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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
1091 PACKETS Worldwide On Paper Mixture - Assortment of worldwide stamps in a 1lb on paper mixture. Decent year range with concentration in the 1950s - 1970s. Many happy sorting hours per pound! 30.00
1092 PACKETS US Packet - Fun bag containing a full pound of US stamps, all off-paper, generally containing stamps from the 1950s to the 1980s. Hours of entertainment. 45.00
1093 PACKETS Worldwide OFF Paper Mixture - Special sale price for this impressive assortment of worldwide stamps in a 1lb OFF paper mixture. Just consider how many stamps are in 1lb when there is no additional envelope paper - just stamps. Wow! 60.00
1094 PACKETS Modern Malta Mixture - A full pound of very modern Malta on paper - cut properly close - from our favourite source of this popular country. Noted lots of art, sea life, transportation etc. 35.00
1095 PACKETS Australia- Pound - Very colourful mix of pound of fairly recent Australia On paper with stamps into the 45-50 era. 35.00
1096 PACKETS Worldwide Mixture: lb - A nice new mixture from a one time only source, this pound bag contains mostly off paper (with some, neatly cut on paper as well). There may even be the odd bundle included. 25.00
1097 PACKETS Canada: 400 Different - used. Good quality with most pre-1970. 15.00
1098 PACKETS Russia: 1960s / 1990s - Clean lot of about 150 different blocks of four in sets/part sets with focus in the Scott 4000/5000 range. Strong topical value. VF NH 50.00
1099 PACKETS Newfoundland Starter Lot - Looking for a new country collect, possibly one with no new issues! Newfoundland stopped issuing stamps in 1949 when it joined Canada. Here is a glassine envelope containing 85 different used Newfoundland stamps 90.00
1100 PACKETS Mint France Packet - A desirable all-different lot of 365 different stamps, all are in fresh mint condition with the majority being never hinged, Scott numbers run from the 500s to 900s on regular issues and B190s to B330s on the semi-postals, a nice lot that will fill many album spaces, F-VF 160.00
1101 PACKETS French Polynesia Grouping - Small packet of 33 different 1960s - 1970s era, all nicely used with better items included, F-VF 25.00
1102 PACKETS Mint Dahomey - A very nice assortment of mint singles, 98 all different stamps are included, F-VF LH or NH, cat. US$166.00, 60.00
1103 PACKETS French Congo Packet - Interesting lot of 44 different mint singles, LH or NH and F-VF 30.00
1104 PACKETS Mint Fezzan Assortment - Colourful lot of 22 different mint singles from this seldom offered country, LH or NH and F-VF 35.00
1105 PACKETS Madagascar Packet - Nice lot of 140 different mostly used stamps in an envelope,issues running between Scott #28 and #535 with some airmails also, cat. $145.00 60.00
1106 PACKETS Newfoundland Starter Lot - Nice little lot of 50 used Newfoundland stamps, all different and a great start on a Newfoundland collection, F-VF 40.00
1107 PACKETS Canada On Paper Mix - A full pound of Canadian stamps on paper, appears to be older issues from the 1970s and 1980s 35.00
1108 PACKETS Togo Mint Assortment - An all different mint lot in a glassine, includes useful airmails, mainly never hinged, 130.00
1109 PACKETS Canada 1lb Off Paper - Used collection highlighting a better modern period of the 1950's through to the mid 1980's. Nice representation of Queen Elizabeth II issues with some King George VI mixed in. Plenty of hours can be enjoyed sorting and organizing. 50.00
1110 PACKETS Australia: 1950/1990 pound - off paper - Appealing mixture of regular mail - (Scott #224/1329) along with Australian Antarctic Territory (L6/L83) from the same era. The majority seem to be well covering the time line. This should be a good source of the many interesting varieties that are found on modern Australian stamps. F-VF 40.00
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