered example tied by grid cancel to orange cover to Boston, mailed from Gagetown Aug. 9, 1867 (clear backstamp), Saint John Aug. 10 transit on front, a lovely cover, Photo (21K) VF 150.00
1859 PROVINCES New Brunswick Cents Issue Covers - Three covers each franked with a 5 green Queen Victoria (Scott #8) and all dated in 1868 after confederation, includes Gagetown to Kingston March 24; Saint John to Alma June 4 with Harvey backstamp; and Campbellton to Lackville March 30, F-VF 150.00
1860 PROVINCES New Brunswick Cents Issue Covers - Three covers each franked with a 5 green Queen Victoria (Scott #8) -- first being inter-provincial Saint John to Lawrencetown, NS Jan. 4, 1862; then Saint John to Hampden Sept. 23, 1861; also Saint John to Newcastle Jan. 7, 1865 F-VF 150.00
1861 PROVINCES New Brunswick Way Office - Orange cover (roughly opened and with stain at corner away from stamp) franked with a 10 Vermilion (Scott #9) mailed from W. O. Washademoak with postmark with handwritten date May 16, 1864, Gagetown and Saint John transits, 125.00
1862 PROVINCES New Brunswick Pence Cover - Scott #1, 3p Red (somewhat faded, close to large margins) tied to July 31, 1858 cover from Bend of Pettitcodiac to HJopewell, Salisbury, Hillsborough and W. O. Hopewell the Hill backstamps, 200.00
1863 PROVINCES PEI Double Weight Local Delivery Charlottetown: 1861 - Folded blue letter sheet, circle dated "Nov 28 1861" (Earliest recorded usage of 'Lehr P7') franked with two Scott #1 (right stamp has faults, left appears to be sound) both are pen cancelled with an "X". Stamps and cover exhibit some toning and cover is creased but well away from the stamps. The legible cancel on the reverse adds a month to the period of use of this uncommon cancel. ex. Mike Salmon. 350.00
1864 PROVINCES PEI Charlottetown to Summerside: 1863 - Entire CDS "Prince Edward Island OCT 28 1863" (Lehr P7) franked with Scott #1a QV (small fault at LR - typical for perf 9) which is tied by a Lehr P136 eight line grid cancel. ex. Mike Salmon Photo (20K) 400.00
1865 PROVINCES Nova Scotia: 1860s - Three album pages with 25 examples of the American Bank Note Co., QV issues, about half with pen cancels and the rest either with dated or "interesting" cancels. Includes a cover mailed domestically from Halifax to Wallace, CDS JA 18 68 and received three days later (double split ring receiver). Condition is mixed. Photo (36K) 225.00
1866 PROVINCES Prince Edward Island Sheet - Scott #6, three pence blue, a complete sheet of thirty stamps, fresh mint and unusually well centered, Photo (99K) 1050.0
1867 PROVINCES Prince Edward Island Sheet - Scott #5, two pence rose, a complete mint sheet of sixty stamps, fresh colour, F-VF NH Photo (55K) 875.00
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