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Lot # Country Scott # Description Condition Cat./Est.
3255 NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUES NFM1a, 1c, 1e 5 Guy Issue Monet Order Stamp, a rare unused corner block of 16 stamps, some vertical perfs rejoined, shows the listed broken 'Y' varieties, multiples of this stamp are rarely seen, Photo (59K) F-VF 1085.0
3256 NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUES NFR2 10 Brown, a lightly cancelled used single, Photo (61K) F-VF 110.00
3257 NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUES NFR3 25 Blue, a scarce used block of four, Photo (99K) F+ 120.00
3258 NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUES NFR21a 1910 KGV $5 Slate in pair on piece, punched PAID cancel VGF 150.00
3259 NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUES NFR24-NFR25 50 and $1.00 KGV used blocks of four, lovely condition and scarce, Photo (93K) VF 190.00
3260 NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUES NFR29 50 Blue used, VF 40.00
3261 NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUES NFR31 $2.50 Mustard, a lovely used block of four, Photo (76K) VF 140.00
3262 NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUES TB15b 5 Cigarettes perf. 12, Photo (54K) F-VF 100.00
3263 NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUES TB18 FIFTY CIGARETTES surcharge reading down, small faults, rare, Photo (55K) F-VF 250.00
3264 NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUES TB18a FIFTY CIGARETTES surcharge reading up small faults, rare, Photo (55K) F-VF 250.00
3265 NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUES TB22a Newfoundland Dog design in red brown with FIFTY CIGARETTES surcharge reading down, horizontal split reinforced on reverse with invisible tape, nevertheless a rarely offered stamp, Photo (49K) F-VF APP 1450.0
3266 NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUES TB36 15 on 10 Surcharge with typewritten numerals, Photo (27K) F-VF 150.00
3267 NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUES TB41a 20 Cigarettes colour trial in red violet with SPECIMEN overprints, Photo (63K) VF LH 180.00
3268 NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUES TB42 50 on 20 Cigarettes manuscript surcharge, Photo (61K) VF 125.00
3269 NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUES TB45a Selection of 12 used single, all with different date codes, a few minor flaws but mainly Photo (42K) F-VF 360.00
3270 NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUES TB61a 50 Violet handstamp used, Photo (63K) 250.00
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