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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
3317 PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND 3 6 Pence Queen Victoria, a very attractive lot of reprint die proofs, seven in all and each in a different colour, VF 210.00
3318 PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND 5, 5e 2p Rose single se-tenant with a diagonal bisect tied to small piece by a grid cancel, singed by experts Bloch and Albrecht, rarely seen, cat. value for a cover is $2,500.00, Photo (42K) F-VF 400.00
3319 PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND 5v 2p Deep Rose on yellowish paper imperf between stamp and left margin, rare, Photo (35K) NH 225.00
3320 PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND 6b 3p Blue imperf pair, couple tiny light tone spots on reverse only, sheet margin at right, with RPSL certificate, Photo (56K) VF 150.00
3321 PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND 9c 4p Black, a rare diagonal bisect tied to small piece by red and by black grid cancellations, singed on reverse by expert Herbert Bloch, cat. value on cover is $3,000.00, Photo (44K) F-VF 500.00
3322 PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND 9d 4p Black imperf pair, a nice corner margin example, Photo (47K) VF 150.00
3323 PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND 9e 4p Black unused pair imperf between, scarce and under-catalogued, Photo (42K) VF 200.00
3324 PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND 11 1 Queen Victoria, a scarce trial colour proof printing in black on wove paper, Photo (38K) VF 100.00
3325 PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND 15a 6 Black mint pair imperforate between, very scarce, Photo (38K) VF NH 700.00
3326 PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND 16a 12 Violet, a rare unused imperforate single, Photo (32K) VF 250.00
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