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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
2319 NOVA SCOTIA 1 1p Brown Red, just in at left to otherwise huge margins, lightly cancelled with fresh colour, a most attractive example, F-VF 525.00
2320 NOVA SCOTIA 1 1p Red Brown, a rare unused single, four nice margins and lovely fresh colour, an exceptional example , Greene Foundation certificate, Photo (164K) VF 3000.0
2321 NOVA SCOTIA 2, 4 Forgeries 1851 3p (Perforated and faulty) and 6p ( two showing different cancels) F-VF F APP 50.00
2322 NOVA SCOTIA 4 6p Yellow Green, a premium quality used single, true fresh colour and clear partial spoon cancellation, VF 1200.0
2323 NOVA SCOTIA 8 1 Queen Victoria, a scarce trade sample proof printed in lilac, a lovely item, Photo (138K) VF 250.00
2324 NOVA SCOTIA 8Pii-iv 1 Black plate proof block of eight showing all three types of the SPECIMEN overprint in red, printed on card mounted india paper, combination blocks like this are hard to find Photo (910K) VF 960.00
2325 NOVA SCOTIA 11 8 Queen Victoria, a scarce trade sample proof printed in dark purple, a lovely item, Photo (174K) VF 250.00
2326 NOVA SCOTIA 11TCvii 8 Queen Victoria trial colour proof in orange on india paper, scarce, Photo (169K) VF 100.00
2327 NOVA SCOTIA 12TCiv 10 Queen Victoria trial colour plate proof in black with the scarce type D SPECIMEN overprint, Photo (153K) VF 500.00
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